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  1. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Buying virtual money with real money.
  2. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    I think I read somewhere that you can "reset" the storyline missions per region.
  3. Escape From Tarkov

    Is the game actually popular? I haven't followed it that much recently
  4. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    I'm also having a break for a few months now after finishing about 50% of the story. I played a lot of SP, and it does get repetitive after 50 or so hours. Although, when playing coop, it's still a lot of fun because of the added possibilities and less predictable human behavior of your battle buddies. I think I can still easily play 50 hours in coop, but in SP not so much.
  5. Respawn / Reinforcements

    You sure you want to have infinite in there? That creates a whole different dynamic compared to say allowing it to be configured between 1 and 5. I think infinite is almost always a bad idea, in any game, as it allows the worst elements of respawn mechanics come to the surface. It would also create a very different type of experiences in the server landscape of GB. I think it's better to have some kind of limits to preserve the GB feel.
  6. Kitting up: Ready Room and lockers

    Just a few reasons from the top of my head: A. From a user experience perspective I think it's very confusing if a game (potentially) changes your kit every time a new map loads. Say I played with a red dot on all the CQB orientated maps, but now prefer an ACOG. The map changes, I join the game again and suddenly I'm back with the red dot because the game remembers it's the last kit I played on this map. B. With such as system you are forcing players to check their gear every time a new map loads, while there can be many reasons to just use the same kit as the previous map requiring no user input at all (say when a CQB map comes after a CQB map). Again, very confusing if the game just changed your kit without your input. C. Your kit can also be based on what type of role you play within the team instead of just map based. For example you're the Shotgun CQB guy, this can be useful both in very CQB focused maps as well as more open maps with some urban parts. Or here's another scenario: maybe on Sunday I played as a sniper on a bunch of maps, but on Tuesday I feel like playing as the machine gunner. Every time one of those maps from Sunday loads, I need to change my kit again because the game thinks I want to be a sniper. I can go on and on. I just think it creates many more potential issues than it solves. From a user experience it's IMO much more logical to just create a few favorite kits (for a few roles or types of environments) and just load that kit based on the map that comes up instead of the game remembering what I used 3 weeks ago when I last played Depot in an online match. The game can't accurately predict if I want to use that kit again nor should it change to that kit without my explicit permission. Like I said in my previous post, if you just spawn with your last used kit there is no issue.
  7. Kitting up: Ready Room and lockers

    Are we talking MP or SP whiteknight? As I think for MP PvP it would be REALLY confusing if your kit changes automatically based on the map. For MP I really liked Raven Shield: You always use your last used kit, even after quitting and starting the game again. This won't cause any confusion and players are in full control as to when they want to change their kit. Also in general for MP PvP: I think we should prevent any kind of unnecessary repetitiveness in the RR. It will just become cumbersome and annoying, guaranteed. The "realism" argument shouldn't be applied to the RR, as in real life you won't be re-applying your kit every 5 minutes for 4 hours straight either. Just implement what is most intuitive for the user experience. For SP I can imagine you want some more immersion, getting the briefing, intel, deciding insertion, kitting up the whole team etc. it's just different than "quick" MP PvP rounds.
  8. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Might be your HUD settings. I believe one of the settings disables this type of markers.
  9. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    Yeah, didn't finish it yet. Great atmosphere. Also like the FPV.
  10. Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 at Gamescom 2017

    I think some people like to be a cog in the machine, even in games, while at the same time also being part of something bigger than themselves like a huge MMO universe. It can also be very satisfying to perform support roles. I don't mind running a supply truck for a whole round in Squad, it feels very satisfying to support the troops in combat with much needed logistics, but I won't do that for every round every time though. It *can* be fun given the right circumstances. On top of that I think games like Farming Simulator, Bus Simulator, Truck Simulator etc all sell also fairly well, which for most are just boring tasks. Games like SC seem to be dominated by fans who are able to spend hundreds or thousands of hours into a single game. This crowd surely must have some different traits/wishes than for example gamers who have maybe a few hours to spare every week. So maybe by attracting those kind of crowds you get this sort of stuff in the game like cargo loaders etc.
  11. ArmA3 announced...

    Arma 3 was in alpha stage for 3,5 months and in beta stage for about 3 months. From alpha to release was about 6 months more or less (March-September 2013). I don't expect DayZ to be finished anytime soon. I mean, the beta was supposed to be in 2015. It's still supposed to be unplayable. How this is possible, I'm not sure. They're an established studio, sold a ######load of copies and can employ serious talent.
  12. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    I don't think I agree, although I see your point. The urban areas of Wildlands are also very immersive in my opinion. Sure, none of them are as big as GTA5's big city area, but each and one of them has character and is fine tuned for the specific geographic location. For example in coastal areas you see fish drying along some of the houses at the river, but not in other areas where there are no fishing opportunities etc etc. It all fits into a real life logical scenario and how the lives are lived in a specific area of the game. Wildlands is full of these details. And it's all done on such a large scale compared to GTA5. I agree GTA 5 is also an awesome achievement though, and I can still just wander down a random area and be amazed by the attention of detail as well. I just think Wildlands raised the bar big time.
  13. ArmA3 announced...

    I tried to refund DayZ, as I bought it 3,5 years ago and it's still in alpha Early Access. Got refused by Steam because I played a total of 4 hours instead of 2. *sigh* Bohemia won't refund either. Worst €23 ever spend.
  14. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    GTA 5 was a great achievement at the time, but the environments of Wildlands are light years ahead of that game. Did you play Wildlands? No matter where you are, there is extreme attention to detail, everything originates from a realistic approach based on real world rules. Flora, fauna, villages, cities, factories, rivers, lakes, everything is just right. On top of that there are 21(?) unique ecosystems. Again: no matter where you are on the map, every pixel adds to a realistic world. I don't know, it's hard to put into words, it's something you must experience. Really, GTA5 is so far behind Wildlands. For me Wildlands is the pinnacle of open world environments. Have a look at these articles, this made me finally understand how they could deliver such a great, big and diverse environment in Wildlands:
  15. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Seems like you all want something that's just not feasible now given how this ENTERTAINMENT industry works. They're not here to satisfy all your personal dreams of what your perfect game would be. They're here to give people entertainment that is feasible, predictable and profitable. Stop blaming them for this choice and put your energy in other projects that might push some standards in the industry that are important to you. @213 I think a completely responsive world with even the littlest thing having potentially profound effect is something that is at least a decade or even more away. I don't see something like that happening anytime soon, especially bug free. Maybe we'll eventually get there, but main stream gaming simply does what works. Like in every industry, usually there is only a small amount of companies that push the boundaries further and adding innovations setting a new standard which becomes mainstream eventually. Maybe CD project RED will push some standards with Cyberpunk 2077. Wildlands definitely did push the standard of an immersive environment btw.