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    I watched them all three, and you should do too, the effect of the last vid will be much greater
  3. Player Outfits

    We're back to the start (circle discussion) We won't have IFF reticule or floating names to reconise who is who. So player outfits are the only way left to reconise teammates by name. I don't wan't every teammate look the same, no clone soldiers plz! You should be able to custumise yourself in the player profile menu. Select boots, tac vest, holster, gloves, long sleeves, rolled up sleeves, t-shirt, headgear, goggles ... Just have enough options to look diffent enough. (Faces and headgear are important) Than when you join a server the server automaticly assigns the camo pattern (set in the options of the server) for the teams BDU. So every teammember in your team has than the same camo BDU (vest and trouwsers) the camo of the gear should stay the same as set in the player profile menu. There also should be a checkbox in the player profile to ALLOW the server to overwrite the gear camo (for instance the camo of: boonie, tac vest, helmet cover,...) to the assigned server camo . This is because someone could prefer a kaki green tac-vest over a camo tac-vest. So you have again some more outfit variations in your team but the BDU (vest and trouwsers) of your teammates should be all the same camo. And for the players that want their gear camo automaticly match with the assigned server camo. This is what I mean with BDU (vest and trouwsers). Only this camo should be overwritten by the server so every team has a distinctive camo.
  4. Weapon actions

    What do you mean by that? I read somewhere else on this forum that you can drop gear to the ground and that you can pick it up later again. So that doesn't count for droppmagazines than? I would be interesting to be able to pick up magazines from friendly and enemy forces cause I read on the forum that there only be a couple of supply points throughout the campaign.
  5. Hehe If you don't know what to buy for her anniversary maybe some cool fluffly pink ear muffs
  6. With goggles on you have more mobility and more tactical awareness than with a NV scope mounted on a weapon. But with NV goggles on you can't aim properly (or at all) with an assault rifle. That's why a NV weaponsight is more handy for aiming and shooting. My guess is that GB will use the PVS-14 since it's the most used and most popular NV sight. It's a monocular wich has the advantage that the user can retain his night adapted vision in one eye while the other looks through the PVS-14 eyepiece. You have the ability to mount it on head, helmet and use it as a weapon sight. And the PVS-14 can also be mointed behind daylight optics like Acog, Aimpoint and EO Tech Systems. If we have the PVS-14 in GB and because of the (dis)advantages it has where you mount it, will we have the abillity to mount it anywhere midgame like say on helmet to go to the target then take it off and use it as a weaponsight to assault? In team a couple of players could have it mounted on their helmet for more tactical awereness while a couple of other have it on their rifle to take out threats.
  7. Idea for gameplay

    Not at GRAW level and I don't want that in GB. But that about the laptop is true and used today. They stay in touch with HQ, they receive info and pictures of the region and can use satelite imagery. Offcourse you wouldn't open up a laptop while mid combat!!. They gather as much intel as they can and then they make a plan and then they excecute the plan and exfiltrate. The laptop is only used to share intel between operators and HQ. In GB the laptop could be used as an interactive briefing (for more immersion) could be part cutscene (just like the Helo insertion in GR where you could look around in the chopper).The part I explained about the teammembers gathering around the teamleader's laptop and the teamleader that controls the laptop. He starts up the laptop receives info from HQ he can look up and download all info use sattelite imagery and make a battleplan then the teammembers can make personal notes on their paper map or sketch of the area. Then teamleader puts laptop away. And then the mission starts. This is a bit more imersive than sitting in the lobby where you can't do anything but chatting. Perhaps I had to explain that a bit more in detail earlier.
  8. Idea for gameplay

