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  1. Different markets entirely. A new game will normally sell for £39.99 for PC, but with places like Amazon, etc they can sell for less. Even then, a game that is expected to sell well wont go for less than £35 normally. Right now Amazon are selling the Deluxe edition of GR:Wildlands on PC for £39.99 (download code only), whilst on Steam its going for £54.99. So for this market £31.99 isnt bad
  2. I had a lot of fun with the demo (cough) I mean "open beta", but like you folks I played in on extreme with the HUD off. Its a different game played that way. I can see co-op being a lot of fun. My real hope is that the PC version gets modded to expand it into a more "realistic" Tacshooter. I guess we will see. I also managed to get the Deluxe edition from the Uplay store for £31.99 due to the 20% discount by spending some of my silly Uplay points. What can I say, as a Scotsman I love a bargain
  3. Yeah, if somehow 2K Czech (who used to be Illusion Softworks) got to make it, and make it right.... well as I said, a guy can dream
  4. Yas! You've got to love GOG for getting hold of these two gems Maybe one day we'll get another one? (yeah I know, but I can dream)
  5. I agree with you to be fair. I dont think the new GR is going to be anything like the old ones... but that the point isnt it? They are not trying to make it like the old ones. That ship has sailed! I can certainly see from the videos on this thread that the game has issues, but I also have a sneaking suspicion that, if it not horribly broken/buggy, that it might well be a good laugh playing co-op with a few like-minded people. I get that the majority here are upset that the Tactical shooter genre has be left for dead buy publishers, but the market has changed and I dont think its realistic to expect them to be making those kinds of games anymore. Isnt that why we are all supporting Blackfoot so that we can get the kind of game we all want? Anyway, it will be interesting to see what state GR is in when it comes out - day 1 patch anyone?
  6. Well I was just coming here to post about SWAT 4 on GOG but I see I was beaten to it. The gaming gods must be smiling on us
  7. Yeah good point Some companies seem more enlightened in regards to mods than others, and I agree the Ubi dont exactly have a great reputation in that regard. On the other hand this Ghost Recon seems to be relatively closer to the original games than their most recent efforts, so I am wondering if that suggests that Ubi might be changing direction a little? In any case, I will keep my eye on this one to see how it turns out.
  8. I thought that looked quite fun! Sure, its not "classic" GR but I like the direction they are trying out with this. I wonder if there will be much modding support on PC? If so I can see some really interesting mods coming out for this...
  9. I agree on the surface it doesnt have anything in common. But if you read their blogs or the dev videos they talk extensively about the tactical aspects of the game. That is the core of what they are trying to do, a small scale CQB game where tactics and superior planning will win the day. Now obviously, its going for a different feel, its much faster and looser than the more realistic games like our beloved SWAT and R6 games, but its still a tactical game a heart, but with a different emphasis and style. YMMV
  10. No Kojima = No sale. Without him its simply not Metal Gear. #######konami
  11. Clearly not everyone is a fan I really like the strong visual design they are going with, it pretty effectively gives the game its own identity. Though if there was a "hidden" block-dudes mode I wouldn't object
  12. I am still keeping an eye on this, hoping it lives up to the early potential it showed It's nice to see a game focusing so tightly on CQB tactics like this, looks like it will offer some fun, intense and (more importantly) tactical fire fights Here's hoping the Alpha comes soon
  13. I thought some of you might appreciate this interview with Rob Irving by Matt Barton, it touches on what he would like to do with SWAT 5 if ever given the chance
  14. I have read the book by Andy Weir that the film is based on (which is excellent btw) and yes, It is all based on real science, everything in the book had been thourghly researched, indeed NASA ended up giving him a VIP guided tour because they were so impressed with it As always though, the film may depart from the book, but I hope not!
  15. Ha! Your not wrong, got two emails six hours later, one has another Steam key in it. Do you want me to email you it so it can be re-used for somebody else?