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  1. Well my experience having played Closed and now Open Beta is that the AI is not dumb, the difficulty on Extreme with HUD off and no markers is just about perfect, and the tactical equipment, in this case Drone, is very important for the game. If core elements of GR are about recon, stealth and assault then this game has it in spades. It's not traditional GR, but it's also not 2001. GR has evolved a lot and this interpretation is a positive step towards to a GR-style of play. I am wondering whether AT and demolitions come into this game.
  2. Yeh i agree that some residusl glow is ok but not the dots which last forever. What i really dint like about the glow was when u drive down the roads and the next structure starts glowing b4 you've even arrived. I would rather not know where hostiles are and be weapons ready.
  3. It is a great coop game! Def need that orange glow off, I think that's hardcore mode to turn that off. Otherwise looks great!
  4. I dunno but this seems pretty GR to me, I reckon Tom Clancy would be pretty impressed with the direction taken with Wildlands: //https://youtu.be/yOq_cs3bIHY .be/yOq_cs3bIHY
  5. @charliebrown Probably a good idea to get the grammar right. Tatical.
  6. There's already a lot of content but still feels like lightyears before the full game is ready which is fine, no rush.
  7. So I haven't played insurgency but this looks like a very different game.
  8. I think the thing the group of probably over 40s is missing is that 99% of the gamers are trying to attract probably have no idea sbout the movie and if they did, probably wouldn't get it. Apocalypse Now was for a time that has long since passed. My $0.02.
  9. Well we can still hope that without HUD on and tweaked vulnerability so bullets kill, it could turn out to be a slow paced shooter. I like the drone for recon but relying on ones memory not blips on screen to assault the compounds.
  10. Playing world's smallest violin for you now.
  11. Keep it installed. I have Island Thunder campaign and halfway through original campaign remake. Six player SP or MP. Remake of the Castle, PoW Camp, etc.
  12. Ah have to get in on this thread! Rainbow Six Rogue Spear and Urban Ops were my passion, the original tactical shooters, but then.....one day... I walked into my game shop and there it was, Ghost Recon. I still remember loading up the first map and wearing a snipers gillie suit looking at the rugged bushland and high cliffs, thinking omg photorealistic, I'm in heaven. And so began the love affair in 2001 that has lasted 15 years and counting... One year of SP, followed by 2 years of PvP, followed by 1-2 years of coop, followed by Igor mission editor, creating 50+ missions and hosting 4 GR coop and sp tournaments. Feeling disappointment with GRAW and subsequent releases, I moved to Arma series but only to try to reproduce GR style missions. So far, 2 GR campaigns in Arma 2, Island thunder in Arma 3, and soon to be released remake of OGR in Arma 3 including replicas of castle and pow camp. GR has been a third of my life, and I've loved every minute of it.
  13. I never felt sick or noticed slow zoom in and out.
  14. I think you highlighted an important element - customization and choices. You can choose to use or add all the perks or keep it pure and switch off HUD/Drone cheats or annoying bits, and not upgrade BS skills/perks. I just want them to keep working to make the AI deadly, otherwise, GRW is a winner for me and worth a buy.
  15. Yeh good luck with that. From what I've played in GR:W so far, I think it will sell well and it's been enjoyable with the people I've played it with. It's easy to see the amount of work that's gone into it - but it won't be everyone's cup of tea particularly if you're looking for OGR. I will be requesting more challenging AI in the full release (and that's not to say they won't kick your ass if you're clumsy with mission planning) but other than that seems ok for what it is supposed to be. All HUD and aids can be turned off so that's great and third person view is fine too bcoz we can still switch to FPS to engage. All these terrible animations that some of you are talking about - I actually don't know what you're referring to. Maybe spent too much time studying animations instead of just playing the game?