    That crosscom technolgy that we know from GRAW series is a great concept and is succesfull for that game. And find it brilliant. I remember that players wanted helmet cams just like in SWAT and players arguing about soulswitching. Soulswitching wasn't realy realistic but was verry helpfull to micromangage your squad. And the players wanted all that then that concept of crosscom was born. But I find this concept to unrealist to fit GB and I don't want that GB turns out in GRAW3. Some of those things could make it in GB. SF teams carry a laptop with them to download satelite imagery of the area. Some even have a small controllable aircraft or drone to do recon of an area. Now imagine this. You insert on a map and teamleader gathers everyone around him and his laptop cause he'll want to gather some information about the area. Teamleader connects to a satelite and the imagery shows on screen. Teamleader can zoom in and out etc... Teammembers around him that look at the laptop screen can now press "perform action" key to have a full screen. Each teammember has a standard map or sketch of the area where they can take personal notes on with a pencil. For instance teamleader spots a machine gun nest then the teammembers can take note on their sketch/map of the area. Now we go one step further and use a drone. Teamleader starts up laptop while a teammember unloads the drone out of his backpack and prepare him for launch. Teamleader connects to drone and controls him. He can see what the drone is seeing and flies over the area of interest to gather information. This could be a great feature for coop tounaments, specialy if the mission takes place on an all new map. I remember in BadAzzDanes cup that their was a mission split in two parts. First mission was to recon the place. You didn't have any information before enterring. Then the surving members of that recon mission shared the intel with the rest of the team and then mission two started. Now we go one step further and use helmet cams. Only realistic way to me today with helmet cams is that a teamleader with a laptop can monitor all his teammembers on screen from a safe place and give them commands via comms. This could be great for the teamleader to coordinate an attack or whatever, as he has a total overview of the situation and knows exactly what's going on. If you go past this and give every member a small display device to switch cams between teammates you'll almost have GRAW. Give every teammember a monocular (crosscom) and it's exactly like GRAW. And I realy don't want that! I can only agree with what Zoog said.
  9. Idea for gameplay

    Most of the things you mentioned were in the GRAW series. Teammembers having helmet cams and you could give commands from that players view. Although it were great features most of the OGR fans didn't like the advanced warfighter stuff, they wanted to go back to basics (OGR). If it wouldn't bare the name Ghost Recon GRAW wouldn't have been bashed that lot cause on it's own it's a great game, they should 've called it simply "Advanced Warfighter".
  10. CS or Lean?

    http://www.blackfootstudios.com/forums/ind...amp;#entry48745 Thank you And your additions and personal comfort are well tought too great additions! Interesting link about the 3Dconnexion device. I imediately saw it infront of me, the 3Dconnexion device in you're left hand to control all body movements and your mouse for shooting. Had a look on retailers site http://www.3dconnexionstore.com/home.asp to see if they had any device with buttons attachet to it so you don't have to put you're hand of the device to use the keyboard keys. And they have one with 15programmable buttons that would be enough, the Space explorer. It's quite expensive and doesn't fit in my budget! And like tunabreath said with a mouse in one hand the device in the other and headtracking you have total control over everything! The device definatly has some gaming potential if it has some buttons around it to to replace keyboard. But now it's to expensive. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Offtopic: This comes from their site I don't know what that license is all about. Both devices support well over 100 applications so why pay that extra $40??
  11. How may prone positions should there be?

    You mean that when in prone position the character is like an ironboard? Yes I find that annoying to. The character should have some body flex so the body bends nicely on the terrain while prone.
  12. Fast paced or slow paced?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36dyuS6CVXs The speeds of GR felt exactly right. Just built in inertia so the transition from running to full stop look more smooth. And also fluid speed, fluid posture and fluid peaking with mousewheel. For fluid posture (crouch to standing or vise versa) If you're crouched hold the key to stand up and use the mousewheel for fluid posture. For fluid peaking. Hold the peeking key and use mousewheel.
  13. Insertion/Extraction?

    Those would make great insertions extractions that fit GB. Also found this Seal extraction video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqqKe1AxfHk
  14. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    Cool stuff!! Specialy the character. HALO insertion woot
  15. Realistic tactics in movies

    That Video link is awesome!