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  1. Regiment vs RB6:V

    I registered only to post in this thread. I just bought terror strike....No question why it has such an uninspired title and cover.. I only have to say one thing ; W t f IS THIS SH''T???Hooly s hit this must be the worst and poorest thing ive played since many years! This game is THE DEFINITION OF SHOOT AND RUN ARCADISM !!I wonder if it can be even called a game since its more like a demo's demo...No equipment , no plan , no choices in the menu ...only linear gameplay and 3 buttons to be used! These words are from the official site of the game "Action focused gameplay from insertion to extraction! No need for tedious mission planning, as in real-life once the S.A.S. get deployed - negotiations are over!"....No need for planning......... Jesus Christ! It's like the developers got bored and left for vacation before even starting the game! YET i read in this forum that 'its very good , tactical , reminds the old days ...'...????!!!?? Whats wrong with you people????ARE U SERIOUS?Is sthing wrong with your displays or we ve played different games?You dont know what u r talking about! I cry for my money , this crap isnt worth even one single $ and propably it should be freeware...And u DARE to compare it with the remarkable R6 series ???? Even the console imported arcadish Vegas is better.No question ofcourse for older games. Ive been playing RavenShield and RogueSpear from the moment they released,joined a clan and keep playing them in multiplayer until now cos these are REAL games. You should be more responsible and dont misguide the readers!Sorry but I am really p issed off!! Hope to see a game of RVS's class in the future ( i dont have any reason why not to believe in Blackfoot , hope they ll make the difference ) but at the moment the games are garbage and i dont want to die with this hope!!. We havent seen a serious tactical game for too many years.Billions of dollars are given by gamers for rigs but few efforts by the developers for games..