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  1. Hills and Buildings

    From the designers perspective it is based on common sense. You have to realize that this cost money to produce and to model every nook and cranny isn't realistic nor is it necessary to have a successful product. Sorry it is not "NORG".
  2. Men and women characters?

    Yeah, let's not alienate the 0.5% of female gamers. Actually it's probably even less for this genre game.
  3. Africa is a continent, not a country.
  4. Interactivity ideas for BF's new project

    I would love to see lights being able to be shot out or switched on/off and the OP suggested. Obviously the more interactive the environment, the better and more dynamic the game.
  5. Customizing soldiers?

    To expand on my earlier praise of the idea of customization, it would be nice if the server administrator could set restrictions on outfits. This would be the same as setting restrictions on kit items. Of course face painting character style would remain in tact. Doh! You edited you original post!
  6. Customizing soldiers?

    I like customized characters.
  7. CS or Lean?

    In the state that it is in in Rainbow Six: Vegas, it is actually very tactical. I believe that you're trying to say that it is not realistic...
  8. Any chance of widening the forum width from what I am guessing is 800 pixels to something wider?
  9. Realism to the degree that previous Rainbow Six titles have been would be ideal for me. I really just want a game that my my team mates and I can enjoy playing together, as well as, some competitive play.
  10. directX?

    You guys are all good news!
  11. CS or Lean?

    What does this have to do with leaning or the cover system? It should always be possible to position oneself to have some sort of cover. For example, when rushing across the courtyard in a map like City Streets Large, I use objects no where near me as a means to cut off my opponents line of sight/fire.
  12. Engine used?

    So what engines does that leave us with?
  13. CS or Lean?

    You just described the existing cover systems already in place in games like Rainbow Six Vegas, minus the 3rd person view. You are not stuck anywhere because while in cover mode you are very free to move around and at the release of the cover button you are fully free to move anywhere.
  14. CS or Lean?

    What games have you played that use a cover system? The only one I have played with a cover system is Rainbow Six: Vegas. With that said, I have played every Rainbow Six iteration since Rogue Spear, so I am quite familiar with the old style peek and base my observations of the two systems as such. With the cover system in Vegas one does not get stuck on things nor is there a delay in coming out of cover. Again, what game have you played that uses the cover system? You say you are limited while in movement while using the cover system, but that's not true at all. While in the cover system, you are able to peek left, peek right, peek over an object if crouched. Of course when peeking, you expose yourself considerably. This is why there's an option to blind fire. Speaking of blind fire, it's a great tactical addition as it allows you to lay down some cover fire your teammates to advance position or get out of trouble without totally exposing yourself. You said you wanted realism, no? I digress. It's also possible to slide along an object while in the cover system. This allows a player to fine tune their cover position. There are no restrictions in how fast I can pull a 180 or move from cover to another location. Again, you are just as restricted while peeking a corner as you are in cover mode by the fact that either way you are leaving your back open and by back I mean the direction you are not looking. There's no real sticking to an object as you put it. You are simply taking cover. In my opinion the cover system is here to stay and hope more games use it. The 3rd person view aside, every aspect of the cover system is more realistic than the run straight up to the edge of an object then while pivoting at mid-torso peek. Only one that isn't familiar with the cover system, at least the ones I have used, lose any control. As matter fact, the only one who is losing control if the cover system is properly is your opponent. Also just my opinions, so take it or leave it.