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  1. How far will modding go in GB?

    Please no....and post reported.
  2. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Yes this is a RPG first and foremost. Being a shooter comes in at a distance 2nd. This is something the devs have been very clear from the beginning. I would say this game has plenty of immersion and tactics, just not traditional military immersion or tactics. I didn't realize that either. Guess I should have played a little more attention. What was the default key?
  3. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    This is just ridiculous, ignorant, and absolutely does not pertain to Siege. I regret every time I come back to these forums.
  4. Swim & Pool safety message!

    Had something similar happen. My son was 3 or 4, at a birthday party. He had a squirt gun that you stuck in the water and pulled a plunger back to fill it up. He leaned over, slipped, and fell in. My and my wife at the time for no more than 3 feet away when he did this. We didn't hear a thing as our backs were turned sitting in some chairs. One of the other kids yelled and we pulled him out. It was a split second thing, but my heart races just thinking about it. If one of the other kids didn't see it, who knows.
  5. News on the Clancy front

    Met Thom at E3 this year and talked to him a little bit. He mentioned he was doing his own game currently, won't go into details, but I wouldn't be getting any hopes up about anything even remotely similar to TC games.
  6. ArmA3 announced...

    4790K (no OC), eVGA 970 FTW (stock) I stay consistently above 60 fps in Arma 3 with the "Ultra" Settings.
  7. Team/Squad/Clan Sub-Forum

    Team Recruitment
  8. About Arma 3

    I always explain it to people that ArmA is a platform. What you do with it and how you play it is entirely up to you. Each island is one big sandbox (some bigger than others). You can go to Armaholic to find scenarios, mods, etc. The BI Forums are a great place to start in understanding what goes into making your own scenarios.
  9. I understood like 2 words, but it sounds awesome.
  10. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Agreed, I got over titles on boxes having any meaning along time ago. I was sitting about 3 rows from the front during the UBI press conference. When the trailer first started had no idea what game they were announcing and thought it looked pretty damn fun. I fully expected the next GR to be a super duper future future soldier, so I was quite surprised when Ghost Recon plopped up on the screen at the end, maybe a bit relieved. Siege is no different. I don't think it is comparable to a R6 game, but it looks fun.
  11. Epsilon - Serellan

    I've never had any ill will towards Serellan and Co. for Takedown and I actually got to meet him at E3 this year. I was talking to Rocky from at the UBI party and he walked up. He introduced himself and was very gracious when I mentioned backing Takedown. Anyways, I read this article a few days ago, but figured it would just get the shooting gallery treatment on here and didn't post it. Epsilon does seems like an intriguing idea though.
  12. Exactly. People who want to play as a team will and those who don't won't. It doesn't matter what the "rules" of the game are.
  13. Different heights

    As long as Oddjob isn't in the game, I think varying heights is good thing. I hate that guy more than I should because of Golden Eye.
  14. AI Work In Progress Video #2

    Thanks for the video. Interesting stuff.
  15. Window 10 Free Upgrade: did you sign up

    You get a notification in your system tray. Click on it, go through the dialogue box.