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  1. Somethings coming and here is a preview

    so those who payed can in the evantuality also buy a new PC ;-) lol
  2. My own personal guide to the forums

    I dunno were to put it. I just saw the latest YouTube message, and I feel with everyone at Blackfoot studio's I have worked in software development in the non gaming front and ith all the time spent on a new roduct lost focus on my market activities and lost my job in the end. I feel with you guys and hope it will turn out in the end. Just hang on. If there is anything I can do just ask. I won't promise to do stuff I'm not good at..... I'll at least post a link to te Youtube over at the Sparta Gaming community and see if we can get a constructive discussion going. GRTZ Forrester p.s.what is wrong with this forum I cannot type fast????

    lol good one
  4. Happy Birthday Hatchetforce

    lol A year late, but again Happy Birthday Hatchetforce
  5. Redneck Smoke/Fire Detector

    loool good one
  6. Let's total your fine

    I'm a nerd.... 120.50 or so..... too honest, married my first GF, well lucky I have a good

  8. Build your BFS Member Sketch

    dang Zjj looks like Whacko Jacko
  9. ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead...

    The sparta server is in the US, but there is an UK server too (less populated though) but we even have an aussie playing there, and all goes tactical..... This serevr is very well managed, people ask what to do what kit to take, and if a certain role is not nessesary you are free to choose the kit you want play the role you want. The only thing that is restricted is helicopter/plane usage. you need to be on TS to fly, and when there are many candidates to fly turns have to be taken... (every part of the mission different pilot) On friday nights the server is locked (password given on ts) and people take the teamleading role on turns and we go very tactical. the server is mostly populated by 30% spartans and 70 % "friends of sparta"

  11. ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead...

    I would love to see more tactical peeps join those servers, so SIC guys.... you can meet me there on friday/sathurday nights.

    oh man those movies are awesome....
  13. Introduce yourself

    Hi my name is forrester, I've been away for some while.... so I thought maybe say ehllo here Too much work man, its killin me.... no time during the day for much forum-lookin and too much gaming at night.... but still awaiting good news from here, heck I even got some colleagues interested in a lan party on the release of blackfoots first game! (and yes we have about 1400 working places in one building 1 gigabite lan, and some space left.... only or 10 year old IBM's still run on a pentium D processor.... (gets boring to start up autocad 3d civil on such machines.... or arc-gis)
  14. Heineken commercial

    lol yeah, I even like german beer better.... give me a good weizen.... but whilst not over there/low on budget i'll drink my bavaria, dommelsch or grolsch
  15. A Parrot