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  1. As the series is one of my all time favorites, I have great hopes for this game. Although I didnt care for conviction sp, I did enjoy the Deniable Ops mode and of course co-op. We shall see.....
  2. VBS2 2.0

    Fantastic stuff Gord.
  3. Weapons

    Actually modeled a cornershot about two years ago.
  4. I as well as some others I know have an interest in doing something new, we just have not found the game that sparks the interest. Maybe GB will get the modding juices flowing again.
  5. any new updates ?

    Very sorry for your loss John. Thoughts are with you and your family.
  6. physics card came today

    Im sold as well. Building a new rig over the next few weeks, or having a friend do it, Ill have to add the Physx card.
  7. Richard Burns Flight School

    Rubbin is racin , of course I cant complete one turn in Dirt before Im off the track and into the guardrail.
  8. Splinter Cell Conviction

    Yes you still have the trust meters but its different in every aspect. For example, on the 360 and xbox versions you start out in Iceland, however the xbox version has different map, diff objectives, etc....Then you go into prison, cut scenes are the same but again different prison map, diff objectives, etc....Basically there are similiar in story line and some cut scenes are the same (very few), but it is a totally different game. There is alot more old style CT stealth in the xbox version as well and night missions. Ive played through it and Im playing it again, I dont do that often. Well worth the investment.
  9. Splinter Cell Conviction

    I agree 100% champ. Ive loved the SC series, I found some enjoyment in the SCDA 360 version in some of the levels but was left somewhat disappointed upon completion. I do love the xbox version, which can be played on the 360. I purchased this version just for the coop play, not realizing it is a totally different game. It has much more of a CT feel to it. Im really enjoying it. Anyone that loves the SC series, has a 360 but not the xbox version, I would highly recommend the purchase.
  10. Is there a name for this title?

    Im sure some of the old timers would not mind dusting off the modding tools and giving it a go. I have not played a single game since OGR, (except for VBS and no improvements needed there) that has sparked my interest. Maybe this project will.
  11. Men and women characters?

    If you are designing a game around this concept of NORG, as we are all aware is the intent of the developers, then the female SOF Operator is a no go IMO. It has been stated by ZJJ there are no females in the group the game will depict. If you as the developer make a decision to include this, then you are going against the very basis, concept, guideline, philosophy, etc...(whichever you choose) the game is being developed to follow and thus NORG goes out the window. Having said that, Im not trying to tell John how to develop the game. I have no issues with female characters in games but to add them here is a compromise of realism. You either have realism or you dont IMO. Its not something that should be included in certain aspects and left out of others ( I know certain compromises have to be made in game development but Im refering to the female operative specifically.) That compromise alone goes against the norg concept does it not? I would be against it in this project but if added it would not deter me from purchasing the game. I can enjoy both genders of characters. It would just lead me to question the dedication to realism.
  12. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    Very well done. Great texture.
  13. Amazing how things work out in the 3d world

    Congrats Snow. Im very pleased about the news. You produce great professional 3D work and more importantly it comes from a helluva nice guy. Keep us posted as much as you can mate.
  14. What weapons do you own?

    I own... 30.06 Browning Two 12 guage Brownings One 12 guage Double Barrel Fal .308 .22 mag .22 pump 30/30 44/40 DPMS Ar-15 Sig 226 Glock 35 .357 revolver .38 revolver snub nose .410 H&R Handy Gun Think thats it
  15. Demographics: Age