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  1. Not much of late but resolved to staking out an old mate and trying for "that" dive shot. So sorted out some flash gear ( 2 off camera flashes with triggers) and spent some time just waiting for the action to take place. All guesswork as to where it will dive and I need to get faster on the shutter button to catch it at the right time just as it breaks the surface. Just a hair slow DSC05914 by Johan Olsson, on Flickr DSC05915 by Johan Olsson, on Flickr DSC05916 by Johan Olsson, on Flickr
  2. SOG has always been very cagey about "advertising" what gear they use. I've seen photos from Afghanistan and Africa where the whole rifle was pixelated out.
  3. Think I'd suggest looking elsewhere for suggestions, ought to be lots of places that specialize in this rather than asking some random Aussies in a gaming forum.
  4. Australia has kind of a long coastline so it depends alot on where abouts you are looking. I'd say go the whole hog and get some Blue Ring Octopus, just don't play with them
  5. Just back from a week at Lake Macquarie on the NSW coast. Usually forced to see the sun rise through a small window in the distribution center I work at so it was nice to finally enjoy it as it's meant to be seen, either on the front porch with a morning coffee or down on the shoreline with camera and coffee in hand. Wasn't really any chance I'd miss the sunrise as our local alarm clocks, large flock of Corella's, without fail would start their morning routine about an hour before the sun broke the horizon. #1 Wave in HDR DSC03880_HDR by Johan Olsson, on Flickr #2 Getting ready for some fun on the lake DSC03923_HDR by Johan Olsson, on Flickr Wish I'd had something longer at hand than my Sony 11-18mm as the wife caught some lovely silhouette's of people on the jetty against the rising sun using her 18-55 kitlens. Me in a doh moment left the rest of the kit in the cabin. #3 Pastel sunrise DSC04066 by Johan Olsson, on Flickr Unfortunately the lights on the jetty must of been on a timer, 7am sharp they turned off and at this time of year that's exactly when the sun breaks the horizon. #4 On the horizon DSC04115_HDR-Edit by Johan Olsson, on Flickr
  6. Stars aligned this weekend when I found this juvenile Nankeen Night-heron and it staid put for all to many shots even when I got silly close. And no need for a long lens WK, wife snagged this using a 1988 era Minolta 100-300 lens while I was busy hugging the dirt to get down and low.
  7. Well, these relics have now reach the end of their road, served me well over the years even after the 2014 incident but the time has come to let them go. Replacement likely echo's where my interests lay nowadays. Wife's not exactly crying over seeing the end of them as they were starting to get kinda tatty to say the least!
  8. Does no one else even own a camera? Had a 2 raptor day yesterday, and a few other randoms thrown in for good measure. Square-tailed Kite....death from above Just cruising Osprey just post a missed dive Far in the distance but this guy has skills! 2 fish in one dive! Bell Miner Lewins Honeyeater
  9. Scrape if off about once a week using an old Mach3, find that any more blades than that just clogs up instantly if they have to deal with any kind of lax grooming standards.
  10. Looks like we are due for similar mate.
  11. Takes a special kind of stupid to think this is a good idea!
  12. And the flipping heat continues! January had us break the 40C mark 8 times (45.1 at the most) and February is already turning it on bigtime! 43C today and the prediction for the coming 7 days is another 4 days past 40.
  13. Can't see ###### you are complaining about Ray, compared to that I'm using the pony express!
  14. How some employers treat their staff! One family complaint and one resident having a drug related meltdown was enough for the wife's current (or as it sits right now former) employer to send her packing! Heard rumors this place was ruthless with their staff and this just proves it to us. Oh, and I broke my hand again
  15. And boy did it turn it on again today! By 6am it was already 34C and by 11am we were above the 40 marker, max temp 45.1C. Thankfully a southerly hit around 3pm and temps nosedived back down to mid 20s