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  1. Suicide Squad

    -Assault on Arkham was a pretty good suicide squad movie... -This project seems to also use the love triangle with joker/harley/deathstroke.... I dont like the implied new origin of Harley Quinn -I still havent quite decided if I would like having Batman be in this as the Apex predator (as he was in Assault on Arkham) or just as a flashback.
  2. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    I really enjoyed Dragon Rising.. it was cold and detached, characters werent trying to be cool..very business like game... Missions were linear, but had enough flexibility to how you could tackle an objective... It conveyed overwhelming firepower in a way where I organically felt the need to fall back and break contact... flawed as it was, the infiltration mode was fun... lots of squad commands, though the ai would occasionally shoot you in the back, or explode into meat chunks for getting too close to a helo tail rotor.
  3. Missions That Won't Be Around Direct Combat?

    I like the idea of missions without direct combat.. -one of Dragon Risings' best missions is "Decapitation".. you are sent in to sneak in and destroy a radio station, upon arriving you spot an enemy VIP and proceed to tail him until the opportunity to get both targets becomes available.. (Jdam does the trick).. During this time you and your team are tailing the target and avoiding enemy patrols...Once you drop the bomb the search is on and you must exfil. This was a big mission for me in the day, I had put in hours upon hours on Modern Warfare 2...after playing for so long and protecting a damn K/D ratio I suddenly had the realization that I was not having fun at all. I quickly switched games and spent my time on this mission only firing 4 shots and having 1000x more fun.... quit playing COD right then and there and didnt go back to that series until Ghosts.. (dammit GRFS why didnt you include bots!)
  4. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    I just want more info on modes.. the concessions to eliminate boredom have the potential to undercut the potential fun...time limit on each round, dying and still working as a type of drone?? Just show me another mode where this doesnt come into play and where following a time limit doesnt potentially limit the size of your map. More positives than negative at this point...but I sure wish The Division would finally come out so I can see what they intend to do with Ghost Recon.
  5. GRFS 2?

    I would love another future soldier, and can accept 3rd person as long as they continue to add upon character animations and how they move in the game environments... Unfortunately I'm not expecting anything being announced until after R6 and the Division are close to being out the door..though I hope I'm wrong
  6. Resident Evil Remake Remastered

    they changed a few things with the cube remake....changes to mess with those familiar with the original game... Best addition by far though were the Crimson Head Zombies..those things were lethal if left unchecked..
  7. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    They intend to do a Q & A on Thursday according to Facebook... its disheartening to see some of the people upset that "patriots" got canceled or asking for them to go back to the good old days of rainbow six vegas or at least graw.
  8. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    Whatever it is proof of concept...shooting up a house for show...seeing cops outside its not too hard to BS a narrative that necessitates the big boys from Rainbow being involved... Above all things for all its "faults" it was the only game shown yesterday which "poked" my interest as to wanting to learn more about its systems and functions (does the game have real time lighting? if so can we kill the lights and go in with NODS?)..Is there a player limit already set at 5 per team or will the eventual player count and map size increase.... Certainly miles above what Battlefield showed yesterday..
  9. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

  10. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    As a console only gamer its about the only "tactical" option in the near future... unless sony decides to release a Socom collection to match the master chief collection... I havent gone next gen. yet...the delay of batman made the wait easier.. Was irritated I didnt realize it was a rainbow game as soon as team Raven and team Rogue showed up on the screen.
  11. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    Siege started off interesting enough but damn for being elite of the elite those guys couldnt buy a shot.. (granted it makes for a less exciting debut video).. still looks more enjoyable than anything division related.
  12. Your Top 3 War Films

    black hawk down we were soldiers saving private ryan
  13. Ghost Recon

    Even if they base the movie in the style of Future Soldier, Bay would still be too "loud" for the series. I'd rather they let Antoine Fuqua handle ghost recon (classic or future soldier flavor)... he adds some "gravity" to the proceedings and I enjoyed his handling of action in shooter and tears of the sun.
  14. MoH: Warfighter

    again with different exclusives....hate that practice.. I am interested in the game given the "solid" gameplay/design of the 2010 MOH,,,,My only issue is that im primarily a SP gamer and the tone of the campaign thus far feels significantly "louder" than the 2010 game. Here's hoping thats just part of the hype machine and not indicative of the final product..
  15. MoH: Warfighter

    Blue on Blue doesnt sound too bad, they claim it will be used to foster "national pride" in the way that Fifa gamers play as their home country, hopefully they expand the gameplay beyond just shooting if that is to be the case. the campaign seems to have taken an interesting idea... "two former special forces soldiers offered a manuscript of their "vent book" -- a collection of musings about their fellow soldiers, the missions they participated in across the globe, and the strategies they would employ to fight terrorism if they could remove all the bureaucracy hindering their work"........borrowed from game informer article... Sounds like a solid idea, except that the demo that was described appeared to indicate that the game still held very linear missions (slow-mo door breaches included)...Heres hoping the campaign manages to feel as "authentic" and grounded as the last game.