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  1. BFS Forum Theme

    I've done some fixes, so let me know if anything else is broken/unreadable. I already know about the wonky search box and will work to fix that.
  2. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    I am really getting tired of reading the same argument, for what has it been? 15 years now? Get over it people.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    There is a single player campaign; the first minute of the trailer is from it.
  4. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    *shurg* I'm still having fun with it.
  5. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    The original Ghost Recon is 16 years old. Time to let go don't ya think? Or should we wait for 20 years?
  6. Greetings,

    After the forum update, my signature has grown a lot as the text editor won´t allow for smaller distance than what is currently displayed.
    Sadly, I can´t open the respective options (it loads forever when clicking on "Signature").
    Can you look into that and/or delete my signature?

    Also, when trying to PM you the field for the actual text stayed greyed out, hence I have to write a public message.

    (Win 10, Firefox 47)

    Thanks in advance,


    1. zaziki78


      Solved, Firefox got stuck on updates yonks ago.

  7. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    People really need to disconnect the Tom Clancy and Ghost Recon/R6 branding parts of the recent Ubi titles and look at just the games themselves. The Division and Wildlands have been a lot of fun for me. When I want that old school feeling I know exactly what game to play.
  8. Game Screenshot Thread

  9. Ground Branch Videos

    Was just listening to some mission audio from back in the GR1 days the other night, and it's amazing how much better voice comms quality has gotten. Fun games today.
  10. Forum Upgrade Completed

    @zoog Fixed.
  11. Forum Upgrade Completed

    Upgrade complete. Some Images, Quotes, Video Embeds etc may be broken for awhile but the board should fix those on it's own in the background.
  12. Forum Upgrade Completed

    Please be aware the forums will be down for upgrade at 1PM EDT tomorrow, 2/22/17. The downtime should hopefully only be an hour or so. Thanks. Upgrade complete.
  13. Ladybug kisses

    I fixed the link the main post. Sorry for your loss Kris.
  14. Their problem was the game wasn't that good. The MP, COOP and AI in the current build of GB is better than what they released as a "finished" product.
  15. Star Citizen

    The whole thing is being crowd funded, so the prices of the ships are your way of pledging. It won't be that expensive on launch. All the ships will be purchasable for in-game currency at some point.