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  1. Rockall

    Patch 1.003 Notes: #01: New campaign added #02: New environment files #03: Added Bull SD/Demo #04: Altered stats for m2brad and the Sam Patch 1.004 Notes: #01: Mission 05 barracks added #02: barracks relit for rain environment #03: comms relit for rain #04: darkened swamp sybox for barracks #05: Updated modscont Patch 1.005 Notes: #01: Mission 06 railyard added - no mission yet #02: railyard relit for night environment #03: Added RK2 100 enemy defend #04: Updated all missions #05: Altered lighting barracks #06: New modscont Patch 1.006 Notes: #01: Added spotlights around railyard #02: Relit railyard map #03: Relit base map #04: Changed fog base map #05: Updated all missions #06: Railyard mission still WIP #07: New modscont Patch 1.007 Notes: #01: (C-L) 12 x missions added are light versions of the main rockall campaign for 2-4 players #02: Updated various missions #03: Railyard mission complete #04: Ruins mission complete #05: cmi.rsb removed to see hostages and objective actors #06: Compiled previous patches #07: #08: Fixed couple of 27 player missions not ending #00: New modscont Patch 1.008 Notes: #01: effects.xml fixed #02: various various missions #03: new modscont 2nd campaign not complete, 7 missions released for all modes with new environments. Download new Rockall patch, includes previous patch. Rockall patch 1.008
  2. Feb 2013 UDK Beta

    Fits in with previous posts... I just found found inverting the green channel in the normal map is needed for UDK.
  3. Greek Map (WIP)

    Apart from some breaks in the stairs for OAP. Put some work into the buildings. Those square objects can hold a lot of polygons, putt them in. Looks nice start though.
  4. Terrain Poly limit

    Great, thought we had to cut it up into small chunks. Epic state using 256 greyscale for detail textures, but vids we watched for this have upto 1024 color detail. Does not seem to be an issue so far with large files.
  5. Terrain Poly limit

    StaticMesh: 65535 ( 16 bit index) Found this so far on basic stuff, not sure if it is correct. Not finding answer on max poly count on a terrain, and if this can be a problem if you use more.
  6. Feb 2013 UDK Beta

    Feb 2013 UDK Beta Update Notes
  7. Foliage

    Looks like we got this figured out. Now onto those wet pants when you get out of the river...
  8. Foliage

    Not sure how RSE made so many inbuilt features all those years ago, that most of us do not even notice, plus most new games do not have. Not saying that a sound in a bush does not work in other games, but the simplicity of it back then. Sure there is some form of socery going on. Colin we can easily make atrigger for that, but to simply call a sound each time the player retouches a surface is what I need. Btw, I made a stack of Bacon Buttys this morning. Right side had red sauce, left side had brown. Jumped on TS for your opinion of which to each first, but no show? *Edit BF3 no have this. I guess a new function that relates to anything via name_X.
  9. Foliage

    Hi BTH, I see what you are saying and that does work for 1 bush. But with over 500 bushes on a map, not sure how to proceed with this method. In ghost recon you can be in a bush and touching the triangle. However if you remain still nothing is heard, but each time you shuffle around in the bush it plays the rustle sound.
  10. Foliage

    In ghost recon you would place a solid triangle inside of a bush with a certain name and the engine knew that every time the player touch that object to play a sound. Cannot find anything on this at all, and tbh, do not remember if other games do this. Anyone know anything on this for UDK?
  11. Hitman: Absolution

    Not sure why this is so underated, but a good watch. Bit OT but still: Interview with a Hitman Carry on, loved all the Hitman games, but this last 1 seems to want action, camera, go. But still a very good game.
  12. Height maps

    Zeko made a very simple set up here but with an awesome result. Think we good here.
  13. Height maps

    I think this is what I have alreadt tried. Basically added a black and white image as an alpha channel to both the difuse and the normal map as seen here below, never really did much good. Set of 8 videos covering this can be found here: 3D Buzz video tutorials using UDK. The set is the sixth in the list named materials Will keep plugging away at it.
  14. Height maps

    TC_DisplacementMap If you are planning on using the texture as a terrain displacement map, then you will want to select this profile. Note that the engine will crunch the texture down to an 8-bit grayscale image using the Alpha Channel as the source (not the RGB channels). Thnx MurDoc, will look into this.
  15. Height maps

    Trying to make the bricks in a wall really stand out dominent and not having much luck, well I am, it does look great but I want the bricks to really look like they are way above the grout. Have heard that you can create a height map that really produces some awesome bump effect. Anyone have any ideas on this? My material has a great normal and specular map. Not sure how to apply the height map to this. Anyone have any ideas about this?