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  1. GB vs Rogue Spear

    hehehe i was just looking at some old ubisoft forum posts from 2005, many topics wanting to know if lockdown would be going back to classic rogue spear style. then 2007 same thing with vegas, and 2008 vegas 2. names like whiteknight77, deosl, crucial, dizzybone, and a few other come up plenty of times. here we are 10 years later, still looking for the light. this is what i figure to be true about ground branch. 1. its leader worked directly on rogue spear - 2. although so far its been a 7 year labor of love, he hasn't given up - 3. the team is very aware of the need and want, and are familiar with the failures of other games. ground branch wont be rogue spear, but if its of the same caliber, that will be enough for me.
  2. this topic describes pretty much 13 years of my life 2000-2013. Pacman do you remember =CAN= kermit? We still play rogue spear every now and then, but on voobly.com its an MSN replica.
  3. Firstly wow, I can't believe my 7 year wait for GB is finally drawing near, I'm excited. I can go on and on about my subject topic, but I think I'll stick with two main points on what is so instrumental to a game we all want to play, and was left out on TD. 1) Sense of community in game. Clunky. When TD launched, I wasn't able to type or talk to anyone in game, or in lobby (lobby was absolutely horrendous btw), I wasn't able to see who was in game, I wasn't able to brag about my hit percentage, or apologize for team kills because there were no after round stats. Why would I want to play a multiplayer game if i cant connect with anyone on any level whatsoever? Rogue Spear is and will forever be the gold standard to a personal gaming community. Clans knew other clans, people knew who hosted the best games, it was indeed the golden age of gaming. 2) Non-Organic tactical feeling. I applaud the effort and even enjoyed many aspects of the core gameplay in TD. The problems start when things don't flow together seamlessly, and feel clunky. Can we all just admit one thing(?) Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon were not tactical at all in many of the ways we think they were, yet all we want is that same experience again. Those games had reticles, the movement speeds were unrealistic with things like crouch running, or side strafing. Recoil was really minimal, yet getting kills was still really hard to master, and that' why we loved it, the game was simple to pick up, but so damn hard to master. Today we argue about things being "Real", well seriously, all I have to say is "real" games like ARMA and Operation Flashpoint, aren't fun, weren't fun, and will never be fun. "Real" doesn't translate to tactical, AT ALL. Clunky gameplay, results in people abandoning a game after DAY 1 (Takedown) and never looking back. What do you think BFS can learn from TD?
  4. Start another kickstarter campaign?

    This has been discussed to a great degree John and BlackFootStudios know what's in the cards for themselves in terms of finance. They decided that in their kickstarter they needed full funding to truly get Ground Branch into full production. $450,000 was the number and it was not met. That's okay though, it seems as if there is still a passion for this project, and it will not be forgotten. Though these forums aren't as active as they used to be, I guarantee you everyone who once followed and supported GB still to this day come back every once in a while to check out any updates/progress (im a perfect example of this, been supporting BFS since 2007, and I often go months/years without posting). When John tells us it's time to give it another go, we'll all spread the word once again, and give it all we got. The next kickstarter will probably not have such a low goal of $80k as you suggested (simply because it costs a lot to hire people, rent an office, etc.. and it could cause a lot of problems for John if he has our money but can't deliver a game), but as GB gets worked on underground, away from the limelight, you can be assured that John and Co. are building a greater all around strategy, and they will have more to show the world, to let the world know "Hey, you want this game!" Whether it's a new kickstarter campaign, or something else.
  5. Win8 = PC Gaming Catastrophe

    Part 1: I have been somewhat following Windows 8 development. Part 2: And this is completely how i saw it ^ incase you guys dont really understand what john meant by "storefront" heres a video of windows 8 beta, skip to about 4 minutes in i think its still a work in progress, but will still have the same pc functionality we're all familiar with, but perhaps they are throwing in this new UI, which im assuming will be an optionable setting.
  6. Win8 = PC Gaming Catastrophe

    as long as windows 8 can launch a PC game, i dont see what the big deal is. a pc's 7 key hardware components wont be changing anytime soon, so games can go on being manufactured for the pc like normal. now if this is all over "backlash" on how ######ty windows 8 will be, well then, the one question ide ask to those manufacturers who stop developing for pc is, what about the millions of us who have windows xp, vista, and 7?
  7. Plan B

    my girlfriend took plan b this morning edit: insurgency 2 dosent look fun. edit2: insurgency 1 wasnt fun. i was surprised to see that rogue spear was an "all time favorite" of the insurgency team, and that the gameplay is being decribed as "rogue spear and day of defeat." shoot... i wish. john do you think 180k is warranted for producing another source mod?
  8. Plan B

