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  1. Multiplayer gametypes

    Thanks John, I'm very glad to hear that this continues to be a goal for you and your team. Just let us know if/when you think we can do anything concrete to help.
  2. Multiplayer gametypes

    You know I was just rereading my post and I realized I forgot to mention the most important bit of this type of tournament -- probably because I just take it for granted. Anyway the point is that players/participants only get one chance at a mission, so the first time they see it is when they are playing for a score. They will typically have briefing information for weeks in advance, but there is no chance to "practice" the exact mission. This significantly increases the "pucker factor" for most and forces teams communicate, coordinate, and plan/adapt as the situation unfolds. I recall one insert we did (it was the fourth mission from the SR2005 tourney -- fatal blow), where we actually had the players play through a ~15 minute very constrained mission that "ended" in failure. This then lead to an "ok we are dropping you in this new place. Here is your briefing, We loaded up the "real" map with briefing and gave them ~15 minutes to plan their insert. The mission was somewhat more linear/simple than most tourney mission, but there was some included time pressure (which in AS tradition, could be made very bad by poor stealth/ROE/fire-control). Sadly, I do not think anyone really did well on that mission, which surprised me. In our testing we had small teams lead by people who had not seen the mission do quite well -- I think the time pressure pushed people to stop reading the brief or in game messages, and instead the rushed into their demise. I continue to keep my fingers crossed that GB will enable this type of tournament again.
  3. Weapon Positions

    This sounds like a great set of features. I think the critical challenge to making this well accepted and usable will hinge on the mechanics of switching between the stances. Being able to gauge the attention/readiness level of teamates and opponents at this level of fidelity will be a huge plus (IMO).
  4. Multiplayer gametypes

    Hey folks, I've been away from the BFS forums for a while, but Colin poked us about this thread. The Alpha Squad (AS) tourneys were all cooperative missions with a (hopefully) fair and objective scoring system built into the mission scripts. The "best" place to look for information about how these were done can be found in our forums, specifically I would suggest you look at the discussion surrounding the SR2005 tournament[/url] -- this was the last time AS ran a full up tournament. The 2006/2007 tournament Colin quoted from was actually a community tournament hosted by AS, SD, and 9MS, with each group contributing a mission. All of these tournaments were rather large/long (in terms of calendar time). Typical later events had more than 20 teams participating, with the inserts for a single mission stretching over 2-3 weeks. So a 4 mission tournament would easily last 3 months from the first insert to the last. There was a significant burden on the organizers to "pull this off" -- server support, graders, scheduling, score tracking, PR, mission scripting and testing, etc. In terms of the missions themselves, we always strove for fair missions, that gave teams with different levels of competency and skills opportunities. The goal was not to make missions that had one "trick" solution that people needed to guess/find, but rather make missions that evolved and provided clues and challenges to the players both in the briefing and as they played. If the briefing suggested you should sneak in, but you decided to go guns-blazing that was fine, you may need to kill a LOT more tangos than you would have had to sneak past (reinforcements would come from off map etc.) but that was your choice and the mission would not just "end". Typically the bulk of a teams score was tied to completing objectives with penalties for losing players and sometimes for breaking the suggested ROE. One key point is that there were never any random elements in any of the missions, this was to ensure that all teams had a fair and level playing field to compete on. In terms of future games (e.g. GB), I do not think supporting this type of event requires any special "game/server mode" but rather just requires a rich enough set of mission building tools to enable the inclusion of things like observers, scoring features (this encompasses a lot of features) , mission script security, etc. If there are any specific questions or concerns I'll be happy to try to help.
  5. DCS A10 Sim Video...

    I have been playing the Beta for ~6 weeks now on and off. What small bit of the JTAC stuff I have played with so far has really been impressive. In fact just about every non-WIP aspect of this simulator has been verrrrrryyy impressive.
  6. Building PC

    Good point Galzohar. I spent my share of sweating, cursing, fussing to get wires pulled in our house, but once they are in there are no problems with them. Is drilling a few nice neat holes really out of the question to go the 15 feet to get from your PC to the cable-modem?
  7. Building PC

    15 ft is quite close (even through a floor/wall to have as much trouble and the low bandwidth you have described. I would be surprised that being a few feet closer would make a big difference, but the only way you will know is to try it.
  8. Building PC

    There is no simple answer for the antennae questions. It depends on LOTS and LOTS of factors. The only workable suggestion is to try a few different things and see what works better/best for your particular situation. Of course, your neighbors may change their wireless setup or get a new refrigerator and mess things up It is good that at least you now know where/what the problem is. Based on your experiment with the USB wireless adapter, it certainly looks like you are getting less signal to your PC location with this new router/modem than you had with the previous device. Using an antenna that has a cable may help (or it may not help much at all). In general getting the antenna up off of the floor and away from walls should improve the signal strength, but again this depends on a lot of factors that are hard to guess.
  9. Building PC

