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  1. I can't believe it's been that long I've visited the BFS website for the last time but anyway if you want more sales on KS I would just add a phrase "free ingame beer, pizza and ...". Ah well, I guess it boils down to personal preference. Either you like the game or you don't.
  2. Well this is how it could be implemented in the game: It won't be something you have to do like every other minute or even 5 minutes. I would like to have it more realistic. In any war soldiers have to clean their weapon to not have it malfunction or even break. So in the game it could be something like after a serious amount of fighting and the player is in a safe place a player then can choose to clean his weapon in order to keep it functioning properly. So for instance if you do not clean your weapon an x-amount of time (hours, days or whatever) your weapon starts to degrade. Accuracy can be affected or jams can occur (more often). Weapon cleaning doesn't also have to be a certain amount of keys you need to hit on the keyboard. It can be set to one key and the time to clean your weapon can be any given time. I know this is a game and people might get bored by waiting but the time to clean your weapon can easily be set to a time which is acceptable. Wether it is in a realistic timeframe or just mere seconds is up to the devs or our input.
  3. Any thoughts on weapon cleaning in order to maintain the reliability of the weapons? Not sure if this already has been discussed but to me it's just another reality factor.
  4. One shot kills

    Getting hit by a .50 round out of a Barrett will surely be a one shot one kill. I know for a fact that some people took 5-7 9mm rounds in the chest and still they kept walking forward. Now there is a point where they will drop/die ofcourse and/or are in dire need of medical care to have a slight chance to even survive such a thing but it is possible.
  5. Digital Distribution

    I've been using Steam for some time now. It's a good and solid solution. Backup copies are just a few mouseclicks away. What about when the most unlikely thing would happen? Your house burns down. Bye bye PC, bye bye backups. Hello Steam (darn what was my login password again). Oh Jason, I hope you guys have backup copies placed on several different locations in case the most unlikely thing would happen
  6. Weather

    Atmospheric effects bog down the system but surely are needed. Snow building up and/or puddles filling up, blowing leaves etc etc. Would it add to the gameplay or would it only be an enhancement of the game? Surely I want to see snow, rain, shimmers, glares. But to be honest I turn of most of this stuff when I play MP. Why? Because it's a nuisance. I turned of all atmospheric effects playing GR and CoD4 to get as much advantage as possible. Surely some ppl like playing will all graphics maxed out but I favor advantage over stunning graphical effects. I so much hate the glare system in CoD4. Totally unrealistic. On a sunny day look in the direction of the sun. You'll see much more then what devs have put in some games nowadays. Now in real life if only soldiers could turn of some atmospheric effects they would have a huge advantage over their enemies "Jason! Turn of that sandstorm man, I can't see s...t!!"
  7. rofl I'll be the terrorist and as soon as I hear a needle drop I'll set off the bomb. Heck, I'll set off the bomb instantaneously. I hate hostages
  8. What song are you listening to?

    Joe Satriani - Prof. Satchafunkilus & Musterion Of Rock
  9. Bonus with game.......

    In the end the devs will probably hand out their dirty underwear to the pre-sale costumers
  10. Bonus with game.......

    And a glorious death it will be. You'll get an CMoH for that for sure!
  11. Bonus with game.......

    I think many players will like the idea. People like the idea of being special. Even RPG games adapt stuff like this. Getting something special is interesting. I wouldn't mind getting one (or more) but then again it wouldn't stop me from playing a game if I wouldn't get something special. If you think about it, isn't that what games are all about? The need to feel special? Sure go right ahead and say "I'm in it because it gives me much joy". You liar!! Well ok, I admit it. You are partially lying . You are partially in it for the fun it brings you. I wonder what the person who invented the very first game ever, was thinking. Probably something like "unga bunga lakawaka". Man, if we only knew how prehistoric men would have sounded. 99% of Modern games, whether software based, board game or even sports games need to have winners. People who want to feel special. People who get prizes for being special. it's a fact: people are interested in getting special items: Just 98 more headshots to get my golden M1024 in CoD4!! hahahaha I bet there would be plenty of Ground Branch players out there which would pre-order it just to get a special item. Question is, what would that item be? An ingame T-shirt with the words "I was there from the start" or "I was the one who read the very first post by Jsonedecker"? I'll settle for getting access to an ion cannon if I'm outnumbered 10 to 1 =)
  12. Singleplayer or Multiplayer

    I'll probably will be playing it on a PC only. I never have played an MP game on any console yet simply because I've always played MP games on my PC. I'm old fashioned
  13. Nick Pitera

    One word: Amazing!

    Congratulations. Time for a forum overhaul . Just kiddin' hahaha. We actually did that one our forums for our 1st anniversary. Time flies indeed.