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  1. if your still having them, happy birthday m8
  2. basic principles apply to all weapons scope or no scope/but a designated target with a long gun generally gives you the luxury of time, preperation and concentration needed for a shot at range.. sharp shooting on the hoof when your lungs are bursting and your body is pushed to its limit is a different ball game so i would disagree with the above statement colin you need more control over body and mind to make the snap shot effective at close or medium range i hope the floating sights are used on primary weapons aswell as long guns the phsical factor is more of an issue in a firefight and steading yourself for a shot that much harder
  3. "The answer to your question "Why?", is exactly what has been discussed the last two pages. Have fun reading." nice answer..and as stated voip is a non starter imho...
  4. sound quality and armed assault linked in the same post hmmm.... anyone managed to shoot that dam cricket yet? ts works fine why overburden the game with voip. no offence to armed assault fans!
  5. about time you pulled your finger out m8
  6. the specs are good,not sure if i would want to lug them around there a bit on the large side(or does the PEO have a small head?)..the M24 varient is apparently smaller and fits in a pocket... from experence any fiddely bits sticking out break off....would it be easy to model?
  7. we have'nt scrapped the surface of possibilities for computer games and gaming...it didnt take long to go from a flying bicycle to a stealth bomber? it wont take much to bore the crap out of the younger generation i for one cant wait to see what they come up with next... personally i want a holodeck in my garage... you cannot simulate the physical and mental stress of warfare in a game when they do no one will want to play..
  8. another opportunity missed what a great place to build a prison???
  9. entertaining... the things some people do for oil eh!
  10. will see what i can do but i aint wearing those pointy toed slippers for no one
  11. how many shareholders do BFS have ? is that an option given the approx total amount needed? if you produce the game we hope for, i would certainly be interested in investing ....provided i got a free t shirt!
  12. only if its snowing m8
  13. lo m8 how r ya?
  14. surely you must go swiss? http://www.vectronix.ch/files/VECTOR_brochure_EN.pdf with the transient state of weaponry and the future weapons programme linking all and sundry on the battlefield the simple pair of bins has come along way, the capability to show commanders/planners what your looking at in realtime with precise co-ordinates will unite the poor sod in a forward position with all the support assets available 20-30k away, aswell as his buddy 20mtrs down the line who cant see the sniper 3 cliks right of lone tree at his one oclock...traditional ways of view are all but extinct unless your bird watching? a picture speaks a thousand words
  15. i remember it well colin .. it just shows even when you do have all the support assets available to you and your in your own front yard things can go very wrong indeed... there were a few unanswered questions at the time and yes they did change sop,s ..one thing that should never be allowed on the battlefield is complacency..just to highlight an incident from more recent history two royal marine commando's strapped a gunship to there belts and flew in to retrive thier fallen comrade left behind after a particularly fierce firefight a measure of the strength of feeling amongst our servicemen.