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  1. Saw the movie. Only go see it if your dollars are expendable. Dolph's character has almost no purpose. You can tell the dialogue was written by stalone and nobody ever said "hey that sounds terrificaly, mentaly handicapped and cliched." The movie just lacked.. Any lick of realism. Stalone's pistol was fully automatic. That should sum it up.
  2. I was like Click--------^
  3. Do you consider this a lolcat? I do! (sometimes the ads on the right get NSFWish)
  4. Best Physics engine I have seen anyway.
  6. I just saw this movie for the first time a few days ago; I wont answer. Liked the movie a lot though.
  7. Rainbow Six 3 for the OXbox had dedicated servers. Wrong direction indeed considering how well that system created a better community IMO. How they think matchmaking was better for bringing more gamers together baffles me.
  8. The enemy is more aggressive and will spot you more easily. On the lesser difficulties, you can be seen for a short while longer without alerting anyone. On realistic difficulty, shooting from behind cover becomes harder because you will get hit more often than not and need to remain behind cover until you recover. This forces you to flank stealthily before they converge on you. Hesitation can get you killed.
  9. You can go again Kirq if you want, or anyone else; I have work soon.
  10. Inglorious B-werds.
  11. Anyone see Kick-Ass yet. It's like and theres some and oh yeah and then
  12. Showing off features using live action shorts... !?
  13. Yes! I wish I got it in on post 1000. I saw that the reply number was 999, but didn't realize it would be the 1001th post.
  14. Not the post number, the reply number was 1000. Sorry about not checking this topic too often. I'll try to post another pic later.
  15. It has something to do with the reply number.