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  1. April 16

    man its far too much torture for me to keep updated daily, i'm gonna hibernate in a cave until the Ground Branch is released i reckon the first man should take a step back, his weapon is flagging lol wow wth burgerlolz - you joined exactly 5 years after me!
  2. Australian SAS Selection Documentary

    Yeah mate, i see what you're saying, but if you look at the NZSAS prgram or some of the British SAS documentaries they do provide more information and personally if i was in the unit it would p*** me off just a bit. I can't think what Special forces actually gain from it. Only thing i can think of is that they are short on numbers and want a form of advertisement.
  3. Australian SAS Selection Documentary

    I was amazed by the fact that some of the candidates couldn't excel in some of the initial tasks given to them, and others seemed to be mentally unprepared. Tasks such as the personal essay and the combat fitness test are the kind of tests currently done in various incarnations from entry levels certainly in the British Army and i would presume in the Australian army also so you would hope it would be second nature to complete such tasks. I also didn't think really any of the guys they followed through the program and chatted with seemed to be of the standard i would have been expecting, it had more of a TA feeling to me than regulars. That said the physical challenges looked bloody difficult. I was impressed with t attention to detail of the Directing staff. I often wonder a little about these programmes, why do the military special forces sanction such a documentary.
  4. Happy New Year!

    all the best for the new year people.
  5. Ghost Recon stats modding

    My friend was trying to mod character stats on Ghost Recon. However he seems to have hit a snag when trying to mod the Island Thunder characters as he can't seem to find the files for them. Is there any way that we can mod the Island Thunder characters? If so, how do you do it?
  6. Happy Birthday Hexen

  7. Happy Birthday Aldous

    Happy Birthday Aldous!
  8. Regiment vs RB6:V

    I thought SAS entered with the flashbang.
  9. Between round: What kind of info?

    That sentence perhaps sums up my point of view best. As I see it individual statistics such as Kills/Deaths is very much an arcade concept or "Arcady feature" and I basically hope Ground Branch will keep away from these kind of ideas as much as possible. It is clear that my philosophy is quite controversial and highly objectionable to many of you, but that's ok we can agree to disagree on this issue as I feel it is becoming an argument of opinion and subjective reasoning from both sides. So I will finish by saying that perhaps the best conclusion that can be drawn is once again to give the user the choice in the game.
  10. Between round: What kind of info?

    I have no problem having different scoreboards for different gametypes if it is possible, or better yet just an option to turn off the scoreboard. Heard the new Unreal Tournament game is out, maybe that is worth a look ? Honestly there are hundreds of games you can play for 20 minutes, lets not make Ground Branch one of them, eh ?
  11. Tactial Gameplay - What is it?

    I think you can have: Realistic Tactical: Tactics based solely on real life (for the purists only ) Unrealistic Tactical: Tactics partly based on real life or based completely in fiction (things such as taking into account the limitations of the game etc...) Not Tactical As long as you are honest about what you are doing, I have no problem with any of them. One thing I would say though is that I have more time for for a hardcore Adversarial player than a laid back "friendly" COOP player. My preference is Realistic tactical, be it on COOP or Adversarial
  12. Between round: What kind of info?

    As far as I am concerned a good round is not reflected by your individual statistics such as "Number of Kills" or "Hit %" but rather how you contribute to the team effort in the context of the whole mission. Individual scores serve no worthwile purpose in my opinion.
  13. Hostages!

    I think on Hostage Rescue gametypes victory conditions should not include the elimination of all terrorists. In my view extraction should always be necessary and a message telling you all threats are eliminated is unrealistic not to mention an immersion killer.
  14. South Park character generator

  15. Armed Assault

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=UXXY-0s-Vqw The strange thing is that Arma doesn't really sort of support this kind of CQC fighting in my experience