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  1. Ground Branch Screenshots

  2. graphics quality

    I think it could be a bit of both
  3. Question about Steam Download

    Just purchased the Operator Edition. Wow it's been a long time for this day, so excited. Congratulations to the BFS team on this milestone! Now I wait for my steam key
  4. Music

    I'm one of the people that go straight to options > Audio > Music > "Zero". Menu music and lobby music is good, but in game, I prefer to have no music, only sound effects. To me it's more immersive as it makes you listen out for footsteps or distant gun-fire. When ambient music is playing, you lose that concentration. The only music I like in-game, which is done good in R6/GR, is when a friendly teammate is killed. That 5-10 sec sad loop. Definitely makes me feel ###### about it and want to restart the level.

    Made my pledge. Been backing this since I first heard of this game. Which seems like a lifetime ago. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  6. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    I got a question someone can prob answer... It has prob been mentioned but I can't find it in this thread. In most games when you go to ironsights/optics the whole screen tends to zoom in. For example the newly released BF: Bad Company. If I just have an M4 with no optics attached just ironsights. When I bring them up the whole screen zooms in. I can't stand it. Becuase when you want to pan around while u are looking down the sights, you have a reduced FOV. The same goes with scopes and optics. I don't think the whole screen should go black and just leave a zoomed circle in the middle. Just make within the scope zoomed and around the outside let me still look around. I think that is very NORG.
  7. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    Training map looks awesome John.. Well thats what it looks like. I can't wait!!!!
  8. Voice Acting

    Or no dump friendly AI... like when ur trying to stay quite and sneak around, then ur team AI yells at the top of his voice "Mitchell, reloading!!!!!!!!!!". LOL!
  9. First GB gameplay screenshot !

    Damn you! I fully had sphincter movement!!!! I Was that excited!
  10. Would You Pay More

    It's all going to depend on once the game is officially announced and how it is portrayed. If it's done right everyone will be preordering and then stacking up out the front of an EB store @ 11:59pm the night before Ground Branch's release... Hopefully it can be advertiesed differently to all other 'realistic' FPS.
  11. Would You Pay More

    I'd pay whatever. Just give us a demo of SP & MP at least 3 weeks before release so we can see how the game is. I know I'll buy it anyway.
  12. Pre-Planning System?

    Pre planning was definatly great in R6 & GR. But I think there should be that choice where you do not want to plan. Sometimes when I play R6 I just wanna get in there and work it out on the field, other times I wanna plan from start to finish. Even give us a preplanned layout that we can just use or you can create your own. I'd love to see the briefing as a cutscene. So a few guys in a briefing room with sat images of target locations etc. But I guess that depends how we move from each mission in GB. I'd really just love to see at the briefing screen images of the actual lcation/targets/insertion point.
  13. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    Thanks BFS. A very nice present from Santa right here on the forum. Looks nice! Merry Xmas BFS, happy holidays!
  14. GB Request: Basic Training Area

    I like it all. This is a must have in GB.
  15. Kill confirmation

    That's exactly what I was trying to get at with my OP. That is the kind of suspense/realism I want. Did I kill him/her? I believe that if text kill notifications are displayed it will play just like a typical deathmatch FPS. When you think you shot someone, you will just look at the top left of your screen to see if the message 'xxxx killed yyyy'. It would make it boring, and turn it into a fast non realistic shooter. At the end of the match, we should then see our stats... maybe even be able to click on a player from the list of players and it shows who they killed at what time. And have a full breakdown of the match in text, AT THE END THOUGH!