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  1. RIP Spectre65 (aka Phantom)

    I just checked an email addy for the first time in almost a year, im in shock Sam and i go way back to the GR Demo thru thick and thin personal and financual we got to know each other extremely well. heated debates over Intel vs Amd many games and clans we were very close for many years.............. sad to say lost touch over the last 2 years, my fondest memory was Sam actualy asking me to help him with his first non Intel gaming rig......................... I am still hoping this is a terrible mistake we may have had our diferences over the years but he was my bro all the way. D thanx for emailing me to let me know sorry i have been incomunicardo the last year or so had my own health issues to deal with i apologise. To the community Sam may have been annoying ocasionaly lol but at heart he was a good man
  2. Paintballing

    yes all hand made and hand carved, thats what a BT is a modular 98c with 20 mm rails
  3. Paintballing

    Thankyou...i was a Tippmann man for years myself, till i tried a BT4 Swat just a nicer overall package IMHO. My Primary has over 350k fired thru her and never let me down, out of the other 8 or so they are all capable of 20bps and the Ripclip doesnt blend the paint at high ROF's, basicly a 98c with a modular body and pistol grip very easy to work on and no springs and pins shooting all over when u break the body down...........the added feature is top and bottom 20mm rails this is the only marker that allows adding of real steel rails and such without modding
  4. Paintballing

    Yeah i get that a lot, specialy using the X7 hopper unless its a standard marker ppl just dont realsie i run BT's
  5. Paintballing

    Nope thats a BT4 Delta, polished internals hiflow asa and a preproduction Ape Rampage board
  6. Ghost Recon Demo - Revisited

    Its been years since a game grabbed me like GR did its been years since i spent so much of my life playing a game...........since GR its been barren, sure there are nice graphics and effects but somthing is missing somthing stops me from sitting in front of my pc at night and looking forward to seeing who was online then fragging late into the night. I still play the ocasional SP game but MP for me is basicly dead true Co op is dead and its a sad thing Ever Hopefull tho
  7. Paintballing

    Some updated pics from last weekend and my latest creation, still a work in progress needs a Fal mag and a single trigger but shes loud and proud
  8. Paintballing

    Hi guy's long time no post.............................Ahh where to start Like Tek im a BT convert and presently have a growing armoury and am well known in woodsball circles as a bit of an obsessed colector and modder . The Tag8 and 9 are awesome pistols but i see way mroe T9's for sale used than T8's the rifle part is just a waste IMHO.
  9. Introduce yourself

    Glad to hear it man...good to see ya
  10. Introduce yourself

    Hey Ruin man its been awhile eh ? yeah im great what about u ?
  11. Introduce yourself

    Old guy from good to see so many familiar names here, been away form GR for awhile now and ZJJ sent me over to have a look.