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  1. Suggestions

    What I desperately want to see in GB more than any other single feature is something like Heroes Unleashed's Black Ops game mode with the random objectives. With enough maps and permutations it's practically unlimited replay and you can't pre-plan a "correct" way through just by learning the layout of enemies and objectives because they change and you don't get to attempt the exact same configuration twice. This is exclusively how my friends and I play OGR now, no respawn black-ops, difficulty depending on numbers.
  2. I think this may have been a serious sticking point for the people I was trying to convince to back this the first time round. Several of my buddies and myself still play OGR fairly regularly, but the lack of definite coop/solo play on the original KS made them wary to say the least. Better start trying to make myself look respectable so I can ask them for money again... if you do go the extra keys route I might be able to up my pledge and get them to indirectly contribute.
  3. A Suggestion no one has thought about

    I'm more interested in sight parallax personally, since that's a functional visual effect rather than pure eye-candy. I know it's all WIP and I know BFS are prototyping all sorts of cool stuff, but every single time I see a pasted on holo-sight that doesn't actually have holographic parallax it makes me cringe. The lack of parallax is why I avoid using aimpoints and similar when I play ArmA, it makes it even harder to judge the actual point of aim when you're moving than it already is.
  4. Multiplayer gametypes

    One thing I'd love to see for SP/Coop play is a mode similar to OGR Heroes Unleashed's "Black Ops" game mode. For those who don't know, it randomly picks 4 objectives from the list of possible objectives across all game types and asks you to complete the lot. This results in a wide variety of missions, and combined with the large number of maps in the mod means you can have practically unlimited replay due to the number of possible permutations. Two (actual) mission examples: First mission > Find Intel at location (blue mark) > Extract at location (green mark) > Avoid detection > No team casualties Second mission > Capture enemy base (red mark) > Capture and extract warlord > Capture and extract POW > Place demo charge at location (yellow mark) Obviously these missions played out completely differently - and we had to adapt to the hand dealt to us. Something like this would be a significant boon for GB in my opinion, and potentially could be expanded upon as new ideas and methods for objectives are created. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but all the chat in this thread seems very PvP/TvT focused.
  5. Character customization

    Actually that's one of the things I'm really liking about America's Army 3. While you can argue the pros/cons to death - I think they handle encumbrance pretty-damn well. You CAN carry upto six weapons I think... but at that point you're basically useless. Even 1 weapon and a heavy loadout impairs you slightly (speed and stamina), but the limitation is a soft cap on sensible limits rather than a fixed level "you can only carry two" or whatever.
  6. Quick Saves vs. Checkpoints

    So long as we also have the option of save-on-exit I don't mind what the other settings are. So few games use this - but its extremely useful for anyone who has to interupt a session for any reason, but isn't playing a game or setting that allows normal saving. OFP used this in addition to a single "backup" save, and mid-mission checkpoints. You never had to worry about quiting the game because you could just pickup where you left off, making it possible to make hour-long missions with no saves. I'm not saying this is the only way to do things or anything like that - just I'd like it as an option so if I have to interupt my game for any reason, no matter what difficulty, I can pickup where I was, without feeling like I'm quick-saving my way through the game.
  7. The most important things

    Please understand I mean this in the most positive possible way but, about bloody time! I've been waiting for a solid implementation of this since OFP's first baby steps with the idea way back when a low res photo of someone's head could pass for a decent texture. Well done, for having the balls to take this seriously key concept of body awareness and evolving it. I wish you the best of luck.
  8. One shot kills

    I don't suppose its worth mentioning i've seen this done in a mod? I mentioned it before, but it seems to have been completely glossed over in the thread's momentum. Ain't perfect - but Occupation has alot of really cool ideas and they mostly work (I think its just tweaking at this stage). Hitting myself in the thigh with a bullet fragment after I fired pistol inside a train carriage was pretty cool. At the time I thought I was being shot at so I totally freaked and only found out it was self-inflicted on the post-mortem screen. Not that GB needs to be quite as complex as that - I'm just saying that it can be done and anywhere between there and Ghost Recon's probablity system is okay with me.
  9. One shot kills

    My understanding of the GR health system is that it counted damage up instead of health down; thereby increasing the penalties accrued and instead of simply having an arbitary limit to health, just increasing the chances of each additional hit being lethal. On the flip side, something like the Occupation mod for HL2 goes as far as calculating the cavity length per body location and effects a bunch of sub-stats to determine your remaining health. All I can say really is I'm looking forward to seeing it in action.
  10. One shot kills

