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  1. Oh man, that's such a loaded gun, it's hard to even know where to begin... I will say this: ArmA is a great sandbox tool. The sense of scale is simply unmatched in the genre. It's great for people who want to spend a ton of time scripting, editing and designing. The military counterpart - Virtual BattleSpace - is great for exactly those reasons. It's very versatile, as it is sort of the 'Jack of All Trades' platform. In my opinion, it is not a great game. The controls can be difficult, and the hit detection, physics and so forth may leave something to be desired. It certainly does not include the level of polish that you would expect from a modern game (but then again, the team designing it is nowhere near as large as you would expect). Either way, as with almost anything, it's worth giving it a shot. If anything, it'll be a learning experience. Personally, I find it to be lacking in too many areas to be worth my time. I respect it for what it does well, but I find myself always disappointed in it, for its lack of - what I refer to as - "Common Sense Design". I'm sure everyone else has an opinion, as well. And you could probably dig up some more information, using the search tool. ArmA has been discussed at length, many times.
  2. News or Updates?

    Every time I play a game with guns, I'm upset that there isn't a shooting range to train on. Honestly, it's gotten so bad to the point where I'd almost just up and buy a game that is one range filled with guns.
  3. Official Blackfoot Merchandise Travel Post

    Haha! Nice one, dude. If you can hit every major landmark in the U.S., John will see to it that you're put into the game, somehow. Now, that doesn't mean you'll be a character model or anything, but you might be the model for a corpse in one of the levels? Get to it!
  4. Rising Storm - RO HoS mod

    Someone beat you to it. I like what they're doing, though. Nice way to support the small guys.
  5. Call of Duty Black Ops announced...

    It is a really interesting time period, though I obviously dislike the Michael Bay approach. It just makes you wonder what kind of game you could get with a different team...
  6. Sometimes, a game requires an extra level of polish and attention. It doesn't mean that it's being delayed because it's bad, necessarily. Also, not launching in the same window as juggernauts the likes of Call of Duty and HALO: Reach does not make one product 'low quality'. It'd simply be suicide to go up against those games, as they are in the same category. It's very simple: Joe Consumer has 'X' amount of dollars to spend on 'Y' product. Also, in this day-and-age, you can use that same formula for 'free time'. When you think about it that way, it's simple to see why games are being pushed back, nowadays. Frankly, I'm kind of glad. Having 20 games to buy in the Fall was becoming stressful. Now, we have a solid release schedule, all-year-round. Either way, who knows about this new game. It could be kind of fun for co-op. It could also be a total mess. Time will tell, I suppose. I'm still cautiously optimistic, as I had a lot of fun playing GRAW co-op.
  7. Red Dead Redemption

    Eh, that's a bit of rhetoric, really. 'Casual' is exactly like the lock-on mechanic found inGTA. I actually prefer this, to be honest. Being able to 'snap' between multiple targets feels more believable than 'dragging' your arms. I'm a fan. You're not. Simple as that.
  8. Red Dead Redemption

    I disagree. Normal is quite good (and realistic) for fast target acquisition. If you want an automatic kill shot, you still have to navigate to the head, neck or heart. It's especially handy when you're hunting fast-moving animals on horseback (riding and shooting isn't the easiest thing to do). I haven't tried 'casual', but the normal mechanic is similar to GTA. I'll try casual just to see what it's like. I work that day, but I get off early. I'll see you then. Enjoy the SP while I'm working, and we'll jump into MP around 2PST.
  9. Red Dead Redemption

    You're totally right. It's more like $90 awesome, or $120 awesome. This game is a steal at $60, man. And to even lump it into the same category a those other games really is an insult to the creators. Jump in. $45 (add to cart to see). (PS3 version)
  10. Red Dead Redemption

    Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God. OH. MY. GOD. OH! MY GOD!!!!! Okay, let's just say... ...let's just say that went according to plan... Also, you just look at the map and judge based on how fast the train travels (you can see the train icon on the map at any time).
  11. Red Dead Redemption

    I just hogtied a man who was too rough with the whores. I then proceeded to carry him to the nearest railroad track, where he awaits executing by train. I'll let you know what happens in about...oooooohhh...six minutes.
  12. Call of Duty Black Ops announced...

