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  1. Multiplayer communication channels

    I'm a bit surprised and a little disappointed by some of the reactions here. "Not practical" ... "it's just a game" ... "scare away a lot of people". These are ussualy the things i get to hear from people who don't like realism in gaming. Communication is a big one in the real world. And so it should be in a tactical game. Especially in this game. Take a look at this video:'SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation E3 2008 Stage Show Demo' skip to 05:50 for the voice features. Pretty cool stuff like: proximity chat, voice is affected by surroundings and your position, enemies can hear you etc. Common guys, text messaging? During combat? Really? Look, i've been playing with voice chat for about two years now without any issue at all. And i'm wondering, will this game have text messaging with VOIP just thrown in or will it take communication to the next level just like the rest of the features in this game?
  2. Multiplayer communication channels

    Personally i think a room of players with mixed comms will take away from the experience. It will seriously hamper team work IMHO. But since i'll be getting the console version it shouldn't be an issue for me i guess anyway... Apart from this how will the rest of the communications be done regarding radios, proximity voice, directional voice etc? I'd really like to see NORG taken as far as possible.
  3. Multiplayer communication channels

    I guess i just have to disagree with that. I'd rather see NORG being forced down on users completely.
  4. Multiplayer communication channels

    Just like anything else in this game it should be as realistic as possible. That means no text messages and voice chat only. You'll have to equip for a radio if you want to communicate with other squads that are elsewhere on the map. Probably only 1 radio for each squad(team leaders). Without the radio you should only be able to communicate with people who are within a certain distance/proximity, if you're too far away you need to move closer. Ect, etc. Communication should be exactly like how it works IRL, no magic stuff. Keep it NORG.
  5. Would You Pay More

    If it's quality i'm paying for then yes definitely.
  6. Realistic sound effects

    Good to hear! In most games it's the visuals that take all the attention. While visuals are of course important, sound seem to play almost always a secondary role even though it plays a huge factor when it comes to the immersion of the game. It's detail & innovation like this that really make me look forward to a game like Ground Branch. Another thing that amazes me is a developer that, literally, responds within a few minutes.
  7. Realistic sound effects

    I've done a search here but was unable to find a topic or post regarding this matter. Maybe i missed or didn't look well enough. Anyway here is my question/suggestion regarding sound effects. Usually in FPS games developers use recordings of weaponsounds and just use that for the game but what about the surroundings where you're firing a weapon? There is a huge difference in how a gun sounds in a small room or outside in the woods. Will BFS take this into account? This ofcourse goes for all the sounds in the game, not just the guns.
  8. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    The transparency is there because your other eye(the one who isn't looking through the scope/sights) has it's view blocked differently. You can see this effect when you're holding your hand in front of one of your eye's. Your hand is only "transparent" from a certain viewing angle. Man this sounds pretty difficult to implement in a game. (PS, just discovered this site and i'm really liking what i'm reading here. Awesome stuff.)
  9. What platform do you play on?

    Right now it's 360 only. I use to game on PC/Mac only but the combination of both working and gaming with a mouse/keyboard was giving me RSI. So i'm hoping that whatever title(it's current project) Blackfoot is going to make it'll also be available for the console.