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  1. The Moral Dilemma

    Excellent. More diverse map environments.
  2. Running the killhouse...

  3. Game Screenshot Thread

    I'm getting involuntary gag reflexes every time I see one of those mangled "futuristic" designs. To each his own, I guess.
  4. Picking up objects

    Picking up/dropping random objects and throwing them about by choice would be NORG. Also very far down the developer priority list IMO.
  5. This. I think the H-Hour system looked neat, fairly close to what I'd like to see in GB. This one seem excessively accurate though.
  6. Bit of a Dedication

  7. clarify this to me plz!

    Generally speaking, accuracy decreases with distance, be it a bullet fired from a gun or a grenade thrown by hand. I have no clue about the specifics, but that's what game testing is for.
  8. clarify this to me plz!

    Sure, but just a tad of inaccuracy won't hurt. Even top notch operators aren't 100% accurate 100% of the time.
  9. clarify this to me plz!

    My only live grenade throw was picture perfect.Right up until the moment where the instructor yanked me behind the concrete barrier. Too young and dumb to be scared I forgot the #1 rule: "Duck, you sucker!" Anyway, no FPS grenade throwing system should [EDIT: not] be laser accurate, because IRL you're not laser accurate
  10. clarify this to me plz!

    How many times have we experienced (or watched on youtube) first person shooter grenade throws go catastrophically wrong, yet the same throw would have been child's play in real life? As John noted, firing a gun and throwing a grenade are two radically different things. The Infiltration system is built around a fixed ballistic trajectory (like the bullet from a firearm), and that's radically different from real life: Let's say you want to throw a grenade over a fence. IRL you can just pop it over the top or hurl it into the air and have it plop down vertically on the other side; and you can do the same thing in Infiltration based on your hard/soft throw mode. But what if the wall is three feet taller than "standard"? Or what if the fence is inside a building with a roof, say, six feet above the top of the fence? Then you have to do funky (and not very realistic) stuff like bounce the grenade off the roof or another obstacle, to get the grenade where you want it, yet IRL it's just a matter of adding a little force to your throw to get it those three feet higher, yet not hit the roof above. Let's say instead the game generates a ballistic trajectory based on your stance (i.e. you can throw further when standing than when prone), aim (maximum range at approx. 45 degree elevation) and how much force you put in the throw (controlled by, say, the mouse wheel). The game automatically adjusts the trajectory (displayed as a solid, dotted or transparent line, or maybe some other form) in real time as you alter any of the parameters. What you see is what you get: Just follow the dotted (or whatever) line and put it on the target. You can still bounce (inasmuch as grenade bounce, it's not a tennis ball) grenades off stuff and with a built-in inaccuracy there should still be plenty of "oh sh**, GRENADE!" moments for YouTube fodder. I've always been useless with grenades in FPS, partly because I suck at gaming, but also (I think) because the usual grenade throwing systems are so vastly different from throwing things IRL. Sniper Elite was the one exception. I still sucked, but at least it was clear that the fault was mine.
  11. Tactical AND deliberate reload?

    This. I, the player gets to decide when and how to reload, and also get to face the consequences of getting it wrong (either get caught reloading by the enemy or run out of ammo). It's NORG.
  12. clarify this to me plz!

    Yeah, there should be both throwing and rolling. But I still think the Sniper Elite system is better overall: You adjust the force of throw (with, say, the mousewheel) and the virtual trajectory adjusts accordingly; likewise, it adjusts to elevation. It's really a very useful system that allows you to throw high trajectory or flat and hard within a single system, without the need for different throwing modes. Throwing a grenade in real life where you automatically adjust for a wide range of parameters is such a complex event. The Sniper Elite system is an abstraction, but one that works extremely well IMO. I guess you'd still need a separate system for rolling a grenade though.
  13. clarify this to me plz!

    This. I suspect you already have, but Sniper Elite 1 had a very good system where the grenade trajectory was shown. It made grenades a far more useful tool than most first person shooters, but without excessive hand-holding.
  14. Things are coming along

    The two furthest to the left are no-zoom "head-up-display" type sights that projects an aiming symbol: Good for quick-reaction shooting at short range (like inside a building). Scopes 3 and 4 (from the left) are ACOG sights with (I'm guessing) different zoom levels, something around 4x zoom. These are good "all-round" optics for intermediate ranges. Scope 3 has a miniature head-up-display-type sight on top as backup and for close range engagements, scope 4 has back-up iron sights. Scope 5 I'm not sure about, but it looks like an Aimpoint sight, which works much like scopes 1 and 2, i.e. for close range work. Scope 6 is a long range sight with a lot of zoom, i.e. a "sniper scope". There are quite a few people on this forum who undoubtedly can provide the exact make and model number of each type. They key, however, is that you have a selection of sights that should cover practically any need you have, so you can match your sights to your play style and your role, be it first man through the door or the sniper providing overwatch.
  15. Interview with

    Er, I'm guessing single player is still some way away, compared to PvP/TvT multiplayer?