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  1. Original GR in Arma 3 Campaign

    OMFG Ive been waiting for PROPER GR1 ORG to be remade in Unity/UE4/Arma 3 engine
  2. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Ubisoft Wildlands on sale at JBHIFI(AUSTRALIAN STORE) for AUD$49 on Playstation/Xbox/PC Shame they have completely RUINED the Tom Clancy name/brand and ruined the ghost recon brand/name It feels more like GTA + Division + Farcry then anything Ghost Recon Don't expect more then 60fps even if you have SLI 980 GTX cards , a single GTX 1080 or single Titan GTX Heck I was getting 35-45 fps on medium/high on my R9 380 you can see benchmark here:- Yet on proper PC titles on the SAME PC :- * 72fps on VERY HIGH on Arma 3 PC * 72-90 fps on VERY HIGH on Descent Underground PC (UE4) * 80 fps on HIGH on From the Depths PC (Unity) * 72 fps on HIGH on Squads * Heck I get 90 on ULTRA on BF1 PC * 75 fps on ULTRA with almost EVERYTHING MAXED out on Doom 2016 demo using VULKAN
  3. AI work this week

    Gday Is the hosting multiplayer side of things getting fixed ? I bought a 4 pack and since it had huge issues not working , we all gave up and the 3 others uninstalled it , we went back to insurgency for the mean time Would be nice if this game even IN Alpha stage had a proper networking system before fancy textures or AI added
  4. Work-in-progress update 14 (video)

    Sounds like if someone is smart they will code a good cpu ai enemy module and sell it dirt cheap to indie devs
  5. Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta PC coop Gameplay Sad times in PC gaming is this is classed as "tom clancy" or "ghost recon" the franchise is now below the gutter in performance and gameplay and graphics quality and frame rate
  6. Raven shield + exp packs in my view was the LAST PROPER rainbow six title
  7. Support - load out room - FPS view doesnt work after TPS mode

    I use TPS view in Arma 3 in long walks , but CBQ / action change to FPS
  8. Free GR Wildlands Beta code (Beta next week) No need to buy GRFS No need to pay or pre order GRWildlands Key: DM8ZV6ANRJ6U (unlimited key, works for everyone) Redeem via * US / NA link: * UK / EU link:
  9. Sounds like instead of working on animations or AI you guys need to fix the back end multiplayer system
  10. [PC] SWATNG (next generation), a tactical police simulator

    I loved Swat 2 and 3 never bothered with 4 as at the time it seemed to be a watered down cash in port to unreal engine
  11. Support - Missing create server option in menu

    Ive tired to host a server via my Windows box (xeon), its too much frak1ng around Ive got a Linux VPS box with 1GBE internet in Sydney, no linux ded software yet When we can HOST via the CLIENT let me know now if thats going to be this year or next year id love to know I can host 7 + me on Bugbears Wreakfest + Arma 3 + project argo and Insurgency on my connection at HOME Pretty sure 3+ me on Ground Branch if it had CLIENT hosting , then my Xeon Windows box shouldnt be an issue
  12. Support - Missing create server option in menu

    I held back till Jan 2017 to back this and it still cant connect to an unranked coop session with bots is really disapointing Even with insurgency its less crap needed to get a game hosted then GB I have a feeling with snail paced progress people are going to buy into GRW instead of this Real shame
  13. Ive given up on this till its patched, mp is too much jerking around to get working BTW I dont play any PC game over 175 ping * AU to JP - 135 to 155 ping * AU to China - over 200 ping * AU to india - over 200 ping * AU to USA - 235-285 ping * AU to EU - 335-395 ping * AU to RU - 355-405 ping
  14. Support - Missing create server option in menu

    I hope it gets fixed, otherwise its 80 bucks down the tube
  15. Support - Missing create server option in menu

    Thanks Sounds like a bit of stuffing around Why cant people join midway ?