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  1. Demographics: Age

    .......soon to be 40
  2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    I picked it up today...really rather impressed. very unique story, atmosphere is really good. the only thing I don't care for is the combat system. you can shoot a guy point blank with 10-15 rnds and still not get a kill. pretty frustrating. other than that though....pretty darn good.
  3. Regiment vs RB6:V

    sounds good....
  4. Regiment vs RB6:V

    thank you, thank you, thank you, ordered...
  5. Regiment vs RB6:V

    I'd love to play the regiment but cannot find the thing to buy it...tried ebay zero copies...can anyone help here?
  6. Armed Assault (ArmA)

    yep, went ahead and did it...pretty impressive overall. I purchased the german version and then used the english language patch. works perfect. thanks for the advice though.
  7. Is there a name for this title?

    I like the oda route also but correct me if I'm wrong, read alot of post lately, but was it not said that this would be a mult-service unit?
  8. CS or Lean?

    I agree with that...I never thought that I'd like a cover system, until r6 vegas. it worked really well. I agree with using both though and if the community disagrees with being able to shoot while using the covers system thats fine with me. and better yet, just get rid of the ability to shoot from cover without actually looking/exposing yourself. meaning that the only way you can fire from the cover pos is to expose your head and partially your shoulder and arms. no blind firing.
  9. Armed Assault (ArmA)

    man...seriously thinking about downloading the german version. how are the flight controls? same as ofp?
  10. Donation discussion

    how about good mouse pads with the blackfoot logo?
  11. Donation discussion

    I'd most assuredly be interested in hats, t-shirts, even sweatshirts. would love to help out BFS.
  12. Console games are NORG!

    wow, sure looks like a controller from a console. lol
  13. Roll Call

    U.S.M.C. 85-89 1st batt 9th marines{the walking dead}, 1st batt 4th marines with a 2yr stint attached to 1st force recon from early 86 until the end of 87.
  14. Introduce yourself

    fastscout here, been playing tactical shooters since the original r6 but didn't get serious about online until bhd and joint ops. I'm from Wa. state, 39 yoa, work in law enforcement, former marine{scout/sniper} hence the scout reference in the screen name.
  15. Is there a name for this title?

    J.S.O.C. is one of the best so far imo. I was with 1/9 and then spent 2yrs attached to 1st force recon{right after they were reactivated in 1986-7}. 1st force needed snipers, since they had none of their own they came looking in the line units. then just before getting out I was with 1/4.