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  1. Was just listening to some mission audio from back in the GR1 days the other night, and it's amazing how much better voice comms quality has gotten. Fun games today.
  2. @zoog Fixed.
  3. Upgrade complete. Some Images, Quotes, Video Embeds etc may be broken for awhile but the board should fix those on it's own in the background.
  4. Please be aware the forums will be down for upgrade at 1PM EDT tomorrow, 2/22/17. The downtime should hopefully only be an hour or so. Thanks. Upgrade complete.
  5. I fixed the link the main post. Sorry for your loss Kris.
  6. Their problem was the game wasn't that good. The MP, COOP and AI in the current build of GB is better than what they released as a "finished" product.
  7. The whole thing is being crowd funded, so the prices of the ships are your way of pledging. It won't be that expensive on launch. All the ships will be purchasable for in-game currency at some point.
  8. No it is not. Point shooting is still there. Use the mouse wheel to scroll between aimed down sights and point shooting.
  9. Or better yet. Merged.
  10. Wow, they didn't even try to hide it. That's amazing, and just you wait people are going to say GB ripped it off from them.
  11. I'm running a 390, with the latest Crimson 16.1.1 beta drivers. No problems here.
  12. The very first "trailer" for The Division clearly showed the game wasn't going to be realistic, so to be surprised over 2 years later? It was all there in their obviously staged "gameplay" footage; the cover system, the perks, the skills, the healing, the hit markers etc. Not to mention the last bit of the tagline of "Online | Open World | RPG". Again I have no love for Ubisoft, but it's not their fault if people are lumping The Division in with their other mis-leading marketing. They were clear from the start what this game was going to be.
  13. This game has never been marketed, or shown, to be anything other than an RPG in a modern miltary-ish setting. Period. It never was a tactical shooter, or "hardcore", or "realistic". If you still want to throw criticism at Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six, even though that's been beaten to death for a decade now, go for it. But to criticize this game for that? Sorry, it's your problem that you don't understand what genre this game is. And this is coming from someone who hasn't given Ubisoft a dime since GR:AW PC in 2005.
  14. When aiming; the right mouse button.