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  1. F#&@ You Google+

    agreed the buffering is horrible and have the same problems. Shame but I have the same feelings. Why do people screw up a good thing. Board meetings thats why rofl. Why all the loops and hassles.
  2. Tonight is the Night

    Helluva great show. Just hope it doesnt wind up like a soprano ending. ALMOST TIME!!!!
  3. So with help with spreading the word. I decided to send out mass emails to all the fps buds I have. I pretty much just play fps games so my friend email list is cornered to that. After waiting for a bit I was utterly surprised by the reactions in emails. It was either one end of the spectrum or the other. Think I even emailed some bota's sorry bros I know youve been lurkin here as long as I have. Id hate to say it but my assumption not many like or know kickstarter. I sent out over 400 some emails. People that rented servers way back when to people playing free to play games today. So this list is old to new for some years now. About 260 or so replied. The responses is what threw me for a loop! The responses ranged from What the hell is kickstarter? They dont have enough money to make a game and want me to pay for it before hand? It looks good but theres no content! Great another soon to be developer that wont talk to people on forums after they made their money. I like it but it looks dated. OMG YESSSHHH oh wait theres no AI. To sum it up out of all the emails and I will not copy and paste due to class and how hard I know you guys worked on project but statistics wise................ Not many look at Kickstarter as a viable avenue for resources. It almost gets marked as scam from beginning. I know different and so do many others here that its just to get funding but with others EVEN IF THEY DO READ WHAT ITS ABOUT dont care. Now with the ones truly interested and somewhat understand kickstarter and the whole shalami. Theres no content? Wow great a guy going through a map shooting at nothing. Rage are you still wishing a developer of any kind gives a ######? It was just amazing to me that others just dont get it? I can look at the videos and drool. Others dont realize whats there and its a god dam shame. All I can say is this THANK YOU! The video demos you released let me relive when I was young!
  4. My traveling blog

    Very interesting indeed. Love seeing or hearing of new places I might want to wander too. I choose a different path more of a historic route. Mainly also in my surrounding area or state. Its amazing what you will find. Ive been trying to follow alot of the older paths by the ohio river. Stumbling much on the tales of Simon Girty. Ive pretty much covered most of the caverns, hiding (stash spots) in my state. Explored much of Frank and Jesse James's travels as well. The Merimac caverns is a must see. My most recent adventure was to Ashtabula and a historic train wreck site. The events that happened made cleveland it is today. If the accident never happened Ashtabula could of been a major city like what cleveland is. Many people died and alot of those involved killed themselves. Its said to be haunted by those that took their own life. Didnt encounter anything but very interesting and a helluva walk to get a look at everything. Did find some artifacts from the wreck. Nothing major but there is still pieces there. Couple older spikes from the railroad that used to run there and such. My next adventure is to Johnstown PA. Not far from where the plane from the 911 attacks crashed. Theres a bunch of abandoned roads and older bridges that locals use to go swimming off of. Who knows what Ill find but theres plenty of hills to walk through. Its an older town and also rich in history. The main town has the mills still. The hills have vast sources of coal and iron ore. So theres a possiblity of stumbling on some old mines. Although I do share alot of the same feelings and thoughts as you however most of the spots Ive been are so remote I dont usually show pictures I took or let others know its there. That makes it that much special to me. Many years of hiking well I take everything and I usually carry my dumbass letter. Just in case I go too remote and well yes I know Im a dumbass for doing it in the first place lol. Hence the letter. Youll love canada. Its breathtaking when you go deeper in. I did a 50 mile canoe trip in my youth. It had almost half of that in portages and hiking with a canoe on your back is mighty tough and match that with a pack. In all honesty that trip was the prettiest and best enjoyed of all. From getting chased by a moose and all the other thrills it was just amazing. Try not to come back and say "eh" alot tho lol. I do share alot of Christophers feelings however I have to work a ton to get the gear I need which always needs replenished. Batteries arent cheap and some places Ive been its soo dark and if you remain there too long in the dark you go blind because the rods and cones part get burned out. When not stimulated by light you loose it. Doing these adventures is freedom. Pureness. Really I cant find the words for it. But you often look at the idiots scrambling for this or that as you walk off. The farther you get away the more happiness comes. An inner peace. Everything is easier to understand. Most people dont understand the meaning of finding water. The industrial revolution changed everything including man/woman. Safe travels my friend. I will venture out today and take a picture of a public place here that started it all for me. Perhaps it will get others to venture out and find some more.
  5. ted. seth macfarlanes first movie

