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  1. Both. It's worked for plenty of other games.
  2. Oblivian sized! I believe Armed Assault would cater to something like that. I don't forsee us making maps that require a vehicle to traverse to the other side, sorry. -John Oh well, I'll live
  3. Personally I'm not a fan of this kind of future warrior crap in a lot of other games. No rayguns for me. Okay, I'm exaggerating, so no XM8s and other unfielded gear. Not interested in taking the fight to Mexican insurgents, Neo Nazis or even 'potential hotspots' like Iran and North Korea, although these are preferable to a fictional battlefield as in Armed Assault (which BTW I'm looking forward to anyway). There's plenty of real world battles to fight. My personal choice would be an Oblivion-sized world map featuring a scaled down version of Afghanistan (or one of it's regions) and a dynamic (or at least branching) special forces campaign that takes place in this sandbox. There must be so many untold special ops stories out of there for the last five years that it would be plausible to create a fictional campaign that could be happing right there and now.
  4. I think operation codenames are good for individual missions or campaigns. For the whole game however it needs to fairly obviously reflect the theme: if it's Green Berets or SEALs maybe that should be in the title. Even something as bland as "Special Forces" will suffice. The content and quality of the game is far more important than the title. "War on Terror" also fits if that's the focus of the campaign.
  5. No, it isn't our own engine. We can't say what it is yet but we will tell you that it is next gen. This is making me horny
  6. If there's a real wish list mine isn't long: Something similar to OGR with a bigger map (say, Oblivion sized) and an open-ended (or at least semi~) campaign. If I had to choose Afghanistan or the Horn would make decent campaign settings but I bet they're going international.
  7. In agreement. I think we'd all like to see a game somewhat similar to what OGR looked like it was going to evolve into. The sequels aren't necessarily bad, just different. At a guess I'd say JS and crew are making something more in the spirit of the original.
  8. All I can say is it is HEAVEN to see the usual suspects here. Guys, we're on the cusp of something beautiful...
  9. Let's all tell a little bit about ourselves. A lot of us are already acquainted from way back but it's nice to start over with the new guys and gals as well. Post some info - where you're from, interest in games, what other interests and hobbies you have and how you heard about Blackfoot. I'm budgie (small 'b') from New Zealand. I'm an old timer at ghostrecon.net and I modded Long Haul and ACU Gucci Kit for GR1. I became interested in military tactical sims way back in the early nineties (yeah, I'm old) with SEAL Team. Since then I've played SpecOps, Delta Force, Rainbow six and pretty much anything that came down the pipe until GR2 went to Consoles andd R6 and GRAW just went silly. After that I kinda lost interest in the direction of both Ubi Franchises, but I play a lot of other games like Oblivion, Company of Heroes and so on to keep me busy. My other interests include bodybuilding, snowboarding, travel and beer. I speak Japanese and a little French. I worked as a English language instructor in Japan and Hong Kong for four years and I'm currently on my last year of a three year stint as a flight attendant for an international carrier out of the UAE. After that I'll go back to teaching. I heard about Blackfoot from ZJJ - another gr.net regular and after reading what John wrote on the gr.net forums I got all drooly about the 'old skool' prospects of a back to reality commando game. Looking forward to being part of the community.