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  1. new COD MW2 video...

    I know i have to keep going, getting so close to getting all the achievements for the m4! it just can be so frustrating getting my a** kicked in game after game while i have no control over with who i am playing. IWNet seems to take some time to find a lobby ready to go, but when it does it skips the list of players lighting fast and proceeds to the loading screen. that way i can not see before the game starts, what and who i am up against. btw: if anyone is up for a friendly game, add me to to your Steam friends list: joostswarts
  2. new COD MW2 video...

    is it just me or has almost everybody prestiged already? i am on pc and it is hard to find a game atm full of people on a similar level as me (lvl 28).
  3. Optimized Modding

    Perhaps a fan site dedicated to the best mods for this game or a section on the official game site that highlights the best mods. Good tutorials from the beginning? if this issue is addressed from the get go, modders can look out for it and plan it carefully so that their files will not conflict with other mods.
  4. Optimized Modding

    sure, just turn the mod into a exe file when it is done. installation that way is just like installing any game or program. But that would also depend on the "mod readiness" of the game, if you have overwrite or change existing game files to go a mod working it can become a fuzz. look at GR, it worked perfectly, just point the installer to the mod folder and you were good to go. Just like games, most mods go through a Beta stage before it is released to the general public. This can get a bit tricky, i remember with one of my Silent Warrior mods for Ghost Recon there was a problem with some other mods in the beta stage because it shared some filenames with the other mods. but most of the time, weapons use other files and folders than the maps do, so they should work together. if not, it will require some careful planning by the makers. i am sure john and the rest will think of a solution so we can use our mods in MP sure, all it needs is a good and respectful community. you can always ask a modder if it is oke to use some of their stuff and most of the time all they will ask for in return is the proper credit for their work.
  5. RMA

    It isn't Ati that i am worried about, more the store where i bought it. oke, they suggested me to try this Antec Vcool but this was the first time i bought something from their online store so i have no previous experience with them and the fact they mentioned nothing about their RMA policy on the website made me a little bit suspicious. I will be testing the card and the new fan all through the weekend to see if it will hold, if not it is going back. So far i have tested it with R6:Vegas and 3ds max and no more crashes in Vegas and no more lock ups in Max, so it looks like this was a easy and cheap fix. the only spare PCI card i have is a 7300GS it sure is, have a lot of catching up to do!
  6. RMA

    The Vcool finally arrived today and i am glad to say: Problem solved!!! the card temperature now tops around 71-75 degrees when stressed and runs about 47-49 degrees when idle. Thank god that worked, i was a bit scared it might have been my PSU (like the problems Rocky had with his 3d card) but now i finally can get back to work..:)
  7. Amazing how things work out in the 3d world

    Yeah!!! if there is anyone i know who deserves this interest, it is you Snow!
  8. Happy Birthday, Whisper44 and Hacksaww!

    sorry, but that is just priceless....... anyways...a very happy birthday to you Whisper and Hacksaw!!!!
  9. RMA

    i tried placing a stock 80mm fan in front of the card and that helped a little bit in slowing down the temp rise, but it only delayed the crash. so i have ordered another fan, http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=75060 that should be able to blow cool air on to the hot parts all the time. hopefully that will work, if not i am sending it back and rethink my options.
  10. RMA

    I have the Ati Tray Tools installed and found some new settings for the fan on a website but it didn't help... :'( it slowed the rise in temperature a bit, but it still shuts down. Right now i am just browsing the internet, with ATT running, and it still reaches a temp of 55 degrees Celsius.
  11. RMA

    Well, i made some inquiries and yes i can send it back and they will have a look at it, but that would mean i would have to do without the card for a couple of weeks. Luckily they suggested i try running it with a separate fan cooling the card, so i have ordered one and it should be here within the next couple of days. Hopefully that will do the trick.
  12. RMA

    i will give them a call first thing tomorrow to see what their system is for these kinds of "repairs". luckily i still have the warranty on the card, so i will have to see how they will act. hopefully it will not take too long.
  13. RMA

    Hi everybody, a little question from me about RMA, over the last week i have been experiencing an annoying problem with my graphics card. it literally is overheating every 5 minutes when i stress it hard. The card in question is a Sapphire Radeon X1950pro and from some research on the web it is caused by the PSU or the stock cooler. I know it isn't the PSU or else i would have had this problem a long time ago but about a week ago i installed R6:Vegas and i can not play it for more than 5 minutes before the fan goes ballistic and it shuts down. Now there seems to be a problem with this card and the cooler on it and some people have suggested i should return it to the store and ask for another one using RMA. But how does RMA work exactly? does the store actually test the card before they say it is broken or not and how long does it normally take? i am really anxious to get some answers before i send in the 3d card, i really need it... :'( ps. i tried calling the store but they are not in today because of a national holiday.
  14. Completion of missions

    and maybe instead of save points throughout the mission, like in most modern FPS games, you can only save your progress when you give a sitrep to command.
  15. games after the current project

    why not a RTS based on the book "Jawbreaker". i have been reading it over and over again for the last couple of weeks and i have the feeling it would make a great RTS game. A game where you play the part of Gary Berntsen controlling your own Jawbreaker team as well as the other teams and their Afghan allies. Perhaps with some FPS elements where you can take control of one of the team leaders on the ground in order to complete the mission successfully.