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  1. Some questions

    Do you classify R6 or Ghost Recon as being in the sim market? I personally do but just to give us some sort of frame of reference as to what a sim is for you.
  2. games after the current project

    Wow, now that does get me exited. i would absolutely love a realistic RTS game along the lines of sudden strike or close combat and maybe with a bit of Swat 2 in it, be that in modern or WW2 times. that would be super!
  3. What's ur gaming headphones?

    i was looking into buying these, do you know if they come with microphone attachment?
  4. UBI fighting to get fans back.

    grenade indicators? and thats the realistic version
  5. System Specs [formerly: Building a New PC]

    i expect it to be functional, but some nice lighting and water effects wouldnt be too much to ask, we dont want it to be ugly
  6. System Specs [formerly: Building a New PC]

    i remember a while ago there was a topic about whether to go with a more hardware intensive game but with better graphics or to go with slighlty worse graphics but a game that ran better on more low end machines what was the final decision on this?
  7. Brothers in Arms Hells Highway

    yes, i feel the same way, very cliched perfect for those who are simply looking to reenact moments and emotions from Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers but no good for the rest of us. i personally think it is better to make your own stories from your imagination such as in games like Xcom, OGR and R6, but especially Xcom in that game there was nothing but a name but you became attached to it. Everyone who played that game had there own Captain that had been with them from the start and you could fill in the blanks yourself, what we dont need is some scripted story forced down our throats, i cannot stand that
  8. Brothers in Arms Hells Highway

    well, just go on over to the gearbox forums and see for yourself it very much reminds me of the way the Clancy games went but maybe you should make your own judgement on that
  9. Brothers in Arms Hells Highway

    There are many problems with this game both in terms of actual gameplay features and in terms of the community and how it is treated its classic Ubisoft.
  10. Respawn protection

  11. Mil Dots

    I believe Armed Assault models this.
  12. 10 years of Clancy

  13. Compliance

    im not sure if this should be in the hostages thread but i agree about compliance and id love to see it implemented in a way that allowed you to shout from a seperate room without entering or seeing the enemy, not like in Swat 4 where you practically have to be aiming at them for them to respond, if a guy is just round a corner and you know he is there you should be able to call for him to give up. Personally i think this is more of a feature for a future swat game and is not really standard procedure for special forces, they have no use for prisoners in the Sumatra so i dont expect it to be in GB and wont be to disappointed if it is not. One for Swat 5 if and when it ever comes out
  14. Tactical Aids

    John has already stated that there will be breaching shotguns so i doubt that CQB will be that rare id agree, im sure the more hi-tech equipment is very useful and isnt that bulky but the basic mirror is more than enough