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  1. I meant there's actually a mod available that allows first person infantry in DCS https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1459397/ So it seems to me that it might give the feel of how it plays when a game is based on a real world location of a very big scale etc.
  2. I'm gonna keep an eye on this. Never played any of the previous titles, so this might be a good time to jump in.
  3. As an experiment: have you tried to play DCS with a mod that allows you to control the infantry in the Combined Arms module, and see what experience this gives you when walking around in the Black Sea area with miles and miles of farmlands and mountains? I expect it's gonna be boring as hell haha Is a realistic approach, like having to travel 80 miles to your objective, going to be fun in a game (or even a simulator)? I doubt it. Open world can add a lot of immersion, but I don't think they need to be as big as you're proposing though.
  4. Free weekend right now and 70% off
  5. For now you might have. It's a bit of cluster **** in regards to patches that broke the game further and reverting those patches etc etc. So CI Games is working hard to get their act together and get it all on track. I stopped playing for now after a few crashes mid mission and in case my campaign progression gets lost as well. So once a few patches have been dropped and things have gotten a little smoother, SGW3 is definitely a good choice. And from what I've seen on YouTube re:Sniper Elite, also a much more enjoyble game if you're looking for that old school type of feeling. It definitely delivers on that front big time, at least for me it does. I really can't wait to get back in once the game is a bit more stable
  6. Fourth article, a very interesting read! https://80.lv/articles/landscape-and-material-pipeline-of-ghost-recon-wildlands/
  7. Haha, very Nice hit
  8. True that. Features sound promising though. But yeah, let's wait and see before we get our hopes up!
  9. Very interesting
  10. Yeah agreed. That would have been very interesting. Or even alternating between Allies and Axis sides to show different perspectives.
  11. Yeah it's true, a lot of gamers maybe weren't around for the older WW2 CoD's. Still I think the invasion of Normandy is so typical, its something we've all seen in Band of Brothers, WW2 movies, some WO2 games etc. It just feels like, c'mon, that war lasted 7 years around the globe, we seriously going to do Normandy again? It feels a bit like a cliche to portray these typical scenarios again. Ah well, we'll see.
  12. To me it looks really uninspired in regards to: yet again landing at Normandy beaches, playing Americans again etc. etc. There are so many battles of WW2 which haven't been portrayed in video games yet. It looks like the same old same old scenarios instead of introducing other WW2 frontlines. Take Hidden & Dangerous for example, that was really an inspiring series which showcased many fronts of WW2. It just feels that this game is going to do all the usual stuff we've already seen so many times in past WW2 games, based on the reveal trailer that is.
  13. Yeah, the atmosphere is just superb, I really love it. I did have some crashes running the latest patch, which is kind of a bummer (especially because mid-mission progress is not saved). And I'm constantly scared of loosing my save files, as so many others have encountered already (although replaying the missions is not a penalty, but still). So fingers crossed these issues are fixed asap. The devs gave it top priority, so that's good.