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  1. Moving Forward

    Great to hear!

    Very happy to see things have "kickstarted"! I've been following this project for 5 years and am happy to see the game coming to full fruition!!! Congrats John and crew!
  3. Name one thing (not people) you LOVE~

    LOL. I should change that to "Kicking My Ass Drunk Since 1998". My clan dabbled in the GRAW series as well as the first Vegas, however I really haven't been motivated since RVS. I have to say, BFS has me pretty excited with their future release though.
  4. Name one thing (not people) you LOVE~

    Ice cold beer and a good tactical shooter. Unfortunately I've only had the ice cold beer for the past couple of years.
  5. Rainbow Six: Vegas II

    The game was just released and already nothing but complaints at the R6 UBI forums. The main complaint... nobody can connect to play online. Imagine that... UBI releasing a broken game. I honestly could do nothing but laugh my ass off while reading the feedback. This of course is for console only. The broken PC version was delayed.
  6. Server browser

    Is ASE even still around? I stopped using it well over a year ago when they stopped supporting it. At least that's what I thought.
  7. Server browser

    Monolith brought up the MP lobby. I would just like to add on this. IMO one of my favorite MP in game lobbies was from the original R6 game. It actually gave people a chance to communicate with each other in between rounds. If I remember correctly it had a scoreboard with both teams seperated down the middle and a chat box at the bottom. This time in between rounds gave players a brief time to communicate (or get a beer) before the next round started. I think this greatly attributed to the gaming community as a whole, as it gave players time to meet/communicate with each other... something that has deteriorated over the past years. Anyway, just my .02 cents.
  8. I was wondering if you might help me put an argument I'm having with somebody to rest. Some knucklehead is claiming that the original R6 never had a big following. I on the other hand experienced the game when it came out and disagree. Unfortunately the only statistic I can come up with is a total number of units sold for the franchise at 16 million, but this includes console and all of the R6 series. My question is, you wouldn't happen to know ballpark figures for the original R6 game for PC only would you? The thread is HERE. His name is Stevelord. Fell free to make him look like a fool...LOL.