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  1. The Moral Dilemma

    I agree that it should be done in a subtle way. I hate those scripted moments were a civilian gets killed, and you have to watch it every time you play that mission. I think just showing that normal people used to live in the town your clearing would be enough. Or maybe put civilians in a spot that the player would expect an enemy to be and have them jump out in front of the player. One player might shoot everything that moves, while another might be more cautious. One problem with all this is that a lot of games tend to show civilians getting killed or something like that just to demonize whoever you are fighting. I find it obnoxious when the enemy is always painted as the most evil group of people ever that just wants to kill everyone on earth because they think that trees are better than people. Look at BiA:HH when the Germans shoot that girl that Frankie went to save. It was just to paint the Germans as evil and inhumane as opposed to the righteous Americans who risk their own lives to save civilians. I think it would have been better i she had been killed in the cross fire or had part of the building collapse on her.
  2. Arma II engine trailer

    It was a good video, but the end was so incredibly stupid. "Sorry to leave you so soon razor team (Mr. Bond), I thought we were becoming friends."
  3. Mass Effect

    I've played on the 360. It might be better on the PC, but I think it was a decent game that was really over rated. The combat system wasn't that great and could lead to some frustrating boss fights. I also noticed that the game wasn't quite as nonlinear as everyone thought. Some times you would get the same response no matter what you said, and there wasn't much of an option for avoiding combat. Most of the time you got into a fight even if you were trying to be persuasive. You also have to do a lot of walking around in the main area (although I guess that isn't unusual for RPGs). Overall, I'd say it's worth a try. It definitely can deliver some cool moments, but it isn't near perfect. Just know that there might be more hype than what the game actually delivers.
  4. What kills COD 4 tactical play.....

    I don't know about that, I doubt the fundamentals will be there to pick up the game. I also wonder how many will play on it. The point you made is kind of ironic though, you said that the game would be just like COD2 without the perks. Hows that for innovation? Thinking it over again, COD4 is a good game for that genre. I think I just got burned out after a while.
  5. What kills COD 4 tactical play.....

    Personally, I think juggernaut is worse then martyrdom. Eventually, avoiding martyr grenades becomes routine but it's hard to get used to shooting someone 15 times and have them keep going. However, COD4's biggest problem is the completely repetitive gameplay. It's fun for a while, but after a while it is just the same thing over and over. By now I think the only people who play it are those mindless types who just run to the same spot every spawn. Even in the hardcore modes, I've seen people bunny hopping and that sort of thing. In fact, I don't even think these people enjoy the game anymore. I honestly think they just don't know what else to do.
  6. Weapons

    I don't know if they still use them, but how about the M202A1 Flash. It's a rocket launcher that fires incendiary rockets. It seems to be the next closest thing to a flamethrower that has been used recently. Although fire might be more trouble then it's worth. I wouldn't want to set a fire and have things that should burn not burn.
  7. OPF 2 from codemasters (mulitplatform)

    According to their forums, that number is purely speculative. I guess a reviewer just made that number up.
  8. Speed of performing actions

    You should be able to draw your pistol without doing that as well though. There could be times where going straight to the sights is undesirable.
  9. Hand 2 Hand

    I don't think GB would really worry about arm bars and that sort of thing. They want to dominate the situation as fast as possible. Just hitting someone would do that. The only time I could see them wrestling with someone is if they get jumped. But I think that would be too hard to do. Maybe you could add in some kind of come along move when you have to capture someone, but I don't think the player would have control of something like that as it would probably be pretty quick. to get flexicuffs on the person or show them your in control. But, I would imagine that bursting into the room killing his bodyguards and screaming at him would already have that effect.
  10. CS or Lean?

    It would be if you couldn't see around corners without showing yourself or kill people with blind fire from 50 yards away. By the way, you know your too into games when you find the above quote hilarious for some reason
  11. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    Even with lasers you would have to come out of low ready and aim.
  12. OPF 2 from codemasters (mulitplatform)

    I hope BFS never puts out a trailer like that. It brought a whole bunch of people looking for the next COD4. Now every other post is either asking what OFP is or telling me why OFP needs unlocks otherwise the 1337 pros won't play and OFP2 will get pwned because only noobs who don't like regen health will play it. Please BFS, when the GB trailers start coming out make them realistic so that we don't get those people here.
  13. Battlefield Bad Company screens/opinion...

    I might pick it up just because I'm getting bored with COD4. The thing I hated about the SP demo is that you can't go prone and all the cover seems like it it designed to give the AI just enough of a target to hit you. Maybe that's a way to keep the player moving. It seemed pretty funny though.
  14. Our secret Donators area.

    I've sent one in. 2H939897ND380430C
  15. Player Outfits

    The problem with that, is that the team doesn't have the same color uniform. That means that you need a name tag to identify friend from foe. Not to mention it is less immersive.