    OMG the thunder song still has me crackin up, looks real funny.
  6. Modelling

    "Carving" and "blocks by blocks" are both just ways to model. Sketchup is your problem. Sketchup is a bit standoffish. It creates models that really only get read or understood well by sketchup. Its process of modeling is a bit different from the other titles out there. Where as Maya, Max etc kind of have a basic same understanding of the model structure and that model works somewhat well in many engines and editors. When "carving" make sure that the faces sketchup generates are facing the right way and you delete extra vertices or points that you dont need and redo what sketchup does. Sketchup guesses or goes off of an algorythm to fill in the blanks. How it achieves this works great in sketchup and crap in anything else. So if sketchup creates 5 faces and you only needed two then elimate and restructure till you have two. So carving seems quicker but in a sense for it to work in game you have to clean up what sketchup thinks how it should fill the hole. Now building "block by block". Your side stepping sketchups hole filling flaw. However now you have alot thats unseen in the mesh. That can be elimated. Now once again your going over the mesh to reduce or clean it up. Some of the other modeling programs do that for you. Sketchup leaves everything there because that model reads fine in sketchup. The reality of sketchup is this. You can create something quick for Sketchup but anything else your going to have to clean the mesh up to get it to properly show in game. It takes alot of time for some models depending on how detailed the mesh is. This was my fix for the sketchup blues and btw it was the same problems your experiencing. I picked up blender and grudgingly learned the basics in it to create my meshes. I make my mesh in blender. Export as obj. file. Import to Sketchup. Make sure sketchup didnt change anything on my mesh correct if did and export to engine. Doing it this way saved me alot of time and aggravation. But you can still use just Sketchup however youll spend as much time fixing the mesh as it took you to model it. There is several plugins that help correct your above issues. Push pull plugin allows you to manipulate the mesh without creating new faces. Some are free some are paid. Ive bought several to help because the really do help. Sketchup is limited but can be made to work. http://rhin.crai.archi.fr/rld/plugins_list_az.php plugins Ill have to dig up for you my tutorial or pics on sketchup for cryengine. It will set up the mesh for unreal as well. I made a car modeling one as well dont know if I have that around still. Ill dig through what I have and throw it here if I find anything. Hope this helps!
  7. The Walking Dead TV Series

    Yes alot of zombie action. Was kinda disappointed it was at night tho. Would of liked to see how massive the herd was. They did give some good shots tho. I just cant believe they spent a whole season on the farm? CANT BELIEVE THE CDC SECRET CONVERSATION
  8. Warface

    Ive seen a bunch of tidbit videos since its progressed on their developer forums. To be honest it looks like a pretty fun game. The coop missions seem very intense. Sadly tho "We" are not the target audience. Just merely the extra cash rake in. The target is South Korea. Gaming is huge there. Your internet privelages are tied to your like social security number. Get caught hacking and its jail time, fines, and no internet for first offense for five years. Thing is you get paid and do your electric with internet and so theres VERY little hacking there and fps gaming is bigtime competition and recreation. What combat arms did in sales there was astounding. What we got was Nexon America and hackshield slapped onto game for comfort. Ill be polite and leave it at that. Im happy for Nexon South Korea tho. They couldnt do much more with their game and it runs like crap anymore. Its on a dated engine that hasnt been supported for years. They are getting a good developer with support and an amazing engine. I see both of them making quite a bit of money. Often thought about mentioning it here about Groundbranch going South Korea. Who knows what it could do in sales.
  9. Would like to hear about GDC as well. Did you check out the Cryengine by any chance? If so what are your thoughts. Anything with Unreal spark your interest to throw into Groundbranch?
  10. The Walking Dead TV Series

