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  1. I did the blueprint work for them so......... Seriously, I probably just messed up on the "randomness". Will probably just set them to 1 or 2 hits and be done with it.
  2. Targets have a 'hits to drop' value that can be randomized. Most are set to be a random value between 1-3 at the moment.
  3. If you get that hit F4. It should reset you into the ready room. It appears that something is up with how the game communicates with Steam.
  4. The official BFS server is undergoing some maintenance and should be up in the next couple of days. I'm not sure why there aren't any others up. There is usually 2-3 always available.
  5. No, I do not wish I could make Ground Branch open world. We are currently making it the size and scope I have always wanted it to be.
  6. http://www.groundbranch.com/2017/05/1017-ground-branch-update-is-ready/
  7. Go to Steam to get the latest update of Ground Branch. The main focus of this release is stability and performance and therefore a lot of “under the hood” non visual work has been done. While still a work in … Continue reading → View the full article
  8. Yeah, that is just the automatic brightness adjustment feature working... probably to much. The idea is it works just like your eyes adjusting to bright/dark areas. In this case the sun in bright and the structure section in front of you isn't getting much light so it adjusts the contrast a lot. If you look at the wall to the left with little sun visible everything brightens up as your "eyes" adjust. We probably need to tweak those settings some though.
  9. I turned that off with an ini setting because it really F'd things up.
  10. Please don't F!@k up this thread to. You don't like whats there, we get it.
  11. Messages sent
  12. We tend to do every other because there usually isn't enough features in each release to warrant the effort for every release. We will do concurrent releases if there is something specific that we need, like we did going from 4.14 to 4.15. As we get closer to more official releases we won't be doing updates as often and at some point we will actually stop taking major updates altogether so we can lock down the codebase to make sure we are stable. That being said, engine updates are actually not as bad as they were for us in the past. Now that we have rebuilt a lot of systems to be more robust and less "experimental" things go a lot smoother. Now it usually comes down to a function or two or a blueprint system that is effected and needs to be reworked. Not giant systems requiring changes like when we moved to 4.13.
  13. Yeah, the blood effects are just placeholders made from some marketplace assets we picked up.
  14. Are you talking about looking directly at the sun?
  15. That is not an official page and I have no idea who set it up. We only have a BFS page: https://m.facebook.com/BlackFootStudios/