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  1. Great work guys!
  2. Its to early to recommend anything but you can use the current UE4 version of UT as a decent example. Also, if you want to save a little money, or put some into other components, I'd go with the fastest i5 processor you can afford. It will save you a bit of money and still provide you with great multi-threaded performance in UE4 games.
  3. With all Clancy games these days if you go into them expecting Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six you will be disappointed. But if you go in without any preconceived ideas about what the title means then they are usually pretty decent in their own right. Performance issues are universal though, but this being an open world game I'm sure its a very tricky thing to get optimized correctly.So hopefully they will sort that out.
  4. No idea! :) Honestly, we want it to be easy and seamless with mods compartmentalized. If you are familiar with how original Ghost Recon mods work then something similar to that.
  5. I took the top one... thanks!
  6. Thanks for the feedback... and its not negative. Its fair. Other than the bugs, which we are trying to address, what you are after is more content. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to dump a bunch of content in there. Lucky for you though we do plan to do it once the Early Access is out. And lucky again is that the only roadblocks to adding more content are time and money, both of which will be less of an issue post EA. So while I want to provide as much content as we can get in there at this time making a full functioning game is more important.
  7. Check PM.
  8. Great discussion guys!
  9. Good feedback! 1) NOD stand for Night Optic Device and NVG Night Vision Goggle so NOD is just a term that covers more devices and not just goggles. 2) No. We may be able to add that down the road but its not something we have in the current plan. I think its technically possible though 3) Good question. I hadn't thought about it and do not know the answer 4) Old school NVGs would blind you, but more modern devices compensate for the brightness. It will still "white out" so you don't really see anything though. Remember that in UE4 we aren't able to simulate how a NOD technically works with light and lack thereof. We are trying to mimic what the end result would look like in most situations. Currently, to get it to look right in one situation (say dark areas) it makes it so other areas (brightly lit) aren't as correct as they should be. Try turning it on in a day map and it should be completely unusable. To get a bit more technical on the issue.... NODs take in available light and amplifies it as well as IR light that it can provide. As I mentioned in UE4 we simply can't do that. So we use a semi-complicated Post Process effect/material that makes adjustments to the final image based on color and brightness of each pixel on the screen. So while a real flashlight would certainly emit a ton of "area" light that would greatly brighten up the NOD, we do not get that secondary or "fill" light in UE4. So its not the light itself that is effecting the look of NV in game, but the overall color and brightness of what you see. An example would be a flashlight focused on a wall in a completely dark room with black walls. In real life a NOD would gather all the bounce and secondary lighting that the flashlight creates to help illuminate the room. In GB (UE4) the circle of the flashlight beam would be bright but the rest of the room would still be black. Hope that makes sense. 5) Yes. We want to have adjustment capability on all attachments/devices 6) We may look into it, but its probably more a modder thing 7) Something broke in the last update. Will be back 8) That would be a bug due to lack of forsight on designing the NVG view. I just didn't think about it. The NVG view is a screen post process and overlay so we just need to tell the HUD to draw on top of everything.
  10. People host and connect to games all the time. It requires the use of a dedicated server for now, as was pointed out. Yes, there are some connection issues for in progress games and we are trying to address them, as stated. But you most certainly can host and engage in coop sessions against bots. I'll be happy to refund your money and revoke your steam keys if you want.
  11. Welcome and thanks for the support! It looks like MissVerstanden has you caught up explaining the different versions.
  12. A listen server *may* work since its technically built into UE4, but we haven't tried it in a while. The DS is included in the game install alongside the game exe as well as a standalone tool on Steam. You can run it on the same machine you play on though performance can be hit or miss for obvious reasons. We do plan on adding support for setting up a listen server in the UI as well as a linux DS at some point.
  13. Thanks for the continued support!!! Still rough around the edges but lots there to enjoy.
  14. We are seeing a few issues with trees and streaming textures in the latest public build. Its not your graphics card. We just switched to engine version 4.14 so hopefully some of these texture issues will resolve themselves.