    MICHAEL BAY!!!!!!!!!
  13. Red Dead Redemption

    I got my cute little 'Special Edition' foil and cardboard sleeve, with a download voucher for the (awesome) soundtrack and for one of the downloadable costumes. All for $44 shipped, overnight. Deal of a lifetime... I think the UK is having a 'Limited Edition' package similar to the GameStop-exclusive 'Special Edition'. The UK LE is supposed to include all downloadable costumes and so forth. Seems like the way to go, if you're buying in the EU. Either way, you need this game. Well, I played non-stop for 11 hours. Time for sleep.
  14. Red Dead Redemption

    Elaborate? Well... Imagine being transported into the American West, circa 1911. Imagine a living, breathing, incredibly realistic world. Imagine all of your dreams coming true at once. That is Red Dead Redemption. It looks fine, and it runs at 720p, natively. Stop worrying about what Internet says. Given your attitude, your constant bitter comments towards me and so forth, I'm reluctant to spend time with this post, considering it takes away from my playing. But what the hell: I'm a nice guy. The Story So Far I spent the better part of my (virtual) day hunting. It happened by accident, as it should -- everything is procedural. The scent of my dead, skinned buck attracted coyotes. I quickly slaughtered and skinned them. Upon leaving my bloody hunting grounds, I ran into a bandit who had murdered a poor, innocent black man. He was kicking his body and looting it. I pulled my rifle on him and he went for his revolver, saying something about how he didn't want no trouble from me. I put a shell right into his heart. Dead as a doornail. The poor black man had already been killed. I took both of their belongings, seeing as how they wouldn't be needing them from there on out. After meeting the sheriff and accompanying him on a mission, I decided to explore and hunt some more. Killed me a nice pack of wolves, along with a Ram of some sort. The scent attracted all species of wild dogs, as well as a cougar. I nearly bit the dust, there. Having collected my pelts, I made my way to a campfire. Two prospectors were telling tales about some dumb fool, who done come off the train to take down Bill Williamson. That dumb fool was me. But I didn't care none, seeing as how they were just two fine young men. I left their campfire and made way to a house I spotted along the way. Upon reaching the house, I met a rancher, hiding behind a rock. His ranch had been overrun by bandits, and they were fixin' to rape his only daughter. Not on my watch. We fought our way into the house. I made short work of every hood and hired hand. Exit wounds aplenty. Upon entering the bedroom, the head bandit had the woman on the ground, and uttered only a syllable before I sent him to hell. The back of his head popped open like a ripe melon, spraying the wall with brilliant red. His body slid down the wall, and the woman screamed. After looting their bodies, I made my way back to town. From a distance, I heard gunfire and saw a band of horses. As soon as I reach the entrance, I see what has transpired. A group of hoods had hog-tied and were dragging a poor woman out into the desert -- god only knows what fate had in mind for her. Not on my watch. I make my own fate, and I ain't about to let a couple of hoods have their way with some poor woman. I chase them down to the railroad tracks, and free-aim headshot every single one of them; that is, except for the leader -- I shoot him in the neck. As he reaches for his neck, he falls off of the horse, and is dragged by the stirrups. Once he's loose, he gets up to his knees, and I land a round into his eyes. Brilliant red. The woman unties herself and thanks me, as a few townspeople show up on horseback, late to the party. Feeling like a hero, I trot my horse into town. But my work is never done. There's a man gone mad, who's got himself a whore on the ground. "Yew stupid ######! I'll cut you a new one!" The woman screams for help, and I jump from my horse. As I draw my pistol, he either looks like he's going to pull back to dig into that girl, or to put his knife away. Either way, he ######ed up. I shot him in the leg, and he collapsed onto the ground. I walked up behind him, and watched him pathetically crawl a bit. The woman thanked me, as she retreated into the cathouse -- said I was welcome to a freebie. I end him, right then and there. His hat barely covers up the soup that used to be his brains. He's an example. I will civilize this land.
  15. Red Dead Redemption

    PS3 Special Edition is now being enjoyed. Oh my god... I haven't even killed anyone, yet... Hello, all-time favorite game, ever. How are you? What's that? There's no point to other video games anymore? I agree.