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  1. What kind of tipper are you?

    -I live in Norway where employers actually pay their employees a sustainable wage... Tips, bah!
  2. Arm Patches

    -Actually, it's from Rouge Spear... N00b. Boo-yah! Comin' to town to pwn ya with my AG-3! -Oh, armpatches! Yes, yes, yes, yes, I want arm patches.
  3. please for the love of the game

    -I would not want to play on a server where this was possible as you could have people deliberately staying dead or not joining to scout out the opposing side through teamspeak or similar software. It could be an option, no problems there, but I wouldn't want to play on a server with this enabled. There's little point in having loads of anti-cheat software when you can so easily bypass everything... -I would like to see something similar to Battlerecorder in BF2, just much better. Advanced camera controls, detailed display of soldiers and events, etc.
  4. please for the love of the game

    -Akin to the whole jumping issue is strafing. When I was in the army we had a CS gamer in our troop and this led to a lot of discussion about realistic movement so one day we strapped on our gear, went outside and tried to jump and shoot(No, not with bullets...), strafe, etc. When it comes to jumping you're more in danger of shooting yourself in the face than even firing of your rifle in the general direction of the target and getting the butt end of the rifle in your teeth is a common occurance. And strafing, you'll be stationary for at least half a second every time you switch, here ignoring the fact that you generally don't move like a crab anyway. -So, what I would recommend is that you either penalize strafing heavily or you make it so that moving the mouse around only moves your upper body around instead of the whole body so that you can have realistic strafing(A and D keys would turn the lower part of the body, or you could have an "align" key that turns your lower body to be aligned with your upper body(Not the other way round)). This might create issues for leaning if you intend to have that in the game but I'm thinking about it.