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  1. Does no one else even own a camera? Had a 2 raptor day yesterday, and a few other randoms thrown in for good measure. Square-tailed Kite....death from above Just cruising Osprey just post a missed dive Far in the distance but this guy has skills! 2 fish in one dive! Bell Miner Lewins Honeyeater
  2. Scrape if off about once a week using an old Mach3, find that any more blades than that just clogs up instantly if they have to deal with any kind of lax grooming standards.
  3. Looks like we are due for similar mate.
  4. Takes a special kind of stupid to think this is a good idea!
  5. And the flipping heat continues! January had us break the 40C mark 8 times (45.1 at the most) and February is already turning it on bigtime! 43C today and the prediction for the coming 7 days is another 4 days past 40.
  6. Can't see ###### you are complaining about Ray, compared to that I'm using the pony express!
  7. How some employers treat their staff! One family complaint and one resident having a drug related meltdown was enough for the wife's current (or as it sits right now former) employer to send her packing! Heard rumors this place was ruthless with their staff and this just proves it to us. Oh, and I broke my hand again
  8. And boy did it turn it on again today! By 6am it was already 34C and by 11am we were above the 40 marker, max temp 45.1C. Thankfully a southerly hit around 3pm and temps nosedived back down to mid 20s
  9. Send some my way please! Last 5 days the max temps here has been 44.8, 40.8, 29.9, 35.8 and 43.6...this Swede is slowly having a meltdown!
  10. Least I don't have to worry about temperatures at work, it's a constant 4C in the coolroom. Sydney turned it on again today, 43.6C right now and we are expecting much the same in the morning. And in those 43.6C some nutter is about to head out and fire up the BBQ
  11. Slowly melting here and it's still climbing, last update was 43.7C Edit: Scratch that, latest update 44.6
  12. Had some of the family over for a swim the other day and couldn't stop myself from breaking the camera out and grab some snaps of the little one playing. Flash gave some interesting effect reflected back from the chrissy tree decorations.
  13. Would of loved to seen your reaction to an experience I had a few years back Ray, went to open the back door into the garage at night and found the door handle to of grown fur. I'm sure my girly, uh..manly, squeal woke up the neighbours as it wiggled under my fingers. Turned out to be a big arse huntsman spider that had taken up a perch on the door handle, likely felt just as violated as I did once the lights came on and we could size up our adversary.
  14. Cheers ray. He was pretty curious and also a touch ###### off as I'd had to herd him into "place", would sit for a minute or so and then make a run for it forcing me to herd him back to where I wanted it. Wife helped out by keeping a flashlight on it so I could focus. Getting detail with a macro lens is what it's supposed to do, just sucks trying to get enough depth of field to get the detail where you want it!
  15. Awww...but it's just a cute little spidey Was even nice enough to save it from the wife's insect spray fetish and instead moved it along into the backyard unharmed.