    I guess thats our fine line, in terms of a new kickstarter. Personally i think if you create a brainstorming thread this time, where we can all on a daily basis discuss how to tackle a new KS (what should be written, every detail in the video), and where we can also post our own videos the best of which will ultimately be thrown onto the new KS. Utilize us, give us tons of HQ raw ingame footage, let us give our voices and edit something amazing for you, you never know just who is great at this type of thing. There are all kinds of silent people lurking on these forums daily. In terms of the 150k goal, i think the standard $15 is a must option still, but maybe its time to start making big promises John, as in, a beta option for $30 as soon as november. Im positive most $15 pledgers would gladly bump up their pledge for that oppurtunity. Having this vision of a spotless and well thought out KS reboot, community driven, i dont think it will matter if all you offer is a few maps and a gamemode. I personally believe team adversarial will be your biggest crowd anyway. If we brainstorm as meticulously as i envision, we will execute this KS reboot with such ease. The new KS will be so mouth watering with media and hopefully $30-50 november beta option that you might just get your original $450k afterall.
  9. Plan B

    I look at the gameplay mechanics in the video's John has posted so far, and I can see it, I can see its something special, something we use to know. in the latest video, while walking around the trainyard and then in the warehouse, i could invision an enemy popping out, and then making a clean shot on them. that type of gameplay dosent exist anymore, you cant make clean shots in COD, it's all spraying and tanking bullets. same with counter strike, it often takes multiple headshots with a pistol to take down an enemy. we need to display what we're trying to achieve, as a community we need to pour our hearts and souls into this project in any way possible. i would love to personally make a video about my love for rogue spear, and refresh everyones minds about what made it great, show some in game footage of me in an intense match, and then later inform how ground branch will compare. and i would like to see someone else do the same thing except with OGR. lets all do something, lets plaster the future kick starter with well done media. and ive mentioned this before, and have already been answered, but i would truly suggest a $150k-200k kickstarter goal. however much of ground branch can be created from that... accept it and create it. for example, 2 maps and 1 game mode. if thats all 200k buys you, oh well. release it. hopefully it will spread like wildfire on steam. and you can secure enough money to add more "game" to what we've purchased, and then start on a successor to ground branch. HEY! maybe thats how we should be approaching this, ground branch being a pre-cursor to the big enchilada. a future game, in all of its tactical glory, with SP and COOP and whatever.... all funded by ground branch's success. lol skygods anyone? look... i, and everyone can see a lot of work has already been put into this game. lets come together as a community, create a well thought out kickstarter, let BFS collect their 150k+... give them a year to create a viable multiplayer tactical shooter, throw it up on steam with a $20 price tag. and watch as John and Co. become a force to be reckoned with.
  10. Plan B

    the only way to go about a plan b, assuming still unable to secure funding from a publisher. would be a second crack at kickstarter. this time, it would be a community driven event. everyone will have input on optimal timing of the kickstarter, the main video will be tediously nit-picked by OUR community before it is released into the public kickstarter. the video this time will show an immense amount of gameplay (headshots, people dying, avatar's rushing to cover, a full round of multiplayer gameplay would be optimal). if this requires more development, so be it. its what people want to see.
  11. reddit AMA... good time?

    portugal is 7 hours ahead, so yea, whiteknight is right
  12. reddit AMA... good time?

    i feel like a thursday night would be an optimal night to dedicate to such an activity
  13. Indiedb.com

    I know a lot of people who we're really rooting for that project to be successful. It dosent surprise me that the project got a lot of attention despite the fact that nobody had a clue who that developer was. I dont just suspect, i know, there is a gigantic number of people who would kill to have an exact rogue spear replica, so many people in fact it would probably put serellans community to shame. I was never a ghost recon player, but I still support GB over Takedown because I've been here since 07, and im just loyal like that. its been rather disparaging lately however, with all this kickstarter business, it seems like GB has increasingly separated itself from rainbow 6 and is now even being described as a mix of Ghost Recon and "INF" i never heard of INF, but i youtubed some video's and yeah.... its a sort of tactical game..... which dosent exist anymore. it was a major mistake in my opinion, when youre appealing to old school fans of red storm, you dont throw some ###### named "INF" into the mix, thats just my opinion. the only time you hear of r6 mentioned with GB anymore is when its followed by John's name for the fact that he worked on it. It's great for you ghost recon diehards, and i know for a fact i will love this game, but its just so frustrating because like i said, im sort of part of this underground r6 community, and only someone like me who has been in on it for over a decade, knows just how massive the numbers are for fans wanting a Rogue Spear remake... if ever one day the words "rogue" and "remake" appear on a kickstarter page, i will bet anything youde be amazed at the crazed support it would get. something along the lines of one of those ######ty zombie RPG's that are always successful making a million $ + i can only pray someday a developer will have the logic to reap the benefits of such a project, until then we have 2 awesome games to look forward to.
  14. Thoughts from a few R6 players

    @taskforcegreen you have about a year and a half to save up $350 and build a PC that will easily run GB on the UE3 engine. yes computer parts are that dirt cheap now n days. www.newegg.com
  15. Thoughts from a few R6 players

    Here's a thought I feel like letting out, so i'll just do it here. I think that all of you guys who go crazy about "tactical" and having everything "real-life" arent exactly thinking it through. I feel games in the past like ArmA and Americas Army, and Operation Flashpoint, and a few others, really tried so ######ing hard to make the game soooo ######ing complex and real that in the end their games turned out to be clunky, slow, boring peices of ######. We all talk about the Original Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear, as all time favorite tactical shooters, but reality check, those games had a lot of un-real elements that in turn just made the game a perfect mix of tactical and fun.