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  1. hello! i just want to contribute, helping with my point of view (and understanding that may be just me with this ideas, so please dont hate!) with this kind of game, graphics (animations ecc) for me is not very important. when its decent...its ok. gameplay is THE most important part, including weapon handling, loadout management, weapon effects, interactivity (barricades / destroyable environment, usable turrets/vehicles/objects ecc..) , freedom / customization, objectives (please, realistic and simple) the maps.....well the general layout (and variety) is really important, while i belive a good gameplay can work in every kind of map, a good map can help show the best of an already good gameplay. I think real life is the best source of ideas. personally...i love very particular maps....example: like inside a 747flying into a storm, or on a ship, or in a desert, a jungle, snow mountain top....but sometimes even simplest maps works great (anyone remeber MWH from inf ??) finally a very personal point. every game i loved...had something very particular...something different from every other game. for example, for me, in infiltration the total freedom about loadout was one of them (there were many others) one last suggestion: think as a player....what you wish to see in game? what would you like to play? you'll get all the answers you need! (for me, just as example, would be a game like infiltration, with more interactivilty (like destructible environment,bad company 2 style) and the ability to grab and move objects to make barricades, traps ecc, like an improved half life 2 style) hope to be useful! byeee!
  2. POLL: Gauging the Feedback

    yeah i hope too ! for now i see the development is going in the correct direction, so huge thanks for your awesome work and continue with great enthusiasm! yeeah ! PS: take your time....for steam i mean....is far better make public something complete or well defined, even if 1 year later !
  3. POLL: Gauging the Feedback

    hi all. i am really, really happy for the release of this tech demo. ....and you are the only one trying to make a thing like this, so you're the hero here. now dont take it wrong, i try to be constructive: the "bad" is that....tech demo its ok, but far from "special" or something really interesting (for now). i know what is your aim, and that is what make this special for me....but for example....i gived the download link to a couple of friends.....they downloaded it....tested.....and noone of them was impressed (its obvious i say, its a tech demo!) Infiltration, for example, was far from perfect. but it was realistic (for its times, and even for today). crysis wars (the first), for example, in my opinion had almost all what was needed to get an awesome gameplay (destructible environment, big maps, vehicles, bullet physics ecc). it just needed realistic variables on weapons, gear, vehicles, ecc. "a simple mod" from my point of view (i'm no expert eh!) now you are tring to recreate all this...alone. its a huge work, i really admire you. i just hope you dont get lost in this maze, because after all your effort you can still find yourself with a "a game like another" (my biggest fear). i voted 1 to 3 years for this reason.....your goal is hard to reach....you need time and all your willpower to succeed....and most of all...never forget your objective (INF 2.0? ) great work i'm with you ! ******** EDIT ******* i have been cheated by kickstarter many times. just to name the last: "satellite reign". they clearly saied it was the successor of syndicate & syndicate wars. one of the team worked on syndicate & syndicate wars. hell...what can go wrong? well i'm playing it ... and its not syndicate at all. all the main reasons i liked syndicate ...are not even there! thats why i will pay happily 100€ for a INF 2.0, but not even 1€ for a game that not deliver the same gameplay features. hope to be helpful ! thanks !
  4. hello again ! i just wish to say my point of view about this one, i know there are more things way much important, but i see they are still being worked, so i prefer to talk about details that may be overlooked: i read that fired bullet cases will "fade" away after few seconds (or minutes) ...its perfectly clear that cases are 3d object, that many of them are heavy on the video card ecc... but i remember when, maybe after a long range firefight with a "bush" or a "window" , after many minutes i was able to walk my way there.....and i find the bullet cases.....knowing exactly from where i was being shooted. or other times where i find in an area so many bullet cases.....i had an idea of how much ammo has been depleted... the uses are many.....i think its realistic to leave them, maybe in a very ugly triagular 3D mesh, but still better than nothing! my dream is the ability to treat it like a real game object....and maybe be able to take it back after firing it with a bolt action rifle, to hide location, but thats just a dream of me. at least a selectable time, from 1 minute to infinite client-side! thanks, bye !
  5. freedom , please

    hi all again well...my first post was just an example...and i see that many of you have lost your imagination (or never had). i try to explain it better for you : freedom + realism = consequences .......easy as that. ...i >>want<< : a 25mm xm109, an m60, an m4a1 with m203, an mp5sd , a couple of beretta's m9, 20 frags, 20 smokes, 20 clymore, wearing a type IV armor obviously. i cant move? i cannot even stand up? is my problem! not yours! .....i will be a very easy target, dont worry! some old INF player may remember some of my "weird" loadouts, like robar with just 1 mag (5 rounds) and AKMsu with one drum magazine and 2 frags, or the p90 and m16+acog+m203, just to name some. i liked INF for this freedom, and i hate insurgency and other games for this missing. ...be different...this time give real freedom, realism and consequences! dont limit weapons, loadouts or anything! we already have all other games for that! thanks!
  6. freedom , please

    hi all i have to say i was a huge fan on infiltration since first patches. from my point of view, INF was great for few simple reasons: - it was realistic with weapons and bullets (ricochet, material penetration ecc..) - it gived total freedom to choose loadout (this is a VERY important part of the "no artificial balance" ) .....and feel the consequences (low stamina)! now....testing the tech preview...i can just hope the first aspect will be introduced properly.....but i'm worried about the second....because actual loadout clearly limit you to primary (rifle) and secondary (pistol). this is WRONG! if for example i want a huge 0.50 sniper rifle AND an automatic rifle (i think to FN P90, but lets say an M4 for now) i should be able to get them ! and if i want also an M60 ? (i perfectly understand its ridicolous and not very pratical )....but should be possible to take it !!!!! REALISM is also this ! be able to take in battle everything i want ! and obviously.....have the REALISTIC effects to it.....like not being able to move at all, like was in infiltration, if too many equip was selected. the ability to drop guns helps a lot, being able to "hide some extra guns or ammo" on the battlefield, for a later use ! please be different from others....remove all limitations, be REALISTIC ! otherwise this game will seem like insurgency ! thanks all, bye!
  7. just thanks !

    hi all, im new of this forum, but a long time player of INF since 2001. i just wanted to say a huge T H A N K S for the simple thing of trying to create a game WITHOUT any form of artificial (and unrealistic) balance. seems so simple, but every other game out there is just corrupted by this, like insurgency, americas army and all the rest. i keep reading things like " We don't balance weapons, remember " , and this is the exact reason why i belive this game will be the only and best tactical shooter out there. no classes, no balance, just realism. keep with this good work, i can't wait for a realease, even an alpha, just something to play ! byee !