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  1. The Dead Lands - A cool movie about Maori's!

    Welcome to NZ. Its a good film right? The director has been filming a move about the Iranian embassy siege. Should be good.
  2. Looking for animator

    Tried asking around polycount or the like? Also, I think indie DB is a good idea, it gives you the option to list it as a paid position or not. I will ask the animators at work. I wouldn't hold my breath though. We seem to always be in crunch :'(
  3. New Codemasters OFP coming...

    I didn't really buy into the initial hype of the first one, but I was gifted it for christmas and I was plesently suprised when I played it. Sure there were some annoyances, but overall I quite enjoyed it. And from that dev diary, it looks and sounds like they have improved it quite a bit. Looking forward to it.
  4. next Rainbow Six announced...

    haha, will put it out there if I get the chance.
  5. next Rainbow Six announced...

    I just started as a character artist at Gameloft's Auckland studio a few weeks ago. Though I'm not working on this.
  6. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    Perhaps other then so he can point them out. Maybe he left the pouches textures white (placeholder/occlusion) to make sure he will remember to finish the texture later. Can be easy to forget things like that when its not so obviously standing out. I know I prefer to texture something all in one go. You could always colour the pictures in yourself
  7. Free Unreal 3 Developer's Kit Released

    This is awesome. Some friends and I have been looking at making a mod using UT3 as the base for awhile now. With the news of this though, it's seems like we could do something that would be more widely recognized in the industry. As well as being able to turn a buck or two if our game ended up being successful. Also. The fact that its the most up to date version means we get access to all the new tech. The global illumination is my favorite new feature at the moment. It looks so good when comparing old UT3 levels with same ones in the UDK. Whoo!
  8. John's Mystery job revealed!

    That's bad ass dude. Sounds like it will be an awesome experience. Congrats.
  9. John's personal portfolio

    Great stuff John, quite a few things I hadn't really seen before. I really enjoyed looking at the futuristic doors/art test object, as well as the motion capture and the turntable movies. I think the wood on the turntable base doesn't quite look right, maybe its because it doesn't have as much detail as everything else around it. Anyway, good work John. Can't wait to see more awesome work from you!
  10. Gaming Mice

    I have the same thing. Great Combo. The pad is excellent, more then enough space and is thin enough that I can put it under my keyboard, without much of a difference in height, if I am running low on space. I love the G5, I have tried a few others, but I really do prefer the size and texture of the G5. For gaming it rules and it's also nice to not have to move my arm all over the place when I am working (in 3D). I only really need to move my hand a few centimeters to span across my two 22" monitors. I also find it more precise for selecting verts, edges and such as well. I would say it speeds up work flow quite a lot, I use a standard dell mouse (with no pad!) at Uni and its a lot slower and harder to make do with. If I had more money, I would probably buy a second copy of the same setup, just to carry around in my bag to use when not at home. Should put it on my Xmas wish list.
  11. Does Rainbow Six: Iron Wrath work in Vista 64bit?

    Tried to do the same thing a few months ago, I got the same error about the language thing. Sure enough I just thought it was because I downloaded the wrong one, being from a non-US country. And I forgot to try downloading the UK English one as I had run out of bandwidth that month. But yeah, it is interesting to find out it could have been a vista or 64bit issue (can’t remember if I was running vista then or not, but I was definitely running a 64 bit OS). Looking forward to hearing a result, I may just have to put some research into this myself.
  12. Business question about mods

    Awesome idea. Could maybe try marketing it to educational facilities and such also. We have animation coming up in the next quarter, would probably be really cool to actually get to use some motion capture, and it could be quite beneficial for us to know how to use motion captured animation when we go out looking for jobs next year. Though the school might not be walling to put up the cash right now. If you want I could talk to the tutor's to see if there would be any interest in it and if it would be a possibility? Another thing that could be a good business venture is having motion capture packs, similar to the movie files and such found on So, the packs would have the more common and basic movements and actions that would be found in games and animation such as walking, running, picking up objects, weapon animations etc. Maybe break them up a bit more by using different actors and such. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this.
  13. Dev movie - Animation

    Those are both really awesome to see. I wish I could offer some critique but animation really isn't my speciallity, I haven't really played with motion builder or motion capture yet either. But speaking of which how are you finding Motion builder? I've heard of a few studios deciding to ditch it and just stick to using Maya for animation purposes. I am interested in hearing your view on it. Keep it up.
  14. District 9 Trailer

    I saw it on the weekend. Awesome film. Well worth the money and I am considering going to see it again, which doesn't happen very often. A few of my friends are at Weta and they worked on it, so am looking forward to catching up with them and getting some insight to the CGI and such. See it when you get the chance.
  15. VOIP in game or external program

    I agree that the voice comm quality in AA3 are top notch. There are a few issues, like the server I play on, when it changes map the voice comm becomes global and you can hear the other team. In saying that though, the game is pretty buggy as a whole and usually I am quite sure that you can't hear the dead, you can mute other players and such things that really are a benefit to have them built in as opposed to being a stand alone application.