    I dunno I think they have more planned for Merle? There was always a question if the girl survived however with Merle it was left as he defended himself and took the boxtruck. Even providing they thought he went back to the camp for revenge. No Merle but Zombies were there. Nothing was mentioned of Merle from that episode. Then he had a small stint with the ravine crawl. But what they encountered wasnt a herd so to say......a large group yes, maybe 100 at most and I think thats exaggerating. In the comic they are talking about a whole town or for that matter a whole city. Now the numbers are 3,000 or more. In the last clip you see a range of zombies as far as the eye can see. Not a road width with a about 20 deep. That small group gave them an idea of a possibility of something that might happen and that they kinda group together. Rick got a taste when he went into the city but imaging the size of what you didnt see or encountered because they were bottlenecked by buildings. They did show an overview of the massive size from above but this changes everything. They move like this too. This whole idea was the kicker for me really. That of the comics or tv series. Could you just imaging going out for a hunt for food out in the forest and you start to see a couple here and there and by the time you start looking around your noticing they are comin from all angles leaving no point of escape. What was 20 is now 300 then is 5000. Nowhere is safe. BTW was there any mention what the scientist said at the cdc to Rick? Ive rewatched the shows just to see if I missed it. Still havent seen what that was? Did they forget lol. Also where is the button or function for spoiler? Cant seem to find it. that was funny man.
  11. The Walking Dead TV Series

    Well they finally get to see a herd. Which is really the big menace in the comics. Kinda disappointed on how they changed the deaths from the comic. I guess it is a show of its own based off of the comic but they do tend to rip off alot from the comic then. Im just excited to see if they bring in one of my favorite characters. Chicone <think how its spelled been awhile since read comic. She walks with a sword with her dead husband and dead father. She cut off their arms and removed their lower jaw so they cant bite. With them being with her chained they ward off other zombies because of smell. Shes making sure they keep their promise to protect her. She used to be a lawyer but now shes nuts and talks to herself alot. Great character in comic. She eventually takes shanes place at ricks side. What about the guvenor? Seriously thought Merle would of fit in that part. He comes back with one hand and chops ricks off. Hence making more relevance to the comic. As for some saying its a drama fest. I do agree however it started like that with the comic as well. I guess if you dont put yourself or imagine how everything changed then you lose the horror effect. Whereas if alot of this didnt happen then you would be like whyd they do that? I do expect for alot to happen in next couple episodes. Less drama and alot of action or atleast I could hope. Id post more but cant figure out the spoiler insert and hopefully havent spoiled anything. For those who havent read the comics they offered two free ones online. Heres one with viewer for the number one issue http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?gid=1358 Heres the other issue 49 http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?gid=1977 Enjoy!
  12. Battlefield 3 (All platforms)

    Everytime I see that hud it reminds me of GRAW Its nice to hear the actual game and footsteps for a change instead of with music. Gives me hope that youll be able to hear footsteps not like BC 1 or 2.
  13. Osama bin Laden is dead!

    Any new news on this? Pretty much finding the same pictures. If its like the pics thats one mean looking choppa.
  14. Crysis 3 SDK

