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  1. T-Shirt

    I ordered mine. Can't wait to run into someone who knows about this wonderful project. Cheers! Fresh
  2. Donation discussion

    I'll try again..... Cheers! Fresh
  3. Those signature boxes

    Thanks for the info mates......anyone else?........ Cheers! Fresh
  4. Donation discussion

    I just donated and will do so again soon..... I was gonna order a shirt but their is NO place to put guys or gals and size as the instructions said........HELP!!!! Cheers! Fresh
  5. Moving like a team........

    More than likely, like what the special ops teams have been taught, is that where your looking, your weapon should be too. So to be looking around in your imediate frony 180 degrees. your normal view would be best. But................not to beat a dead horse, but the easy one button to peek behind you sounds sooooo very easy and NORG to me......... Cheers! Fresh Sorry...I haven't played either.....sorry.... I've only played: OGR, the GRAW series, BF2, R6: RvS, and DF: Black Hawk Down.... Cheers! Fresh
  6. Communication.

    More NORG stuff.....great addition...... Cheers! Fresh
  7. Communication.

    **BUMP** Are there ant games out there that have a great and "working" characther voice or VOIP system? As mentioned earlier and what was thought to be intregated into GRAW 2 is, having a 3rd party program, like TeamSpeak. The idea was that when you joined a MP server, the info for TS for the side your on would show up. Any more thoughts? Cheers! Fresh
  8. Widescreen support

    Those game companyies who don't are living in the 20th century.... Cheers! Fresh
  9. Moving like a team........

    I love that line from Indiana Jones........ Cheers! Fresh How's that? Haven't played ArmA yet.... Cheers! Fresh
  10. Moving like a team........

    Further thinking makes me really like the simple button push to look over the shoulder would work the best. Another thought. Maybe is you are indeed walking backwards, you sort of become attached to your teammate and they will drag you to whichever direction your going. Kind of like being attached b a leach...for a visual. Cheers! Fresh
  11. Random Idea Post

    And FYI....the moderators will be contacting you about it....I know.... They're alway super cool no worries.. Cheers! Fresh
  12. Those signature boxes

    Hey mates, I'm really an stupid in regards to those cool signature boxes that everyone makes.... They've either have tons of neat things inside and are even animated. I copule of questions: --What are they called? --How do you make them? --What's the process called that you use to make them? --Is there a site that shows you how to make them? Tons of thanks in advance...... Cheers! Fresh
  13. Digital Distribution

    Well lets see, some thoughts here: --Anyone who plays online has a broadband connection right? So DLing from a site and having a manual via an Adobe attachment seems really easy and convienent. As long as you can either burn a copy to a disk and or re download it when ever you want. --The benefits of a retail box: -In store advertisment where "the cover image" can REALLY grab your attention. -Always having the CD and manual (Even though, most manuals are rubbish IMO) Cheers! Fresh
  14. Moving like a team........

    Hey mates, I'm having a thought here. Something I've always tryed to do while playing either BF2, R6 RvS, or the GR series, I've always tryed to walk backwards as my team or teammate walked forward. You know to cover "the six" and thus in turn have 360 degrees of weapon coverage. What say you to a: --Sort of rear view mirror window on screen so you can actually walk backwards and know which direction your mates have gone up ahead? or --A button to "look over your shoulder". Similar to a look into a rear view mirror in a race car sim? Your thoughts? Cheers! Fresh
  15. Random Idea Post

    This is where to intro/outro will set and maintain the mood.......... Cheers! Fresh