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  1. Thanks for the support!!
  2. No, there would be no ingame benefit to swapping weapon pieces parts over just picking another weapon. The only benefit would be the player feels like they are doing something important during the customization process is all. It would also add a few more levels of complexity in the customization system as well as more UI work. So really, while being able to choose barrels, stocks, rail systems and things like that it isn't something we plan to prioritize with such a small team. There are many other things that more players will benefit from. I also don't really think its a "wasted opportunity" by not having it in a game like this. Its a neat fun thing to play with for sure, but just takes up development resources and isn't something that is part of the core concept of the game.
  3. That would be a bug on the storefront provider's end.
  4. Well, the ones in the current build and 1 more in the blockout stage. After that I plan to have another one in for the Early Access. There is no total count because there is no campaign in the game and of how we plan to continually release content.
  5. I can still do this using the default F12. So check to see that nothing got re-bound.
  6. I just verified I see the same behavior so its a bug. Would you mind submitting it to the official bug tracker please.
  7. Its time for a new build of Ground Branch! This build has been a long time coming, but its finally here. We continue to fix and rework features from proof of concepts and half done ideas to full featured game … Continue reading → View the full article
  8. We will be using the Steam update notices once we officially reach Early Access and the game is available directly on Steam.
  9. I believe that there may be an internal steam build label named Operator Edition. I'll need to look into that tomorrow. That being said.... A new public build should be available in the next few days.
  10. Ding ding... we have a winner!
  11. Yeah, that isn't something that we have access to at the moment.
  12. Good question.... the answer though is most likely time. That is a lot of effort! If I wasn't doing GB I would absolutely be interesting in going back and doing a geometry/texture mod. Although there are inherent limitations in the engine that would limit the amount of what you could do. The graphics pipeline is pretty limited compared to today's games.
  13. THEY DO NOT CARE....nor should they. The IP is theirs and businesses exist to make a profit. It isn't greed, its the way the world works. What people don't understand is the market of people that won't buy a TC product because it isn't "old school" anymore in inconsequential. There is now an entire generation of gamers between those old school games and whats out today. When you say Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon most have no clue there was anything before Vegas or Future Soldier. Heck, even Siege sometimes. Its a brand and it evolves and adapts to it's market and the industry market as a whole. People don't need to like it, but to continually expect an Ubi course correction or to demean them for those choices is getting old.
  14. Technically that's what we do now.
  15. Hi, Right now the official BFS server is used for testing. Once we release the next public build (hopefully very soon) it will switch over to public. At some point in the near future we will be adding a couple more official BFS servers so there will always be something available.