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  1. Why not donate directly to the charity involved instead of a third-person using a crowd funding campaign? Seems kind of like self promotion to me. Am I missing something here? I wonder what percentage of the charity goes to "Ensuring Safe and Legal Abortion."
  2. Led, no more cat videos until YOU create a spreadsheet yourself. Your assignment is due Friday before 5PM.
  3. Apparently there is a movie for this that just came out. Saw it listed on Netflixy, or was it Amazonian? Anyhow... tried to watch it, too much unnecessary violence for my taste. In my experience movies that have to do that don't have a worthwhile story or "message". Will probably be popular with the kids though.
  4. Seems like a well-priced deal to me. Good luck.
  5. Isn't there some kind of grip-style difference between American and European handguns? From what I notice glock/beretta/FN have more of an angled grip, where a lot of the American designed guns (1911/XD are more perpendicular to the bore. Been my experience that people like one or the other, not both. As for triggers, it seems to me that is the second most changed item on a handgun. The most changed item being irons.
  6. I think I recognize my crew from WOT there. Looks like how I aim as well....
  7. Don't forget to have a mag loaded with anti-zombie...
  8. Sean Penn and Jane Fonda are actually the same person... psych! Actually, I see some similarities between the two of them. That is what I was inferring.
  9. Tracked down and found using an opportunity provided by an unwitting Jane Fonda. Love it.
  10. Great, thanks Led. Now I can't operate a motor vehicle or heavy equipment for the next five minutes... I will be able to see clearly again shortly....
  11. Merry Christmas All Y'all.
  12. Personally I have found MUCH better experience using an Ethernet cable as opposed to a wifi connection. Just one example of the many small things that contribute to laaaaaaag.
  13. THAT is the one. I loved the ACOG in that game. It had an EXACT replication of the mil-dot reticule of my ELCAN, For a lot of reasons that game was not very playable but I agree, it left me with some promise for the future. The chopper ride sealed the deal for me and left me waiting for more. Now when I see videos like this about Wild Lands I think about that game.
  14. Seems to hint at what Operation Flashpoint SHOULD have been. I forget what Flashpoint game it was but in one mission you could snatch the chopper and fly all around the island. Unfortunately it was not populated with enemies.... What is the target release date again?
  15. Its like a "swimsuit" version but for Led.