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  1. Flogger, I admit the game isn't perfect but it's a huge game and with mods it is even bigger and better. Squad controls are better and more comprehensive than any other game I've played. Not sure about the arty sorry. In terms of AI accuracy and performance look for a little script called aiskills.sqf or robalos AI mod.
  2. You need to add a couple of scripts to the game which will resolve all those issues.
  3. It has a lot of Apex objects though so I'm guessing you must have Apex. Could be wrong.
  4. Something fresh. Looks good!
  5. There is also a new free map to be released this week by BIS which requires Tanoa assets. So you're really getting 2 amazing BIS quality plus new assets. Bargain!
  6. F* you ingrates find anything to complain about. Once upon a time you/we would have died to have a game of this quality, now you trash these vids. Who would want to be a Dev in this day and age? It doesn't matter what you produce, nor how good it looks, ppl are just gonna crap all over it. This is the COD I remember - So is this new stuff better or worse? Seriously, people make me sick with their ###### talk.
  7. Impressive trailer - they definitely know how to put them together to create interest. Easy to see that this is another open world spin off - seems like a decent story line but I wonder already if the game play will feel repetitive like a lot of these games. Starts to feel a bit shallow after a while. I wonder how many more of this type of game before players get sick of them. Not suggesting it won't be good.
  8. I love your vids mate, gives me s good idea of what games i might like to purchase.
  9. Not sure if you ever played original Ghost Recon or Rogue Spear but one of the great appeals was having lots of different maps or locations to play on. If I'm not mistaken, this type of games is more focused on special operations revolving around compounds or installations. Get in, achieve objectives, get out. Move on to the next real world location to conduct next op. Not supposed to be conducting military operations across a country. And the size should be manageable for a small squad.
  10. I thought this thread at Unreal might be a fresh perspective/reminder on what's involved in gave dev which you might think about before posting something critical . Particularly for those who say ###### like if I had my way I woukd build a new engine. Half of the updates barely make any sense let alone how you actually build or apply this stuff to an 'engine'. Even Unity devs/owners are turning to community of devs for input as per the 76 updates in this release. Some food for thought before the next naive post perhaps....
  11. Good idea
  12. Dcopy, have a look at jezas vid for the latest version.
  13. They are so realistic Blood bubbles!
  14. How noble of you. If you had the brains for programming, you would not be donating engines to anyone.