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  1. Call of Duty: WWII

    I wont bother with any COD game until they bring back three things that are totally irrelevant to the gameplay but make the game at the same time. 1. PC server browser 2. Dedicated servers 3. Anticheat/moderator abilities to police servers (PB bans, punkbuster, kick, ban, etc...)
  2. Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta PC coop Gameplay

    I got bored, with people and without. The game is at least to me sorely lacking in game-play, I find that most of the systems in place are either toggled on or off by simple criteria and you'll overly informed about pretty much everything... luckily I'm only out 34.99 and will probably get that much enjoyment out of it. Enemies are either triggered on or they stay off patrolling a pattern. When on the hive mind, no matter what the tango's position in relation to your position seem to know your whereabouts no matter if you sniped that guy from 10ft or 200m. I haven't evaluated on if they track you after relocating because most of the time they rush you in waves till they are all pretty much dead. Your squadmates (AI or human) will always let you know via-automated voice overs about enemy positions, and especially if "He heard the body drop" to allow you to keep the AI from triggering. Despite you flying a drone and having no visibility on some tangos in the camp they can somehow sense an enemy's position and spoon feed you intel "two guards by the gate" while its fantastic they can get that specific on voice overs why on earth did they also include a minimap that basically color coats an area until you spot every guy in that "mystic" cloud of danger. Driving: It seems like there's a single speed point in which your car goes from steering fine and then when you go past it your car slides more than a rally car drifting around a dirt bend it doesn't degrade by iteration it's pretty much go past X = slide like ice... Motorcycle driving is even more moronic IMO considering your guy is glued (yes glued) to the seat and is able to stay upright on a motorcycle that's literally hitting a mostly vertical rock face at 30mph and still ride right on over it, don't get me started on how the motorcycle can bounce sideways and still your guy's ass is in control and upright... Helicopter controls are somewhat simple to allow people to fly, though I'm not sure their controls are described properly or are function the way they intended. shift + W,S,A,D is supposed to pitch the helicopter that way, Shift + A,D seem to work fine (not tried Shift + S)... Shift W seems to drop the helicopter out of the sky but its supposed to be the way to increase your helicopters speed and it somewhat works but you have to let go of the W key to stop from crashing into the ground and your helicopter reverts to its slow speed even if holding shift afterwards, the space-bar+W control alternative seems to work as intended retaining the speed and the last altitude... Plane controls are badly simplified, no rudder control IIRC to make slight alignment adjustments on flight paths horrendous...
  3. Sten Mk 2 [parts kit]

    I see, your main concern is night blindness from the flash and a suppressor would provide that + sound reduction. Understandably frustrating that suppressors along with SBR's being regulated so harshly when they are less dangerous than a standard 16" barrel and suppressors don't turn people into ninja assassins. Jumping back to the topic at hand though, I went and test fired it today and aside from one magazine that didn't feed correctly at all it shot pretty much flawlessly (excluding operator error: inserted the magazine partially) through 89 rounds. I found using the video game/Movie "grip" (hand on the magwell) I tended to shoot to the right a bit at a 100yards though I'd still hit a person size target in their side/shoulder. Shooting it with the supporting hand on the heat shield was much more productive towards hitting the target.
  4. Sten Mk 2 [parts kit]

    Cpl Ledanek, you may want to check out what Snowfella suggested, many different types even something like this below. Kineti-Tech Muzzle Brake with Concussion/Redirector Sleeve
  5. Sten Mk 2 [parts kit]

    yeah, it's a work around by avoiding NFA categories thanks to our convoluted firearms laws. Keep in mind that even with the 16" barrel it has to be above 26" in Overall length (it measures 28" with the pistol grip/16" barrel) otherwise it would again fall under jurisdiction of the NFA under the Any Other Weapon category and requires a tax stamp.
  6. Sten Mk 2 [parts kit]

    which part the simi-auto part, the pistol part, parts count, etc...? Simi-auto bolt Building it as Pistol with a rifle conversion kit is just stupid ######ery to avoid creating a short barreled rifle, the ATF/courts are the jackasses that ruled that once a rifle its always a rifle which if converted would require a tax stamp as a SBR, though as a pistol it is fine as long as you don't mix the two "kits" ATF pistol to rifle conversion letter
  7. Sten Mk 2 [parts kit]

    Just finished rebuilding a Sten Mk2 into a simi-auto pistol. Though I didn't capture any photos of the build in progress sadly. I built it as a pistol (9" barrel/pistol grip), and also have a "rifle conversion" kit (16" barrel/original skeleton stock) as pictured below... I plan on building a wooden fixture for the first test-fire just in case Mr. Murphy shows up.
  8. DOOM 4

    I've bought quite a few games from them cdkeys*com through paypal with no issues. Doom's single-player is an excellent refreshing taste of Doom (1993) and unlike the latest versions of its installment that pigeonhole you to the role of space janitor scared for his life, this Doom marine has you in the role of pushing Hell's sphincter back in without lube. Sadly its multiplayer is Peer2Peer trash with lag hits galore which if you were to compare it to UT4 would be an insult to UT4's netcode and server structure.
  9. Is jumping really necessary?

    the one thing that always irritated me about Raven Shield vs Urban Ops was the lack of clambering. Even though Urban Ops was hard-coded to certain objects, in Raven shield it was the stairs/ladder/ramp or nothing... Want to climb into the lowered tailgate of a truck infront of you to gain a height advantage? too bad unless someone codes in an invisible ladder or a "board ramp" up to it... Maps like the Subway where you could crouch in between the tracks/boarding platform became untenable due to the lack of functionality in Raven shield because you'd have to run to the ends of the platform to climb out 3 options were available here in TC Rogue Spear 1. Climb ladder 2. Take the stairs 3. Clamber up the side of stairs 3 Options were available in the same setting in TC Raven shield 1. Climb ladder 2. Take the stairs 3. stare at the side of the stairs in frustration. Hopefully these four options will be availalbe 1. Climb ladder 2. take the stairs 3. Clamber up the side of stairs 4. When oversight leads to failing to code the stairs for clambering a "Slow jump" can solve the deficiency or in more modern times hopping over the 5 inch high curb.
  10. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    I've used this site below to get Bloodbowl 2 from steam and they actually have siege at a more reasonable price, though I think it should be cheaper depending on the amount of content and the lack of a single player campaign... $37.90
  11. Something I've Never Understood About Tom Clancy Games....

    technological/hardware limitations at the time.
  12. Oh the humanity!

    just a question because I'm not to familiar on the current technology limitations but would it be possible to "reactivate" his (singular) bones from static at say pressing a button within arm reach so that network traffic could be minimized to just interacted bodies instead of them all? (theoretically?)
  13. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    The only thing I've got to say about siege is it better damn well have mod/map tools for 59.99 otherwise it's the biggest ripoff and waste of cash you can throw money at only to have them dangle more maps behind pay-walls... Seriously a MP only title at full game price, the "single" player component is Literally Lone-wolf Tango hunt as your options... they either release a map editor or they jam pack the CD(s) full of Maps, 15 or more like in the old days or this games unique feature will be explicitly its hefty price tag and another quick flop...
  14. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    so essentially its a MP only game... marketed at... oh yeah 59.99 UBI: We'll rip the ###### off of counterstrike for everything except the price, we'll sell you half a game for full price... Counter Strike Global Offensive: $15.00. Counter Strike Ubisoft Edition: $59.99
  15. Burst Fire: Rainbow Six Siege Competition

    well from the looks of it they do allow you to customize your weapon with optics at least, and strafing is much slower than R6:Sieges alpha...