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  1. Yeah, and it takes a lot of effort to get people over the line, 98% won’t pledge by themselves. I did a (successful) 19k crowdfunding recently (on a whole different subject and with a group of people), and man did that feel like beating a dead horse all the time. I see zero updates posted on the campaign page, which doesn’t look promising. You can’t just hit the publish button and wait for the money to come in unfortunately.
  2. They definitely won’t make it with 42 backers, €900 pledged and 13 days to go.
  3. Haven’t looked at the Kickstarter yet, but funny how most first reactions and reservations right now are more or less the same as the rest of the internet voiced when Ground Branch was on KS
  4. New Main Menu User Interface

    I agree with fatmarrow too, design is a profession and should be regarded as such. It has so much more depth than just “what looks cool”. Of course suggestions can be very useful, especially for feedback regarding user experience etc. Re: this thread, i think it’s probably more fun and useful for Jonathan as he tries to think about or create things and gets feedback. And that’s ok too.
  5. Absolver

    It looked promising but I decided not to buy it. As far as I know the content is scarce and many players abondend the game making MP more or less useless. No idea if this still holds up, but from what I’ve heard it was quite anti climax, even though the game mechanics and premise has a lot of potential.
  6. GB news update

    Is he? Can’t see a difference to be honest. Would be a nice detail
  7. New Main Menu User Interface

    I got the same impression
  8. GroundBranch.com:No plan survives first contact

    Happy new year! Looks great
  9. Little Devil Inside

    The style kinda reminds me of Journey on the PlayStation. Great game btw. Gameplay wise this looks a lot different though.
  10. Little Devil Inside

    Looks pretty sweet, kinda get the Zelda vibe
  11. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    Related: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willingness_to_pay
  12. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    I’m confident your market research is way more sophisticated and thorough compared to the professional teams at Microsoft Some flawed reasoning going on. There are simply max prices that people are willing to pay for certain products, no matter how much they eventually spend on additional games, peripherals etc. There are sweet spots for these kind of things. Like: People who pay $60 on a game + $250 extra on micro transactions during the life span of the game aren’t suddenly prepared to pay $310 up front if the game would not have micro transactions and the content was included in the base game at launch. That’s not how it works. There are max prices for these kind of products people are willing to pay, no matter if they eventually end up paying a lot more cash in different ways. On top of that, if the base price is $300 higher, this means that people can either buy less games and peripherals to stay within the same budget, or at the bottom line they spend $300 extra if they don’t want to buy less games they could’ve bought otherwise.
  13. Ghost Recon Wildlands Q:

    Depending on your difficulty settings and play style, stealth has definitely some advantages in certain missions and situations. Infiltrating a big base is in my opinion easier - on the harder difficulties - by going stealth and taking it slow. As far as I know the AI reacts differently based on if you’re running, crouching etc. if that’s what you’re asking. why not use the existing topic by the way?
  14. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    Nope, they're based on my own experiences. Ever stepped outside your bubble and connected with the less tech savvy people out there? I used to help people to fix their PC problems, and boy are there a lot of people who click on anything and install all kinds of additional bloadware/adware or whatever without them even knowing. And they always keep wondering why their PC is slow as ###### lol. If it's not viruses or malware, it's ###### like adware, hidden cryptominers or other 3rd party crap ruining their machines. Fact is that a console requires zero maintenance, zero prevention plans or any other forms of specific "attention" from the user. The same simply isn't true for a PC, even more so for people who are not that well educated on PC usage. A PC in it's current state will always be more "hassle" compared to a console.
  15. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    Yeah I think nowadays, with so many multi platform games, these issues probably belong to the past.