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  1. Squad command

    I would personally liken this to: "you three move out there." "uh, are you retarded, we'll get shot." "DO IT." "aw hell. okay."
  2. Squad command

    All I know is Lockdown's menu system was useless because you had to be pointing your gun at the spot you wanted someone to do something. It's kind of pointless to point your gun at the guy shooting you, scroll down and click "Supress" when you could probably have just shot him. A "move in this general direction, but slow, and move to cover when you can; oh yeah, and shoot anything that looks funny" button would be sweet. I think in general, to get a really awesome buddy movement system, there has to be a lot of background processing on what commands really mean. For example, if I pointed to a box and said move, I would hope it meant, "run up to that box and get the hell behind it, and if the rest of the team can't fit behind the box, well, they should find cover nearby, and if they can't, move back here so they don't bloody well get shot.
  3. AI Wishlist: Helping wounded AI

    Hey, I'm new here, I actually just finished beating Rainbow Six: Lockdown; I used to play the old school ones back with Windows 98. Aside from the game being buggy(flashes not working except on me, of course; my team being stupid; room clearing generally being a complete and utter failure) I liked the game. Also, this is kind of way nerdy, but I actually liked the mission planning stage of old school R6. You need some kind of gameplan, right? Anyway, AI. I'm a CS major with a specialization in it, and what I saw in Lockdown made me sad. You would think that when I sent my team into a room, they might find a terrorist. But no, they act all tough and say, "LET'S MOVE!" and then stand in the middle of the room while a T gets half a clip off before they say to themselves, "Hey, how about that, some bullet holes, OH MERCY I BEEN SHOT, WHO COULD HAVE DONE THAT." And half my team is blown away before someone goes, "Oh hay guise thar's a dood up thar with a gun." God forbid they actually have to shoot the guy, don't aim for his head or anything, that would be too easy. That's the end of my rant. All that stuff I read about how NPCs is sweet. I too would like to see a goal-based AI. Even if a T only has two goals in his short lifespan of staying alive and killing you, that's still pretty realistic. In example, - You bust in his room and own 3 of his friends, his expected chances of accomplishing both his goals just went down the tubes, so he goes with the more important one: staying alive, thus drops his gun and cries like a baby and puts his hands in the air. -He turns a corner and sees 4 dudes, clad in black with big scary guns coming toward him, his twitch reaction is to try to accomplish both goals at once, so he blindly looses half a clip as he runs away down the hall. Naturally this seems kind of unfair as a stray bullet has a chance of entering your skull and shattering inside your brain and turning it into mush, but hey, life comes at you fast. - You're a bad shot, and shoot a T in his shoulder. To most sane gentlemen, this is a clear indication that the odds of accomplishing both goals are fading fast, as a clear and distinct advantage can be seen from the rounds in his shoulder. Also, as all terrorists are huge ###### like we know them to be, the aforementioned bleeding-through-his-shoulder terrorist cries like a baby and begs for his life. -And, of course, you will have the stubborn few that won't give up. Am I just talkin' crazy? Credit to my geek side, I was worried about the extra calculations. I also wonder if a general procedure for finding cover would be terribly lengthy. Ah well, what do I know, it's 5AM. Your project looks mega awesome.