    Do I understand this correctly. Physically moving the computer nearer to the router/modem solves your problem? If that is the case, then the most likely problem is that you are not getting a good wireless signal in the room where you have the PC. Changing the location of the router's antennae (and certainly changing the device) can cause drastic differences in the quality of the wireless radio signal you receive in different rooms. Depending on how close you are to your neighbors, you may also be suffering from interference issues. The implication here is that the old modem included a "better" radio. The laptop and your WLAN card/radio/antennae are probably more different than you imagine. The laptop may just have a better receiver and antennae setup and be better able to deal with the reduced signal quality. Ok, so I am guessing you went from 802.11g (which is really only ~22Mbps) to some form of 802.11n radio. Running at the higher rates of 802.11n when you do not have line-of-sight between radios can get very tricky very quickly. This will be especially true if your PC only has one "simple" antennae -- FWIW, your laptop almost certainly has at least 2 antennas in it. It may well be the case that the PC and modem are constantly negotiating how to establish a high-speed connection and failing, but not falling back to a lower speed connection due to some incompatibility between them -- all of this 802.11n stuff is a bit of a hack. My suggestion is that if possible you should use the driver/interface software on your PC to force the connection down to being 802.11g or even 802.11b to make sure things are basically working. You should pay attention to whatever signal strength indicator you have and move your antennas around to maximize performance. Then you can try turning on the 802.11n stuff at the PC end and see if things work. If not, you may just be out of luck and not be able to get those "advertised" speeds in your space. Good luck, I hope this helps.
  10. [Mac OSX] OGR

    @RAbbi, I am sorry to say we no longer have a GR server running. If you are looking for coop, I think 9MS and [NH] still get together semi-regularly. Alpha Squad is mostly playing ArmA Combined Operations (plus mods). A few are also working through the DCS:A-10 beta to satisfy old flight simulator addictions. I can reset/recover your account in our forums if you want, just drop me a PM.
  11. [Mac OSX] OGR

    Really? Back "in the day" Alpha Squad had a number of MAC using regulars that played with us -- Vir2L:SOG, Tim Leary, and a few others. There was always some effort to get mods "properly converted" to be MAC compatible, but there were no other problems that I was aware of.
  12. Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

    @Kirq, PM sent. Alpha Squad is still alive and kicking, doing our best to play slow paced coop whenever possible. Anyone that is interested is more than welcome to play with us. The best starting point is in our forums http://alphasquad.net/home/forum/index.php?f=58&rb_v=viewforum and on our TS3 server (address and PW in the Dedicated Servers topic of the forums -- yes it is a small hurdle to get you to read just a bit before you join our TS server).
  13. Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

    @Witzbold, one more thing to be on the look out for. If you are running Vista or Win 7, and have your UAC turned on/up, and depending on where your Steam cache is located, you may need to run Steam with administrator privileges while you run BAF and/or PMC after they patch/install. Specifically, if your Steam cache is under "Program Files" steam may not be able to write the unpacked DLC into the correct location (it may end up in the "virtual" file system).
  14. Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

    @galzohar: The latest Beta is 76067, that dates from prior to the patches associated with PMC. Personally, I am using (and would suggest others use) the non-beta version currently. @Witzbold: There are a number of threads related to the PMC/Steam cluster both on the Steam forums as well as at BI -- you may find more detailed instructions or suggestion there. From what I have seen my suggestion is to 1) uninstall PMC through steam, 2) verify the cache for both ArmA 2 and OA through Steam, 3) Start ArmA 2 and OA once each through steam, 4) confirm that all looks good under extensions in OA (PMC Lite is active), 5) download PMC, 6) start PMC through steam and confirm that you only see one version of PMC under extensions (it should be the full version) and that it is active. At that point you should be good to go.
  15. Building PC

    While it certainly could be the case that the memory has gone bad, it is not conclusive from a memtest failure that the memory has failed. For example, it could be that you have bad BIOS settings (related to the memory), or that the memory controller in your CPU has failed. Looking back. You had troubles back up here in this thread that sure sounded like memory issues, and which I thought you had resolved by getting your BIOS settings for the memory "correct". I see that you mentioned that you reset your BIOS a few days ago. I would suggest that you double/triple check that you got all of those niggling little settings correct before you start down the path of RMAing memory only to have the new stuff they send you suffer the same problems because some timing or voltage setting is incorrect. (snapshots of your BIOS settings are one way to remember what you did and share what they are).