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  1. Weapons

    if there is an m60 or m249 i'd like to be able to add optics to it.
  2. diffrent ammo types, maybe?

    optional tracers would be awesome. if we get a boom 50 ( .50 BMG ) I'd like to see ALL the options for it. AP APIncindiary Match rounds etc.
  3. Music

    i can destroy a game with my music which is actually kinda crazy because i'm not a rapper.
  4. Arm Patches

    would be sweet if there was some sort of overlay for the patches so when you apply it in game it doesn't look like i just put 2 stickers on my arm. would also be cool if each arm had a diff armpatch. not as in 2 custom armpatches of curly and moe on diff arms. but have your countries flag on one arm, then a custom armpatch on the other.
  5. Your opinion on the Army!

    bravo hit the nail on the head about as square as you can get. even though i was in the US Army the concept is pretty much the same. although our mounted infantry rides in motarized vehicles and yours rides on horses and moose its the idea that counts. j/k i love my canadian brothers in arms more than my own wife
  6. Arm Patches

    i always liked being able to destinguish between teammates or clan members, helps me figure out who i wanna tk. some sort of customization would be great, even better if i can bust out photoshop to do it.
  7. Must needed features.

    Are you serious? Yes, I'm serious. Have you ever played paintball, airsoft, mil sim anything? You put your back against the wall. You don't stand facing the wall, crouching, and bending your torso like a slinky trying to look around the corner. To me, the cover system was like BAM, THAT'S what games have been missing, THIS feels real. I know people have argued against 3rd person view, but really, games can't take into account peripherial vision and other physical awareness you have in a situation. I do think that R6V had 3rd person view zoomed out too much in many instances, but that's a minor detail in the grand scheme of things. I've been playing paintball for about 10 years now and I find it very rare that my back is to the wall or any type of cover. Every once in a while I will use a side stance of some sort but in order for me to react quicker and stay mobile popping a squat like that just isn't going to work out.
  8. [Beta] Testing the game

    sign me up when its go time
  9. Weapons Refresher Course

    hatchet you airbourne?
  10. Once the game gets going the flamers and elitists will come out of their holes. Mark my words. Lets just hope the moderators/admins keep up the good work.
  11. PC vs Console

    Been a PC gamer for a while now. I feel theres a lot more you can do with a game on the PC versus the console. Controls, envirements, ai, ability to mod etc. Plus multiplayers easier to come by online, don't have to pay an extra load of money besides what your already paying for the internet. Thousands of reasons. But every once in a while I'll play a consol game or 2 and actually enjoy it.
  12. Music

    With how you speak of him, and how I'm a musician, I feel aweful to ask this question. Who's Bill Brown?
  13. Must needed features.

    I have no life and all the time in the world But that is a good idea.
  14. Must needed features.

    Haven't seen a reply from an admin yet, must be watching quietly getting every ones take. Hows it feel to have you own army of dedicated gamers BFS ? Anyway theres a lot of good suggestions and a lot of people going off topic *cough* post above me *cough*. j/p. But I agree, weapons should be customizable. I would LOVE to have a chance to beta test a game before its released and actually have the developers use my feedback, which I'm sure BFS would do if they chose to walk that path. What I would like most out of a game though is for the developers to realise that not every ones rich. Not every one can afford to update their systems as soon as a new game comes out. Indeed most companies allow you to tweak settings so you can lower the quality but it only goes to an extent. I'd like to game on the system I bought last year.