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  1. The BFS logo at the top (mobile) links to the root BFS.com website. Is this intentional? I'm always used to the forum logo bringing you back to the main forum overview, especially on websites where basically everything happens on the forums and the root main page doesn't have to be visited that often. edit: it's actually almost impossible right now to go back to the forum overview on the mobile template in one click, unless I'm missing something. In the top left you can only go back one parent forum at a time.
  2. Nice! On a mobile the call to action banner "breaks" the template with a lot of extra width. See attached.
  3. Operator Edition testing build update (so not available on main branch yet).
  4. Operator Edition testing build update (so not available on main branch yet).
  5. Sounds awesome Zoomba, that's some great progress right there
  6. How's the gameplay with those turned off? As in: is it still perfectly playable or clearly "optimized" for playing with all those icons etc enabled? Genuinely interested
  7. Thanks! Forgot to check this thread yesterday darn. Well, if it's still available, my uplay handle is zoog.tangodown Not sure if the beta even continues after the weekend though.
  8. Redirects me to the page where you can redeem a code (if you already have one)
  9. Anyone got spare beta keys by any chance?
  10. Nice! I have it on CD/DVD, but I'm gonna buy it again anyhow, just to show that there is still an audience for these type of games Let's keep this game #1 popular on GOG for a while
  11. Mostly under the hood stuff in that update according to the change log, so probably not a big difference when viewing videos
  12. I think it also depends on how people would react in real life. I can imaginable nobody is going to rush around a corner if they think the enemy is reloading, unless they are absolutely sure there is only one enemy without any backup weapon. I dunno what the standard SOP is for most? I can imagine you're also a bit deaf when you are exchanging fire and won't notice these sounds in the heat of the moment? Never been in combat so no idea. For situations where the AI is not alerted, I think it's quite cool if they become suspicious when hearing a reload (the same when you play against other human players), light switches not so sure though, is that suspicious?? How well do you hear switches anyway?
  13. Good stuff!
  14. Sorry for your loss, take care during this dark time.