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  1. What weapons do you own?

    that pic would look so much better with the top down. really nice car tho.
  2. Demographics: Age

    36 soon to be 37
  3. Team Vs. Team Games

    I personally am looking for a good fps game that you can match with. I dont play sp i dont really like campaigns i wanna see how good i am compared to the next guy, i want my team to be the best.
  4. spectater

    Hey guys, Im not really sure if this was touched on but the one thing that i dont think we should forget about is the ability to go spec . If need to go for a smoke change sides or a bathroom break.Please just give up that option i hate running around for a few mins to find out that the guys afk or we are waiting to load and the guy doesnt ready up just a small thing that i ask.
  5. Maps

    it doesnt really matter the size of the maps 500x500,800x800,or 1200x1200. The only difference is,is that it will take you that much longer to get to the fighting positions. I find it becomes a race to see who gets their first to get the kills. Unless you are the camper type that likes to take a position and hang back till the kayos is over.So with that being said the size to me only means the longer I have to run.
  6. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    Magus hugs bfs you guys are great.
  7. Deaths

    Im going with 3 on this one. A long as its not me.
  8. this will be the best game ever

    roger dat!!!!!!!! Hes going to listen to us to creat a product that everyone wants.
  9. please for the love of the game

    I agree. We need map sizes large enough that you dont run for 5 seconds and then playing catch with frags. Not to big that you are spending 3 mins just looking for guys. AHHHHHHHHH you guys know what we want anyways im sure youve read enough on other forums.