    I wasnt trying to state a pace or sound insulting if it came across that way. I guess thats what I was trying to get at. It is becoming more and more of a one package deal. Meaning there is becoming less and less outside applications needed to make a game. With the new cinema feature you can make some really nice high rez videos of your game or whatnot and wouldnt need maya or adobe products and license fees. I still like Unreal and I really like some of the new features. I agree both have their ups and downs. Im really impressed with what Ive seen with the new editor. No I have not used it, Im not going to pirate it to find out either. What Ive seen is basically all from video. What I know about the engine is exclusively what was offered with Crysis. Im literally stunned with whats supposedly going to be offered. Hope it pans out to whats been shown and said. Never know nowadays. I always wondered about it and asked in a post about that. Never got an official response but did get alot of people proclaiming with the full license you got full access. I think your correct tho John. Im not sure if they have changed it with the new engine. would be nice if they did. Your a very good modeler no need to be humble. Have you seen some of the videos of content creation.? I think theres even some tutorials now floating about. From what I understand and have experienced. Your correct creating content is very time consuming. Most dont realize how much time it takes to create just the junk around you. I do tho and from what Ive seen is they basically have the in game primitive and standard building features just like Unreal. However it seems that they have also incorporated a mudbox/ zbrush feature. So basically you wont need a modeling package or a mudbox/zbrush you wont have to save in different formats or have multiple errors because of two different softwares. So if your able to atleast create half more content while ingame without errors or exporting saving etc. How does that not essentially save time? Crysis Sandbox 2 basic content creation tools really sucked imo. Unreal had way better functionality. Ive followed that mod. To be honest why they took so long and still in beta I have no idea. They had access to all the exporters and tools and plugins and it just makes me wonder. Ive played every version of it and to be honest almost everyone states this mod? Only thing I can say is because it was the only one really that was published in a sense. Ive played many mods and I never could understand why they didnt take off. Crybusters, Lost World ( it got a cease order it was too much like Jurassic park). Alot of the mod teams fell apart mostly because of that money issue. There is also Warface which is the free to play south korea version. It was halted to update to new engine but started with the first. They wanted the multiplatform. Gaming in south korea is huge. With the zero tolerance to hacking I can see this game taking off. Compare that to some of the other fps games from that area A.V.A., Combat Arms and see what you think. AVA runs on the unreal engine, Combat Arms runs on the fear engine, and Warface with Cryengine. Really its not a tit for tat. Unreal was really the dominate force for a long time with many games. Cryengine is a good contender . They both pretty much make the same thing. As long as they drive each other nuts and we all can reap the benefits ......I can live with that.
  15. Crysis 3 SDK

    Not saying you should or anything plus youve paid much money for the unreal license. But how much have you used the Crysis editor John? Ive used both Unreal and also the Sandbox editor. I have the current Unreal version. Its ok in a nutshell. A vast improvement over the other builds. Im always find myself fighting to correct one thing or another. Put one piece in and check everthing three times seems about the standard. Alot of work. Seems like doing sprite animations all over again. I still plug at it tho just to learn the engine and editor more. Crysis editor or Sandbox2 is just insanely easy to use. Sadly John from your amount of time youve spent on the content created so far , you probably could of achieved the same effect within a quarter of the time or less with the sandbox. I say probably because youd pick it up like some brain child and make me mad because it took me longer to figure out lol. I dont have the new editor but it will be here this summer. Currently its in pre beta. Theres a couple of videos floating around of a user at a school making a map and two people playing on the map while hes adding trees and textures on the fly. One is on the xbox and the other ps3. Theres a free version like the unreals version. You register then they give you a key and you get the full engine. If you make anything to sell then buy the license. So almost the same deal. Like unreal theres alot of tutorials for it and also support for various 3d packages. Theres some rumors floating that theres supposed to be blender support as well but I cant find anything to verify that althought that would be really nice. I rarely post but I have read just about every topic here especially about groundbranch. My personal opinion is I think you would have an easier time of producing groundbranch on the Cryengine. It fits more to a norg application ,you would be able to create the much larger maps needed ........not much really needed to "code or script" since thats been dumbed down for the common user with flowgraphs. If I had to decide in present time Id pick the frostbite 2.0 engine. Apparently you me and the entire rest of the world are to ignorant to understand the editor and tools so thats out of the question. So my next pick would be the Cryengine then Unreal. I dunno give it a whirl, you wont feel like youve wasted your time. Crysis 2 was a flop on pc no anticheat, several gamespy errors etc. However it ran well on all platforms. You see the consolization but the game looks really good especially in dx9. Besides you could release with Ground Branch.... the special edition Ground Box 360.