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  1. Map I'm making

    thanks for the replies. I think that knowing the scale is just what we need now and it will avoid a lot of future problems. Static meshes is something i was not really worried about so packages can always be rebuilded, not as worried as terrain though. Thanks a lot again for the info. Would it be a good idea to create a closed topic just to add the info we already know about modding and compatibility of the engines (and the info to be known in the future) ? just for the modders to start walking the correct way... looking forward your map updates, bangurdead.
  2. Map I'm making

    oh, thanks god! a little bit of coherence! i have a couple of questions i hope someone can answear: 1- I have started some maps in UE3 (just for fun), will they be easily exported/imported or are u using some kind of modified Editor? is it better to wait until SG is released? 2-I guess this is what everybody wants to know... I've been trying to search it in the forums but i cannot find a recent confirmation, is there an aproximate SG date release date? (sorry if it has been asqued before) great work, bangurdead. Have u tried using terrain editor? thanks in advance.
  3. Guess what movie

    Blood simple !!! amazing film
  4. Guess what movie

    yeah! angel heart. Great movie, btw. i will remember this kid all my life... and lisa bonet, for sure!!
  5. Guess what movie

    ups, sorry i forgot about mine. Here's a new and last hint, it should be really easy now... Angel Heart: krise madsen
  6. Guess what movie

    how about this one?
  7. Guess what movie

    ups! what's this? it seems a mix between 'Rocky horror picture show', 'hair' and any Almodovar's film... is it 'across the univers'?
  8. Guess what movie

    28 weeks later?
  9. Guess what movie

    yeah, i don't understand this hollywood's obsession with remakes, this film is a great example how a cheap movie with almost no special effects can be absolutely terryfying. If you have the opportunity to watch the previous films of the same director don't doubt it (specially 'the nameless' and 'darkness' -or 'the dark'-, 'fragile' is not so good)
  10. Guess what movie

    sure! it is REC. Did u like it?
  11. Guess what movie

    I just saw this fantastic film. I don't know if it has been released in the States but it can be seen right now in most european countries. A must see for all terror films fans, IMO. Hollywood is already working in a remake, please watch the original. A difficult one: Kirq:[REC]
  12. What type of mission objectives would you prefer?

    I don't agree with that, and i understand what u mean, but i think stealth missions can be really exciting if they are well done. The problem is make them fit in a tactical engine. I'm really sorry to say this, cause i love this game, but rogue spear didn't manage to get them right,IMO, they where too difficult with not enough movement options to avoid detection. it was a horrible try and error mission. Perhaps this kind of missions could allow a third person cover system? (ups! what have i said!) What i want to say (and each game is a complete different universe) is that this kind of missions must be planned from a really different point of view.
  13. What are your favorite PC games?

    oh man, yeah, any old lucasart adventure is a must have. 'day of the tentacle' is my fav one but all of them are just great (monkey I&II, sam&max, loom, ...)
  14. What are your favorite PC games?

    I've never been an RPG fan but since i played KOTOR (SW: Knights of the old republic) I & II a few months ago they have become one of my favourites games ever (even II is better than I, IMO, and yes it's not bioware). Now playing the witcher and i'm really really enjoying it, an adult game is always a thing to be thankfull.
  15. Guess what movie

    'the experiment' ? man, what a great film!