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  1. Can you pm me your server's ip cause it seems i only see 2 servers and can't join them.
  2. I would just like to know when we gonna get it or if we gonna get it in north america. And why is it only released in Europe if it's such a good game?
  3. But i agree with number one.
  4. And just maybe the ability to have our clan armpatch. I think this was a very underrated point in RVS but very much liked.
  5. What i see is hope. Plain and simple. We have been deceived time and time again by that company we know. GRAW, Lockdown, now vegas we have done our best to support them. And nothing is happening. Here on the contrary, we see interaction. Ok there is no game yet. But theses guys are no rookie either. My hopes will be as high as the support and so far so good.
  6. Congrats on all acounts. can't wait to see the new game coming up.