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  1. Red Dead Redemption

    Man that's heartbreaking. The best we can hope for, then, is that the majority of the game is finished and that all that is left is QA and bug squashing, which those remaining/newly hired should be able to handle with no problem. If, however, there are major features still unfinished then the end product could be a huge disappointment.
  2. Mass Effect 2

    Another demo which doesn't spoil much. I'm digging the changes to the interior of The Normandy. Seems I might actually do something between missions besides talking to my teammates.
  3. Mass Effect 2

    Gamespot's demo/interview looked great. I'm still playing through Mass Effect 1 and if they considered combat in that to be too easy then, damn, this sequel should be quite the challenge! Between the animations and the improved combat mechanics, I can't see any possible way for this game to disappoint. Dare I say the story may actually turn out to be the weakest part of this Bioware title?!?
  4. Bad Company 2

    Announcing Squad Deathmatch is a brilliant move on EA-Dice's part. What better way to draw some of the competitive players' attention away from MW2? That jungle level looked pretty sweet, too. Sorta reminiscent of Battlefield: Vietnam which was vastly underrated, imo.
  5. Bad Company 2

    Hmm. Don't think I heard any cursing during that footage. Anyways, good to see the Bradley fighting vehicle get some love. That was, by far, my favorite vehicle in the Project Reality BF2 mod.
  6. Red Dead Redemption

    The preview looks fantastic. Can't wait to gun down some outlaws with my trusty Winchester. I'm torn on whether to buy a PS3 or to wait out the extra 6 months or so that it will take to come to PC. On one hand I hate shooting mechanics on consoles. On the other hand, this game would look gorgeous on my HDTV.
  7. Mass Effect 2

  8. Mass Effect 2

    Just watched the voice cast trailer and I've got to repeat that Bioware are fantastic when it comes to this sort of thing. Martin Sheen, Tricia Helfer, Keith David, Carrie-Anne Moss, Michael Dorn, Adam Baldwin, etc. I really admire that at least half of the voice cast were involved in cult classic sci-fi television shows. (One could easily play "7 Degrees to Keith David" with the combined voice casts of Mass Effect 1 & 2.) That aside, other trailers show that the game is looking great. Graphics look tight with sharp textures and more cinematic camera/lighting effects, animations are head and shoulders over its predecessor with combat looking much more fluid, and the revamped classes look phenomenal. Hell, I know Bioware is doing something right when even the engineer class looks kickass!
  9. Mass Effect

    Great value for the money on Steam and through other online sources right now. I'm playing through it and loving it. It does have some of the same issues which I had with Bioware's similar "Knights of the Old Republic" titles, but if you know what you're paying for, it's hard to find fault. My biggest gripe is how claustrophobic it feels in spite of essentially taking place in outer space. In other words, it's a bit more linear than one might have wished. Still, I think it strikes a perfect balance between RPG and shooter in a big way. (Borderlands failed to do this in my opinion). I wanted something that wasn't quite as involved as Dragon Age, but could stil qualify as a RPG. Mass Effect most certainly delivers. On top of that, you get all of the quality voice acting and writing for which Bioware is renowned. One tip I would share is if you begin playing as a certain class and aren't having much fun, mix it up with a hybrid class. I was an infiltrator (sniper) my first time around and was getting bored. I then switched over to Vanguard (telekinetic/soldier hybrid) and haven't looked back since. Lifting enemies with telekinesis and then blasting them with a shotgun shot before they land is pretty damn cool. Bottom line: If you're familiar with KOTOR and Bioware in general and are willing to open your mind to the hybrid shooter/RPG gameplay and are willing to immerse yourself in Mass Effects' different (but largely derivative world), then there's no good reason not to pick it up; especially with Mass Effect 2 just around the corner allowing save game transfers.
  10. Rogue Warrior surfaced

    IGN review gave it a 1.5 out of 10. The scary thing is that these are the same people developing the Alien vs. Predator game.
  11. Bad Company 2

    Sounding awesome, fellas. Considering how busy I'm going to be over the holidays, I'm actually kinda glad the PC beta got pushed back.
  12. Red Dead Redemption

    Looks great. All I own is a Wii as far as consoles go but I might buy a PS3 for this if I have to!
  13. Bad Company 2

    During my daily casual browse of the PS3 Open Beta forums here , it seems there's a fair number of people who are also bothered by the language. March is still quite a ways off so maybe they'll make cursing optional. Warning: The vast majority of posts on the Open Beta forums are baseless complaints, poorly written, and largely idiotic.
  14. Bad Company 2

    more beta footage....good god the sound effects are awesome
  15. WH40K: Dawn of War II

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 'nuf said