    I seriously recommend the entire dev team and everyone interested in this discussion takes a look at the Occupation CS mod for HL2. The guy is using ballistic biometrics for injury. The sheer range of results is astounding and sometimes horrifying. Plus you get to see after-action exactly what happened. The number of times I've injured myself with a richochet or fragment... Very, very cool. Ignore the sketchy presentation and the unfinished animation/sights - its all WIP. Look at the sheer damage and variation caused by different round hitting different materials, and the crazy paths the bullets take through your body (especially when they fragment). Along with temporary knock-outs, fatal non-incapacitating injuries, survivable head shots etc. its frankly stunning.
  11. The lack of crosshairs in GB

    This was always going to be an interesting topic. I know that when I sat down to work out how I'd do it (which admittedly is based on lots of conjecture) I thought back to OGR and INF as good extremes then though about how I'd seen real guys move with weapons. Your focus as a soldier almost certainly has to be either on shooting/being read to shoot or moving/beign ready to move. Is there anything else that wouldn't be a specific environment interaction? I couldn't think of anything. OGR used the right mouse button as a "Dash" button - increasing your speed at the expense of reticle bloom. That seemed quite sensible as it was easy to change speed quickly and fluidly instead of the normally awkward transitions you see when moving to/from sprinting (CoD 4 is a good example). Infiltration used a nice tight freeaim system that was mostly verticle allowing you to dip the weapon to see clearly, but allowing you to quickly react to bring the weapon to targets as they appeared. That seemed perfect. Why bother with anything inbetween? But that was just me milling around ideas in my head and briefly in Blender. I'm looking forward to see how this is actually handled. It should be good.
  12. The lack of crosshairs in GB

    Just to add my opinion for anyone still listening before this thread finally dies after Hatchforce's airstrike post ... ... IMO the weapon positioning on the screen is a magnatude more important in getting a "feel" for where you'll hit than any floating crosshair can be. The best example I have of this is in ArmA - the default units camera is positioned over the left eye instead of being central in the head. This makes the weapon feel far too far to the right and consequently makes it difficult to aim without the flaoting crosshair or the sights. Late last year I downloaded the Ghilli-sniper addon so I could make some 2-man sniper missions for a buddy and myself. While the models were very good, the biggest thing I noticed was they'd shifted the camera position in the head to be more to the right. And it was stunning how much better it felt. The feedback from the weapon on screen connected properly and suddenly I could tell where my weapon was pointing enough to turn the crosshairs off. Sure, it wasn't good for beyond about 20 meters or so - but you still pointed it in the right direction and it felt right. Infiltration was very good at this for the most part too (the weapons felt slightly too far over to the right when "hipped" but thats because I always assume hipped is just a sort of over-the-sights view - plus thats just my opinion and I have to admit I have zero firearms experience so its all just about the "does it feel right?").
  13. Health System [Medics?]

    Variable focus is probably the best idea all round - let the player set the FOV ingame (similar to ARMA - but possibly with a wider default FOV). I know that Mirror's Edge is using 90 degree FOV instead of the normal 50 used in most FPS and you can see the increased awareness that gives. Looking to forward to that aside from the stupid weapon-holding positions Of course this is yet another thing that would work nicely on the mouse-wheel... Stupid non-analog keyboard and mouse *shakes fist* Haven't BFS already stated that their will be free-look? If so that at least partially helps mitigate the issue.
  14. Health System [Medics?]

    Just wondering if you'd considered temporary incapacitation in any form or another, including for example being knocked prone, stunned or even briefly knocked unconscious from and otherwise superficial injury. I'm not saying this should be a common occurance just that it might be neat to see now and then, espeically with concussive forces like HE going off nearby but not fatally so. I'm all for immobilisation btw - especially given the team-switch concept. Obviously that won't apply to Sky Gods - but I'm sort of assuming that much of the rest of this forum is cross-relevant. As a sub-topic of this player aid to maintain fighting ability (however temporary it may be) what are your thoughts on aided movement (e.g. dragging, fireman's lift or aided walking) and team actions based on cooperative movement (like the MGSO/Splinter Cell-esque aided climbing)? Thats sort of semi-off topic really - but it relates to our ability to cope with crippling injuries by relying and cooperating with our team.
  15. Modern Tech Demo

    Looks a bit like CryEngine Lite.