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  1. That's an impressive and yet subtle mechanic.
  2. Dishonored

    Yeah man. I walked away after the first two levels but gave it another go. Trust me when the freedom of choice opens up and you start getting some powers it kicks azz.
  3. Battlefield 4

    Played the beta and I won't be buying this one. Just feels bland. Lots of bells and whistles but no substance.
  4. Dishonored

    Just finished it today. Absolutely brilliant game. Felt like playing Deus Ex again for the first time. The last level of infiltrating the lighthouse fortress is the best level I have played in many a year. Admittedly the first two levels are boring beyond belief.
  5. CoD: Ghosts

    6GB of RAM minimum. Surely that's a joke. Even crysis 3 only had 2GB as it's minimum.
  6. Sniper Elite 3

    Wouldn't be buying that. Looks like a 12 year old's version of a sniper in WWII.
  7. Project Reality 2 - Standalone Game

    Interesting. I always thought the material editor was more intutive in the Cryengine SDK than the UDK. I can get a great looking rural type terrain ( with particle effects ) up and running in Cryengine is less than a third of the time it takes on UDK.
  8. Project Reality 2 - Standalone Game

    Just a question out of curiosity for John. How does UE4 stand up to Cryengine. UE3 is light years behind Cryengine at the moment. Plus cryengine is so much easier to use.
  9. Takedown: Red Sabre

    The better Takedown does the more fertile the ground is for Ground Branch. It has the potential to open up a huge and profitable console audience for Blackfoot Studios. Slating Serellan and their game hurts Ground Branch in the long run. People who bought Rainbow Six went on to buy Ghost Recon, Full Spectrum Warrior and Conflict Desert Storm. It's all about explain a niche that was nearly dead and buried. Whether or not Takedown does everything you need it to do or not shouldn't play into your decision to support it or not. It is a step in the right direction. So support that instead of trying to pick apart every detail of it. They are releasing a tactical shooter on a very tight budget when everything was against them. At least respect that.
  10. Ghost Recon: Reload

    When UBI notice this, that is when this project will be shut down. Stupid idea that needs radical rethought.
  11. Xbox One doubles as Dev Kit

    Damn that is interesting. If UDK and Cryengine get in on this, it could mean something genuinely new for consoles.
  12. PR

    The only reason I played Rainbow Six was because screenshots on the back looked like Syphon Filter. My favourite game at the time.
  13. Don't believe in this anymore...

    I have reason to be opptimistic.
  14. PR

    Sorry I don't play bug ridden games with horrible UI that put anal detail over even fun.
  15. World War Z

    I liked it. Not as good as the book but not as silly as some people are making out. The book at it's dumbass moments as well.