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  1. Thank You, Backers.

    Thanks to John, the rest of the BFS staff and forum moderators for giving it your all over the past month. Although this KS push didn't reach its target this time, I think there are positive things came out of it (more exposure across the interwebs, public saw more of the game's concepts and focus, site/forums revamp, etc) and it definitely was not a wasted effort. Ground Branch is still a fantastic IP. Wherever John and the team decide to take this in the future, and however long it takes, I'm sure all of us agree we will still be here to support it.
  2. Congratulations on the new forums and the GB website! Outstanding work gentlemen! And that KS video ... One more thing ... the main theme music ROCKS. Sorry if I missed the info somewhere, but who is the composer?
  3. April 16

    Thanks John, I suspect we will see many more old friends crawling out of the woodwork with the upcoming reveal Your passion and perseverence getting GB this far on limited resources is nothing short of amazing and highly commendable Back in the day, I tried my best posting any new news about BFS and GB over at 3d Retreat before it went offline. Hopefully the gaming media will pick up on this.
  4. April 16

    Wow, great to see the solid and steady progress you have made on this project John. I know I haven't posted much around here for ages, but really excited to find out more info on GB next week.

    Pretty lamely-written riddle. I really doubt kindergarten kids would be able to answer it - how many 5 year olds know what champagne is? I wonder if its author based it on the riddle in the Hobbit which is much superior and has the same answer: This thing all things devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Slays king, ruins town, And beats high mountain down.
  6. 360 on pc monitor

    Yup, you are right dporter. I didn't mention you "have to" have a 40" screen, and any size LCD will do that can ideally have at least 720 lines of horizontal resolution. What I meant was that these games in my eyes look "best" on a larger screen (if you happen to have one) On the other hand, older games on prev gen consoles made for SD TVs look poor on HD screens (e.g. if you've ever played PlayStation games on a PC emulator like Bleem! etc), and like we said a SDTV doesn't cut it for the new gen consoles either. Anyways, fantastic write-up dporter!
  7. 360 on pc monitor

    I originally had my 360 hooked up to a ~24" Toshiba CRT SD TV and it was definitely unacceptable trying to play something like R6 Vegas as the tangos at a distance looked like tiny dark blurry blobs. There's no way you can get a SD TV to do widescreen either (with the black lines above and below) I then bought the official 360 VGA cable and had my 360 hooked up to a 19" ViewSonic CRT which I could run my 360 at 720p and widescreen. It did look much better, but although the tangos were much sharper, they were still tiny. Also, since most CRTs are 4:3 aspect ratio, a lot of screen real-estate is wasted above and below. The moral of the story is that the new gen consoles really look best on a 40+" widescreen TV in your living room. (Or better yet hook it up to a LCD projector and play it on a large wall/screen) And yes, playing with a PC monitor means no built-in speakers. I just hooked up the 360 RCA R/L audio outputs to a Y-adapter that channeled everything to a PC speaker output, then had to get a female-female adapter and plugged it into an old pair of Creative 2.0 speakers.
  8. Vegas 2 For PC

    Hey WK, I know what you're saying, but for those of you who were around when the original R6 FIRST came out, it did have its share of problems until a few patches came out that made it the great game we all remember. Those who are really interested in R6 history can check out SimHQ's review archives from way back when (can't seem to find 'em now) - they actually had to "re-review" the original R6 and gave it a much better review after it was patched up. I think RSE did a fantastic job with Rogue and GR. Although they both needed patches to improve gameplay, they were very clean releases and can't even compare to the sloppy mess that is R6 Vegas 2 PC. I even think Lockdown was very well done. Didn't even really need a patch. The main dealbreaker for LD and why it's not installed on my new computer was Ubi's insistence on using Starforce copy protection.
  9. The Future Of PC Gaming

    Hey all, been away from these parts for awhile and getting up to speed on things. Not sure if this interview with Valve's marketing VP has been mentioned anywhere else yet, but thought it would be relevant to this thread:
  10. Well, HD-DVD owners can possibly convert their movies to Blu-Ray. Instructions here:
  11. Article about ground branch operators

    I kinda question that part of the article about "patriotism". According to HF and even the GB game description, the CIA does "hire" non-U.S. personnel for its paramilitary activities, and that aspect (having perhaps UK or Aussie operators) may actually be an aspect of the game.
  12. How-to turn your 12" SATA to 6"

    LOL, nice tip
  13. NVIDIA acquires Ageia

    Wow, multi-core GPUs! Very interesting discussion Then there's that whole GPU within a CPU that apparently both AMD and Intel are working on ...
  14. It's the same stand as the one pictured online It just seems to me the bottom of the monitor is not level/parallel with the desktop, but if I stick some foam padding under one side of the stand, it looks OK. It's too much trouble for me to send back my stand and get a new one.