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  1. Question about Groundbranch

    @MasterBlaster Thank you for your reply, I will closely follow and further analyze the posted media. Looking forward to updates in the future! @PTStud I saw a link somewhere on google, I forget what I was searching. It was in-conspicuous but once I found the website I was overjoyed at what I read and was made aware of the facebook and youtube content and have since then devoured any and all internet media. Which led me to the long list of random questions I hip fired away at the fourm expecting some elaboration. But I understand that its early on yet.
  2. Question about Groundbranch

    Firstly, I am elated to see this, me and the group of people who still play the old Rainbow Six games, and there are plenty of people eagerly waiting for this one. 1. AI. What can we expect from AI performance? will friendly character's instinctively dig corners, pick up security, not run in front of your muzzle, follow directions ect. And will the enemy act more like a live role player? Run and hide, spray and pray around corners, be distracted, investigate noise ect. 2. Weapons. Im assuming the selection will replicate a highly funded and completely supported special missions unit like the SOG, but what about the details? examples, a BAD lever making your reloads quicker (because they do) suppresors NOT making "damage" lower (because they dont) sub sonic ammo making the report quieter but reducing velocity and perhaps accuracy at certain ranges ect. 3. Breaching. Please tell me work is going to one of the most vital areas in a direct action game. Will there be different charges to choose from and have the appropriate effect? Will it be an option giving tactical leverage to the assault force, or just an amenity to add to the look which apparently RS siege has done. 4. mission planning. Will we be able to plan the assault? and if so how detailed? 5. Sound. Different sounds for shooting indoors and outside? a small thing but would make a noticable difference to the authentic feel im sure you would agree. 6. Tactics. Goes along with AI but is there a realistic approach or a "user friendly" action oriented approach. A better way to word this I guess would be. Are you going to feel like your conducting an actual raid, or just run and gunning at a slower pace becasue you go down in one hit? I hope that question makes sense 7. Maps. I think I already know assuming, but are we going to see some diversity. This is representing a unit that has no operational area, because its on a global scale. Can we expect to see this in the maps we play? As well as the likely CQB settings of houses, offices, industrial areas, schools and public places? Lastly, I realize this is a long list of details that might not be developed yet, or at least developed enough to a point where a reasonable answer can be provided. However, any thing you got would be highyl rewarding as this information is being requested by a very large number of your supporters. Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to your responses.