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  1. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    Nope, they're based on my own experiences. Ever stepped outside your bubble and connected with the less tech savvy people out there? I used to help people to fix their PC problems, and boy are there a lot of people who click on anything and install all kinds of additional bloadware/adware or whatever without them even knowing. And they always keep wondering why their PC is slow as ###### lol. If it's not viruses or malware, it's ###### like adware, hidden cryptominers or other 3rd party crap ruining their machines. Fact is that a console requires zero maintenance, zero prevention plans or any other forms of specific "attention" from the user. The same simply isn't true for a PC, even more so for people who are not that well educated on PC usage. A PC in it's current state will always be more "hassle" compared to a console.
  2. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    Yeah I think nowadays, with so many multi platform games, these issues probably belong to the past.
  3. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    Did you ever play on a console dcopymope? In the past (I think like with the PS1?) it used to be that sometimes, if you connected other hardware input like a mouse via an adapter or whatever, the game would still treat it as an analog input device. This had more to do with how the game is configured if I remember correctly back then. If a game is only developed for a controller, I don’t think you can magically have direct input when connecting a mouse. Or maybe it was with console ports to pc where they didn’t configure direct input devices so the mouse was analog like? Anyway, issues like this have cropped up in the past. Maybe nowadays all console games support multiple inputs, not sure.
  4. Quick update for the forums

    Good stuff!
  5. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    Re: why buy a console if its basically a pc like installing games, updating etc? There are still many reasons to buy a console: - One closed ecosystem with one digital store which simply gives clarity without all kinds of hassles. - No decisions on what specific hardware to buy because it’s pre configured. No need to be ploughing through review after review and benchmark after benchmark to find the right GPU or specs. - The ecosystem is updated/maintained automatically without the user having to be proactive themselves in updating drivers etc. - no danger in ing up your system with malware/ransomware etc. as the ecosystem is “safe”. - no uncertainty if you can play the next game, a ps4 game = ps4 compatible etc. - some people still like to just play on a couch with a controller. Sure, it’s also possible to do this with pc’s, but consoles are specifically designed this way out of the box while PCs are not. Consoles are still a very valid decision depending on your wishes.
  6. Ready Or Not (SWATlike)

    Oh..... :(
  7. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    Because it is much slower (or too slow) for the data speeds required for streaming all the content from modern games? Don’t forget about loading times either. Remember those ridiculously long load times for some games on disc? Or swapping discs in the middle of the game? Etc. I’m not sure what all the technical limitations are specifically, but you don’t need to be a scientist to understand that reading speeds from a disc drive would be a complete bottleneck and not possible for modern (open world) games at all, I guess.
  8. Ready Or Not (SWATlike)

    There was some big news coming? Did it arrive yet?
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Buying virtual money with real money.
  10. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    I think I read somewhere that you can "reset" the storyline missions per region.
  11. Escape From Tarkov

    Is the game actually popular? I haven't followed it that much recently
  12. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    I'm also having a break for a few months now after finishing about 50% of the story. I played a lot of SP, and it does get repetitive after 50 or so hours. Although, when playing coop, it's still a lot of fun because of the added possibilities and less predictable human behavior of your battle buddies. I think I can still easily play 50 hours in coop, but in SP not so much.
  13. Respawn / Reinforcements

    You sure you want to have infinite in there? That creates a whole different dynamic compared to say allowing it to be configured between 1 and 5. I think infinite is almost always a bad idea, in any game, as it allows the worst elements of respawn mechanics come to the surface. It would also create a very different type of experiences in the server landscape of GB. I think it's better to have some kind of limits to preserve the GB feel.
  14. Kitting up: Ready Room and lockers

    Just a few reasons from the top of my head: A. From a user experience perspective I think it's very confusing if a game (potentially) changes your kit every time a new map loads. Say I played with a red dot on all the CQB orientated maps, but now prefer an ACOG. The map changes, I join the game again and suddenly I'm back with the red dot because the game remembers it's the last kit I played on this map. B. With such as system you are forcing players to check their gear every time a new map loads, while there can be many reasons to just use the same kit as the previous map requiring no user input at all (say when a CQB map comes after a CQB map). Again, very confusing if the game just changed your kit without your input. C. Your kit can also be based on what type of role you play within the team instead of just map based. For example you're the Shotgun CQB guy, this can be useful both in very CQB focused maps as well as more open maps with some urban parts. Or here's another scenario: maybe on Sunday I played as a sniper on a bunch of maps, but on Tuesday I feel like playing as the machine gunner. Every time one of those maps from Sunday loads, I need to change my kit again because the game thinks I want to be a sniper. I can go on and on. I just think it creates many more potential issues than it solves. From a user experience it's IMO much more logical to just create a few favorite kits (for a few roles or types of environments) and just load that kit based on the map that comes up instead of the game remembering what I used 3 weeks ago when I last played Depot in an online match. The game can't accurately predict if I want to use that kit again nor should it change to that kit without my explicit permission. Like I said in my previous post, if you just spawn with your last used kit there is no issue.
  15. Kitting up: Ready Room and lockers

    Are we talking MP or SP whiteknight? As I think for MP PvP it would be REALLY confusing if your kit changes automatically based on the map. For MP I really liked Raven Shield: You always use your last used kit, even after quitting and starting the game again. This won't cause any confusion and players are in full control as to when they want to change their kit. Also in general for MP PvP: I think we should prevent any kind of unnecessary repetitiveness in the RR. It will just become cumbersome and annoying, guaranteed. The "realism" argument shouldn't be applied to the RR, as in real life you won't be re-applying your kit every 5 minutes for 4 hours straight either. Just implement what is most intuitive for the user experience. For SP I can imagine you want some more immersion, getting the briefing, intel, deciding insertion, kitting up the whole team etc. it's just different than "quick" MP PvP rounds.