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  1. Mate just watched the vid. Hats off to you, that map is bloody beautiful. Very Rainbow Six-esque! I can only imagine the number of hours to create something like that.
  2. That and what future maps are in the pipeline?
  3. Delete.
  4. - many people worked on updates to OGR and did and I think still do a fantastic job. As well as dozens of amazing campaigns and hundreds of missions plus total conversions. Higher res textures too, lots of maps, weapons adjustments, you name it, a lot has been done. First person weapons mods. And not to plug my work, but I and several others also have attempted to bring GR to newer engines to give GR a more modern look and updated gameplay. I saw Burner dabbling with Unreal Engine 4 to redo Caves as a PoC with more updated everything but it was a lot of work and I think he called it quits because he wasn't sure the demand would be there for all of the effort. Making games is fkn hard lol, some ppl just don't realise what's involved. So yeh, many have tried and succeeded as far as the hard coding and lack of SDK would allow I guess - I'm not the expert on this part just my limited understanding. Zeealex would be able to give a detailed account of what can, can't be done. Zeealex retexturing work -
  5. You try to make it sound like you have a valid argument and then you generalise about ubisoft not making good games. Just a ridiculous statement to make. You just lost all credibility as far as I'm concerned.
  6. ^^ exactly this Arma 3 has everything for every play style, large open world or small specific locations a la GR. It is the true successor to GR, and frankly, anyone in these forums who doesn't like it/play it falls squarely in the group of ppl who will never be satisfied. From a Devs perspective, there's really no point expending any effort on trying to please these players because unless every single box is ticked, it will never meet their needs. There is just no room for compromise with these few, so why bother trying when 99% of other gamers out there aren't so anal about a game.
  7. So damn old that I can't stand the whiners who continue to rattle on about it. Get a fkn life seriously, stop living in the past. I watch my son play games with his mates now, they go through so many games, it's hard to keep up but one thing I know for sure is that they are not interested in, nor do they care about slow pace tactical shooters. They want more action and couldn't give a damn about various stances, realistic ballistics, animations, and all that other stuff that means so much to the people here. My son and his dozen or so online mates aren't wrong, and neither are the old school players who want things the way they used to be - but when it comes to Ubisoft making a game, they are a business pure n simple and they will make sure that the game appeals to the majority, not the minority. Ironically though, some of the people who complain about this game also don't play Arma series - and it leaves me wondering if these people can ever be satisfied by any game. Not tactical enough, too complicated? Really?
  8. I meant gr8 in terms of large, a lot on offer and enjoyable. Bad doesn't fit.
  9. And it's a gr8 game so missing your point.
  10. Whatever the case may be, Ubi bought the rights to the Clancy name and do with it what they wish. That means you're going to get games that appeal to the masses and which are not very Tom Clancy like but can be very enjoyable if you stop trying to compare. just got to let it go and enjoy their games for what they are, or not. I personally don't think a rerelease of GR will sell well, it's too dated and I don't think the masses are interested in slow tactical. And most players who do go for that are probably in Arma.
  11. RUSE
  12. Funny idea but I like the game.
  13. Patch?
  14. I've been busy 6 missions cooked so far, 4 to go.
  15. how about some modern Original Ghost Recon in Arma 3 - not long now and my next GR remake will be ready.