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    The wife and I saw it today, we both loved it. Although she thought it was a little gory, but I did warn her
  2. Start of new game spawning

    In RS they had multiple spawn points, but you always knew where the other team was spawning. I think the idea of random spawn points would enhance the team play, you would have to watch your back!
  3. Start of new game spawning

    Along with spawning, I'd like to see multiple random spawn points.
  4. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    Very nice teaser, can't wait for more One question though, if he's peaking around the corner, shouldn't the gun be up and facing the way he's looking? Just curious.
  5. PC vs Console

    I've been a PC gamer for most of my career. Recently purchased a 360 for my son last Christmas, and thought I would give it a go. Turns out I suck using that damn controller in a FPS game. For driving it's not too bad, but I'm sure a wheel would help. Anywho, I rented RsV for a week, but didn't really enjoy it like I did on my PC, I just miss the keyboard and mouse combo. I even d/l the GRAW SP demo on Xbox, and it looks half decent, I just can't control it. So I do have respect for those that play FPS on consoles, I just can't figure out how ya do it so well
  6. Campaign theme?

    I think this is where GR & R6 fans will have their differences. I hope there are different types of maps, small, medium and large. And by the sounds of it, we're gonna be able to MOD the carp out of it.
  7. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    awesome, can't wait to see more

    Thanks, this is like learning a whole new language

    Is that written in code??
  10. Introduce yourself

    I originally started with Rogue Spear in a clan called Tards With Guns, my name at that time was moose_knuckle. When Ravenshield came out the name was too long so I switched to m00se. Found a new clan, Legends never Die, some of the TwG crew came along, and I have been there ever since. I helped out quite a bit with www.punksbusted.com when we found out RvS was getting Punkbuster, and spent a good 2 years helpin' people and bustin' cheaters. The past year or so I've slowed down quite a bit, with real life and all. I'm really excited about this new game, hope it works out well. Nice meeting all of you. xfire: m00se www.team-lnd.com
  11. Links to other sites

    Lets see if we can get some Diggs. http://digg.com/gaming_news/Blackfoot_Stud...p_To_The_Public
  12. Congrats on the new forum!

    I'm really glad to see you guys are moving ahead. Good luck, I can't wait to see what you develop.